Weekly Sales Report 6.12


Happy Friday, friends.

S mentioned over on our IG stories that she could use a little retail therapy right now…I second that.

I’ve found myself searching for the holy grail “summer dress” something light, easy, can be dressed up or down, and overall timeless. Enter this gorgeousness Jess found. If white frocks aren’t your jam, this puff sleeve midi in gorgeous poppy red is calling my name. Make sure you click through and check out the back. Wow.

Nothing wrong with dressing up a bit here and there these days…especially on the weekend. Am I right?

For even more finds new this weekend, be sure to sift through our sale picks below!

Editor Sale Faves: Summer Prints, Dresses & Sandals

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Laura’s Sale Picks

Hi, friends. I’ll be honest, getting back into work this week has proven difficult…how do we focus on our other work when so much work needs to happen in our country? I’m just trying to move ahead in balance and do some of my other work while continuing down the path of learning more about our social injustices and what I can do to help. Portland moms were asked to show up for a sit-in this week while other protesters were given a day of rest, and it was powerful to come together in that way. I’m asking friends that we keep checking in and holding each other accountable in continuing to learn…what a time of change, my friends. What a time.

There are some cute things on sale this week for summer. I’m loving that skirt, the Paris tee and the amazing snake print sandals (you know me.) Also, do you follow Hilton Carter on IG? Wow. Fellow plant lovers, go. Follow. And grab his book like I did this week. Gorg. GORG! I want to live in his house. Ok, I’m off to buy more plants now.

Kat’s Sale Picks

I can’t believe another week has gone by. So much has happened in such a short amount of time, and I currently feel like I am in need of some serious zen. More than ever, I have felt a rise in my level of anxiety, and have been questioning my safety. I am back in my hometown in Wisconsin, which, while diverse and welcoming, isn’t necessarily the case in surrounding towns. Thinking things like, ‘should I drive by myself late at night?’, ‘is it safe for me to go to the local meat market in a very rural and very white town?’. All of these things have risen to the forefront of my mind as of late, and, if I am being completely transparent, these were always things I feared for my dad and my brother, but never myself. There are certainly times where things feel normal and I am just fine, and then there are waves of panic. Never in my life have I felt more aware of the color of my skin, of my identity, and the things I choose to share. Just like everyone, I feel like I am relearning how to navigate our world in such unprecedented times. I am so thankful to be home right now with my family and to be supported by those who matter to me most.

But anyway, if you are like me, you are likely one who is craving retail therapy, right!? I love to get lost in the beauty of scrolling through endless numbers of shoes like these cute sneakers, fun patterned swimsuits, and a few other things that can brighten my day. LOFT has some amazing sales right now, and this dress is an additional 70% off of the sale price! The summer sales are in full swing, and I am excited for more retail therapy this weekend. I hope you are all well and am sending lots of love your way. XX – Kat

Jess’ Sale Picks

Does anyone else feel like this year has lasted a decade already? So much has happened in the past few months, and it’s been a LOT, but summer couldn’t have come at a better time. After being cooped up in our houses all winter long, summer has saved us (and you better believe we are gonna make the most of it!) Some parts of Michigan are starting to open up, including beaches, and that first day on the lake was pure bliss. I sincerely hope you are all making the most of these precious summer days! This week, my sales picks are summer wardrobe essentials — think: dresses and sandals.

Scotti’s Sale Picks

This week we went “back to work,” although last week was filled with more meetings, discussions and heartfelt writing than most others. I want to sincerely thank those of you who commented on my post about how to raise white kids in a white town to be anti-racist–there are some amazing suggestions that I highly suggest checking out (whether you live in a diverse town or not). I almost didn’t write that post because I didn’t actually have an answer, but I’m so glad I did–because YOU GUYS had a lot of answers for me. So thank you.

And I realize that this is June, the month where even Marquette is starting to get summer weather, but Abercrombie & Fitch’s Fall Preview has me thinking of leaves changing color and pumpkin spiced lattes. It’s SO good–and everything is on sale. If nothing else, make sure you check this faux leather moto out because it’s AMAZING. I missed out on it last year (it sold out before I could order it), so this year? It’s mine. And it’s 50% off. Woot! I’m also loving this 3-in-1 parka (also 50% off) that has a faux fur vest inside that can be worn separately. Ooh and this mock neck fair isle sweater that’s on sale for under $40. OK, I think maybe I need to get some sun.

Linzi’s Sale Picks

It feels strange to be writing about shoes and sales and shopping right now. Strange is much too mild of a word, actually. Yet… it IS what I am focussing on this Friday afternoon. I am trying to find my own individual/family/work/community balance. I want to express that I believe the work the TME posts focused on last week regarding anti-racism is vital, and I am proud of Shana’s efforts to make it clear how we at TME are going forward in trying to find a balance on the blog that feels right. Thank you, Shana, for your leadership. 

A quick shout out to this gorgeous pointillist swirl tiered maxi dress from Hope For Flowers by Tracy Reese. Tracy Reese is a black fashion designer who after 20 years in the industry, created a new sustainable line called Hope For Flowers. Gorgeous pieces made in a small factory in Flint, Michigan that employs women who want to learn new skills and reenter the workforce. 10% off on her site if you join her mailing list. 

Additionally, my huge comfort shoe post went live yesterday, so I’m highlighting some of my favs on sale today below.

Em’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday, pals. This past week has been a mix of emotions for me. On the pandemic front, California is at odds with itself — most of the state’s largest counties are re-opening the economy in some form or another, but only about half of those counties are enforcing mask-wearing rules even in the face of COVID resurgences. And, honestly, it all feels a bit moot to me, because I’m personally feeling a little anxious about how to socialize in a post-COVID world. Dining inside a restaurant? With other people? To be clear, the germs are not the issue. It’s the fact that something inside me — namely, that impetus to socialize and interact with other humans — seems to have gone into a state of hibernation. Which is the last thing I would have expected at the start of this. Me, the girl who constantly received poor marks in citizenship for socializing during class. Who’da thunk?

On the upside, the pandemic coinciding with the anti-racism movement means that we have had zero excuse to avoid some serious conversations in our household, and for that I’ll be forever grateful. In this moment, the responsibility to raise Lana with both an appreciation for diversity and the drive to champion equality for BIPOC falls squarely on me and Chris. Unlike the reading lessons that I keep putting off (her teachers will get her caught up…one day…right?), there is no postponing this all-important facet of her education. Or our own. 

As for how these heavy times have translated to my sales picks this week? Well…I’ve been inexplicably drawn to pieces that are light, energetic and playful. This silver leather tote is right-sized (not too big) and feels like the subtle jolt my daily uniform is asking for. At just over $50, it feels like a good buy that would gets loads of use. And this tank is so deliciously retro (available in a brown colorway, too, that feels even more ’70s). Both are on sale PLUS additional 10% off in cart. And if this vibrant puff-sleeved midi dress isn’t the housedress of all housedresses – well, I don’t know what is. Lots of comfy volume and details to swoon over. The back detail is especially pretty, too, and under $100. Have a great weekend, friends.

’til next week!


Team TME


  1. Hey Mom Edit! I was looking forward to seeing you incorporate more awesome items from Black owned businesses in your regular posts. Perhaps some of the above items are, and I just don’t know the brands? I love following TME, in part because we share so many of the same values – can you speak to this issue? Much love, Sam

    • Sam – There are numerous ways we are incorporating black-owned businesses into our content, but this week’s Weekly Sales Report is not one of them. There’s a couple of reasons for this, but the main one is the fact that these smaller black-owned businesses are not yet a part of our affiliate network, which means that we cannot incorporate them into the software we use to build these pages. The best we could do is include a text link in our descriptions. However, even that text link will be to a product that is likely NOT on sale, since most smaller businesses do not have sales each week. Instead, feel free to shop our black-owned business directory, our editor’s guide to the directory, or my own guide to the directory:

      I’m feeling pretty confidant that The Mom Edit has featured enough products from black-owned businesses in the last week to keep our readers happily shopping, should they choose. Additionally, we will be refreshing our directory (and issuing a new editor picks article) once per month.

      As I mentioned last week, we are actively working with the Senior Director of Global Partnerships at our affiliate company to onboard some of the black-owned businesses featured in the our directory (at least those that are interested) so hopefully all bloggers (and online publications) can more easily include them via our software in the future.

  2. Not only are Black owned businesses not featured, Anthropologie is. Anthropologie was called out on social media this week for having racist policies, including making up code names for Black shoppers and following Black shoppers around their stores. Please try to do better and to stick to what you’ve claimed you will do to try to play a small part.

  3. I noticed that as well. I read through a post that Anthropologie as tried to get a Black queer model/influencer to do a thing for them for Pride without pay. Recently. Like 3 weeks ago. Reformation as well.

  4. Thanks Shana. I appreciate your comments, and I appreciate TME’s efforts towards integration. One of the things that I am working on, in my own shopping habits, is making sure I look to Black owned businesses for my day to day needs, not just something “special.” Of course I have seen your excellent Black owned business directory – I check your blog multiple times a day! For me, though, true progress comes when businesses and products from that directory are integrated into your regular content, rather than in a separate section that readers must seek out – and, on a similar note, when businesses that have public issues with racism (as other commenters have noted) are no longer promoted.

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