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These are my tried and true favorite finds in mom-life equipment that helps me stay organized and sane. There’s really no better time to share than now because, well…Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales + self-gifting practical things.

This whole mom thing is work, any way you slice it. That said, it’s less work with good tools and equipment. These are a few of my favorites that actually help me stay organized and get into and out of the house with all the kids and all the stuff and less stress. And guess what? They all double as great home decor. No need to have ugly stuff hanging around.

Also…obviously…major home decor on sale this week down below. I did my best to pick the best of the best….NOW is a really good time to buy a new sofa, rug, bed…all the biggies. So there’s that too.

Weekly Favorite Finds: MomLife Must-Haves

My fav finds in mom-life tools & home decor that help me stay organized & sane. No better time than now b/c...Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales + self-gifting.

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1/ Tote Bags So here’s the trick: the trick is many tote bags, in various sizes. These are my favorites, they last forever, clean well, and are strong. Hanging on the cute coat rack, they each have a purpose, and they stay packed so that I just grab whichever one has whatever stuff we need. I have one holding electronics (phones, Beats, charging cords and blocks, iPads, Kindles.) They stay in that bag. Everyone knows where they are. I have another one that stays loaded with sunscreen, goggles and towels. The kids have small ones with each of their activity stuff (ballet bag, karate bag, etc,.) For work, one has my paint decks, one has most frequently used closet finish deck, fabric samples, floor samples, carpet samples and measuring tapes. All the bags stay packed for their purpose, and hang on the rack. It makes gathering and packing zero work; just grab whichever bag you need and get out the door.

2/ Folding Push Wagon I bought this for the beach when I tired of those crazy beach carts. It works well for that. It also works well to get all the Stand Up Paddle stuff to the bay, and for picnics, and for trips to the park that involve balls and frisbees and picnics. I also use it for work. I can’t always carry heavy stone and wood samples, so I load the cart for work in town and just push it. That’s the key…you can pull this like a wagon, or push it like a cart, which on city sidewalks and up sandy dunes, is actually easier. And it has drink holders. So there’s that.

3/ The Little Yeti This is the smallest sized Yeti cooler and it’s perfect. Doubles well as a fashionable cross body bag. And has plenty of space to hold just enough refreshment and snacks. I can bike with this one across my body. That helps too.

4/ Thule Boxes Like the bags, I have a few of these packed and they stay that way. Sometimes they are in my trunk, sometimes they are on a shelf in the basement. One is full of camping gear. Another is packed with life preservers and inflation devices. A third is packed with tree straps and other outdoor fun. They are a great way to organize, to store, and to be pre-packed for travel and adventures.

5/ Coat Rack These are my favorite reproduction of the very expensive Eames Hang It All. They come in a few finishes, and I have 4 of them mounted side by side. They make efficient use of space and have room for all the pre-packed tote bags, and everyones’ jackets and backpacks.

6/ Moshi Portable Charger This is how I power through. Best investment ever. I carry one in my work bag, and there are another two in the electronics bag for travel. Great stocking stuffer, holiday gift, and smartest thing you can gift yourself if you also run out of charge every day.

7/ Parachute Towels Parachute is my go to for best quality. It’s an investment, but the cost-per-use ratio works to our advantage here. While I also love Lands End Towels, they roll well, but don’t square fold as well as these. These are also just a bit more substantial in weight. I always do all white towels, always. You can bleach them when necessary to get all kinds of crazy things out of them. All the bathrooms get the same towels, all the people get the same towels, it makes laundry sorting easier work, and they always look fresh.

8/ UltraBoosts Gold I tried wearing heels to an event the other night. It was basically a fail and ended in me walking home barefoot but for fishnet stockings, on a filthy city sidewalk, in 30 degree temps, hoping that there weren’t crack vials under the piles of leaves. My physical therapist works too hard, and I invest too much in my knees and injuries rehab to have taken the risk of walking all the way home in those heels. Which…is why…usually, you’ll find me dressed to the nines, and in kicks. For holidays and special events: gold. It will be a long time before I wear heels again, if ever. Life lesson relearned. Back to gold kicks for dress up. What’s more important? Heels, or health? We know the right answer there.

9/ Backpack Free mom hands are everything. Click through, or see link below. I have the gold trimmed one. And I LOVE it.

10/ Belt Bag/Fanny Pack More free mom hands. Easiest way to manage the little stuff. And also looks super-cute as a fun accessory.

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Happy Weekend. I wish the world nothing more than a nap right now.

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