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Has anyone yet read their horoscope yet for this year? I’m a Scorpio; this surprises exactly, well, NO ONE, usually. According to the stars, the tea and every other forward-looking indicator, I will bear fruit this year. I’m not having any more children, I promise. So maybe look for a fruit bowl passion to replace my cutting/serving board passion? I apparently have much to prove they say. That’s new….Giggle.

They say my love partner is sweetness personified. I might need to sit and think on that one for a spell. This year — 2019 will be a mixture of passion and confusion they say, and leave me asking how that’s different than any other year between 1974 and now? And apparently I need to  free my sense of creativity and spontaneity, channel my energy, and open myself to people. Hmm…I find I’m more often asked to ‘tone it down’…and I’ve been trying, so hard, I swear. Maybe they miss me? Who knows? If you haven’t yet laughed today, in a good way, search your horoscope. And just take the giggles and the good. And the fun home finds, and the ones on sale. I’ve channeled my energy, creativity, spontaneity, passion, and confusion into those for you, for me, for all of us. xoxo, A

Between yearly horoscopes & all the home decor refresh ideas your heart desires — nesting time! — the new year has gorg surprises in store. Come see!


1/  Abel Oval Mirror: Are you able to see all of the spaces where an oval mirror makes more beautiful sense than a round or rectangle one? Best of both worlds! Here’s to long, lean, and subtle edges.

2/  Riya Container: I mean seriously, could anything be more fun than this bowl? It doesn’t even need anything in it. Aptly named…this bowl sings to me.

3/  Furtif Evercut Santoku Knife: I’m on knives this year…there’s a new set or maybe two in the near future, and these are a strong contender. I might start with just this one given my love for fish and veggies…and then I’ll decide from there. You’ll all be the first to know where we land in the great knife hunt. Stay tuned. Feel free to cut in…to the conversation:)

4/  Live-Edge Acacia Cutting Board with Leather Handle Large – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia: I’ll never be over a live edge, nor a cutting board, and while I don’t have one myself, I respect all crushes on Joanna Gaines. Those would be easy to have. This is also easy to love, in a cutting/serving board kinda way.

5/  Gold Display Ledge: I just ordered 3 of these. I have a pile of old, framed photos, that are meant to stand…and nowhere for them to do so. I searched high and low for a picture ledge I could live with (they aren’t my favorite thing) and then was pleasantly surprised to land on these!!! The shape is fantastic. In my perfect world they would have been 36″ not 24″…but they arrived today, and I’ll take 12″ short and gorgeous in a set of 3 for the win. And I can’t wait to get all the photos of my great grands up on them!

6/  String Light Cone Pendant: I LOVE THESE in a way I can’t even describe. OK, you need to find something to hang it over, and somewhere to string it that makes sense, and then fine…you also need an outlet to plug it into…but if you can do those three things…you too can have art + light + fun.

7/  Solid Live Edge LOVE Bench: Handcrafted, solid (acacia — so feel good about it) live edge bench…can you see why it’s a LOVE bench??? It’s like sitting on mistletoe, right? What’s better than kisses encouraged?

8/  Quinn Mini Ottoman, Black/Ivory: Sometimes the way my mind works doesn’t make sense to everyone. Fair enough. This is black and white, has stripes, and is somewhere you can put your feet up AND it will make you smile every time you see it. How can we possibly not agree on that?

9/  Bronn taper candleholder: Some things are just better….In their simplicity is beauty. These are those. Let’s call them little pleasures and things that keep our candles burning bright.

10/  Dragonflies for Luck II: I’ll take all the living beauty and luck I can get. Even when it’s just symbolic.

11/  The Citizenry Demi Mud Cloth Pillow: Love The Citizenry, in every way.  Does it make me a bad mom that I ordered these for my son’s room, along with the other pillows I ordered for his room, all of which are currently on my sofa because I love them so much? He rolled his eyes at me and told me I could ‘borrow them for a week.’ Deal. I’ll leave it to him to relocate them. We’ll see how this plays out.

12/  Ikat Border Shag Rug: More truth from our home: we have gorgeous herringboned hardwood floors. Even my kids are so in love with them, that no one wants a rug b/c we all just love to see them. So all of our rugs are in a pile, waiting to be re-piled in layers in the basement once it’s finished. And yet…I couldn’t help it…this went on sale and now it’s on its way to our home…and will land somewhere…b/c the detail in the edging…I just couldn’t walk away from; I want to walk on. And so we will.

13/  Luna Bookcase: Well there Luna…half moon, full moon paired, or flanking a console maybe? As a room separator, as a work of art with just a few things on it….it’s just gorgeous…just absolutely gorgeous!

14/  Calhoun Wingback Chair, Black/Ivory Stripe: I’m working on a project right now where we’re all working real hard to balance tastes, styles, modern and traditional finishes. And then one chair sits down and does all of the above, like it’s NBD. Wow. I want to be this chair. For now, this chair will be…worked into that project, for sure.

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Here’s to 2019 and all the infinite possibilities an odd year might bring. Odd might even be our clean adult word of the year. Giggle. xo, A

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