Weekly Sales Report 1.1


Oh hey, 2021!

Let’s hit the ground running with some sales! I know we’ve done the retailer-specific thing all week long (Everlane, Abercrombie, Athleta & more) but now we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Our Fav Sale Picks From AllSaints, Everlane, Nordstrom & More

These Everlane Glove ReKnit boots are STILL on major sale and they’re Earth-friendlier too. I love the oatmeal color above but could easily be swayed toward the charcoal, too. Hmm. Anddddd…Em & Laura are both eyeing up this AllSaints sweater and I am in LOVE. How good is that color, though!?

More sales goodness below. Happy New Year, everyone!

Quick Jump Links To Contributor Sale Picks

Laura | Em | Linzi | Scotti

Laura’s Sale Picks

Friends. We made it. I honestly don’t know what else to say right now. I recommend reading Heather Cox Richardson’s insightful post from Wednesday on Facebook for a glimpse back at the last 20+ years and what got us to this point. Regardless, the movement is onward and upward now! Hooray! We’re not all the way through of course, but can you feel that optimism and relief in the air? I sure can.

It’s hard to talk about clothing sales right now, but that’s what we do around here for a nice little distraction. There are some fab finds, as there have been all week! The turtleneck sweatshirt and my zebra P448s are my two favs! Wishing you all a new year filled with light and positivity and healing. All the hugs. PEACE OUT, 2020. (Check out what Sienna and I posted on my Instagram!)

Em’s Sale Picks

Happy New Year, friends! We rung it in with our Bubble Friends, taking in the last sunset of the year and noshing on these little guys well into the night. Easy, low-key. Very 2020. I reflected a bit about our past year on Instagram the other day, but the punchline: it wasn’t ideal, but there were some serious silver linings. Not the least of which was starting the Star Wars franchise with Lana. We decided to go in order of release date, not chronology, and it’s so fun to see her putting the pieces together.

Off to indulge in one last vacation day before it’s back to the grind (we’re tackling Episode 7 today — complete with popcorn), so I’ll get right to sales. AllSaints has 50% off all sale, and they have lots of those cute little two-piece dress sets on sale. But THIS is what intrigues me most. Gorgeous at first glance, of course — but, ohhhh, convertible?? So cool. And speaking of convertible, that faux-effort wrap/cardigan/shrug thing I’m always wearing is in the sale, too — down to $60. It lends such a lovely, “I have my shit together” vibe to just about anything, including leggings. Perfect for the New Year. Cheers, pals!

Linzi’s Sale Picks

Happy New Year!!! Yay to 2021! We had a quiet evening last night and ordered takeout from one of our favorite Philly restaurants (Wm. Mulherin’s Sons). It ended up being our best meal of the entire year. BEYOND good! Feeling so thankful for an absolutely lovely evening…and that our family is in good health…and that we are incredibly fortunate in so many other ways as well. AND feeling thankful today for all of you TME readers as well. On that note, it’s Friday so I’ll get to the sales for you guys. This cashmere favorite at Everlane is still under $100 and this striped sweater that I’ve been eyeing is now $35 (even lower than the original post-holiday sales!!). Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their 2021…it’s going to be a good one! 

Scotti’s Sale Picks

Happy New Year, everyone!! Last night was one of the best New Year’s Eve I’ve had in a long time. We put on the sparkles (sequins and glitter, thankyouverymuch), poured some champagne and busted out–you know it–the KARAOKE MACHINE!!! Mom and Shana had their doubts in the beginning, but it wasn’t long before the entire family was taking turns, belting out everything from the Beatles to Hamilton to Juice Newton (just call me angel of the morning, angel!!!). I’m telling you, it is SO much fun–singing skills are, of course, a bonus but not required–we just used YouTube lyric videos with the singing in the background. It was actually really nice keeping expectations low and just being ridiculous together. We finished the night by watching Death to 2020 on Netflix…which is hilarious if you haven’t seen it yet. Now I’m happy it’s only Friday even though it feels like a Sunday…because we have two more days of vacay. ENJOY them, friends. Thanks for all you do. Happy New Year!

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  1. I really really love Themomedit. Hands down my favorite blog. I’m struggling a bit with why I’m seeing other conscious blogs talk about (and take action with how they engage with) companies such as Everlane and Revolve who have been called out for racism practices. I’d love to hear about how Themomedit is thinking about these brands, as I really value your perspective and voice!

    • Hi Rebecca. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. Shana wrote about TME’s perspective on this complex issue in one of her previous posts, so I’m going to just share what she wrote here. I hope that helps. Thank you again for writing in.

      From Shana: “We live in a society where systemic racism and racial biases exist. It is our position at The Mom Edit that these issues are pervasive and necessary to address. And we believe it is unlikely that there is a single brand/retailer or company that doesn’t have work to do in this area.

      This is not to dismiss the allegations brought forth by Everlane employees, which are outlined and mostly confirmed in the NYT piece, shared below.


      Since June, Everlane has conducted internal investigations and came out with action plans they’ve shared publicly on social media – we encourage you to reach out to Everlane directly to let them know how important this issue is to you. We have already done so (and will continue to do so).

      What Everlane does well is provide well-made basics at affordable prices. Not only do we genuinely LOVE their products, but we also appreciate the use of recycled materials. Everlane has also pledged to eliminate virgin plastic from their entire line by next year (a goal they are still on track to accomplish) and are in the process of switching to 100% organic cotton by 2023.

      True transparency – along every part of the supply chain – is both difficult and complex. That should be, however, the goal for all fashion companies to reach, not just Everlane.

      While environmental responsibility and racial justice should not be mutually exclusive, we will continue to feature Everlane to offer our readers affordable pieces we genuinely love from a retailer who is holding themselves publicly accountable for their past actions and focusing on the importance of transparency and sustainability.

      We will continue to encourage Everlane to do more along those lines (we’re pushing for additional extended sizes, too), and encourage our readers to do the same.

      This entire topic is very complex. We are committed to speaking about issues of social justice and actions readers can take. We also know that our readers understand their own values and budgets best and, ultimately, we trust our readers make their own decisions.”

  2. Thank you. Copying my reply from the Everlane post:
    “Thank you for the reply. I would urge you all, as influencers, to consider mentioning these points in the main body of a post. While racism is systemic and essential to address, it also feels that we should not be ignoring when a company is called to take action and address essential issues. I appreciate that readers need to make their own decisions, but similar to how we make our own decisions on if we splurge on the Alpaca sweater from Everlane even though it shrinks terribly in the wash – it’s helpful to know the details. That’s to say, we trust this platform and you (as influencers and a virtual community) to give us the scoop – and this includes the scoop in racial justice. Not saying anything feels like it’s giving a blanket “pass” to these companies and not calling in action.

    In addition, I would also URGE you to take the 15% pledge and/or make clearer what TME is planning to do to commit to racial justice. I do see that this is an issue that you care about and I am not at all implying that you are not doing enough. Rather, we as readers would love to know! We want to collaborate with brands and influencers that are in line with our values and are taking meaningful and strategic action. I am sure TME (as a company, not as individuals) is taking action and we’d love to hear more, perhaps on a regular basis. Thank you!”

    • Dude. We took the 15% pledge back in May or June. Since then, we’ve created a black-owned business shopping directory that we’ve been working diligently to keep up-to-date. We’ve published black-owned business gift guides, and we routinely link out to black-owned businesses. Sometimes we call these links out specifically, other times we do not (it sometimes feels redundant or performative to keep labeling something as a black-owned business – we’re shooting for coverage as a matter of course, a natural part of doing business). We’ve been working with affiliate companies to onboard more black-owned businesses. We’ve covered books by black authors. We missed a month of our Black-Owned Business Favs series, but that was due to the holidays (and we made sure we had coverage in other gift guides). We’re actively looking for new contributors, and started a style-and-life interview series to help increase the number of voices/perspectives we can highlight on The Mom Edit. Some of this stuff, of course, is behind-the-scenes stuff, and I’m not really sure how we’d ever verbalize this all to readers. It’s my view (at least right now) that readers will eventually be able to see the results of our efforts. But I can understand that in some cases, you’d have to be paying close attention. Which is fine. We do this because it’s the right thing to do, because we believe in it, and because, ultimately, diversity is valuable to our business: the more ideas, the more perspectives, the better. We’re not in this for the accolades.

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