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Another difficult week, down. “Stunned and heartbroken” as Shana put it here, doesn’t even begin to describe it — and I’m so grateful that she’s able to translate these feelings into such meaningful words. I too remain hopeful this will all be remembered as a catalyst for change.

It’s never easy to jump back into the usual coverage, but for those of you who may want a small distraction right now — it’s here. Hang in there, everyone. I’m hoping for happier Fridays ahead.

Something to get a tiny bit excited about? Zella at Nordstrom virtually never goes on sale. But right now, this long quilted (reversible!) jacket of Laura’s is a whopping 60% off. I feel like it will be the perfect jacket to keep on-hand when we’re in that weird Winter-to-Spring transition where the weather is all over the place. (Though a fresh, new Springtime sounds pretty good right about now…)

More Editor takes on this week + the usual sales, below.

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Laura’s Sale Picks

Insert giant heart-broken sigh. We have a lot of healing we need to do as a country. Thanks for all your support on social media the past few days. What a rollercoaster, again. I so appreciate this group of people here at TME and being able to take part in doing our small bit to make the world a *hopefully* better place. That’s the focus. That’s gotta be the goal.

Now, for a few minutes of much-needed distraction, then back to paying attention. There are some great sale finds, per usual this time of year. J.Crew cashmere is on sale and I’m adoring this stunning emerald v-neck cardigan (also comes in cream and black) I’d wear as a top on it’s own, with layered necklaces. Other top pick is the Zella long reversible jacket. Such a great piece to pop over leggings and make them cooler. And a great transition jacket for late winter/spring. I don’t even know what to say anymore…except thank you for being here with us this past year and don’t forget to give yourselves regular breaks. xoxo

Scotti’s Sale Picks

I honestly don’t have any words. I kind of just want to crawl back into bed and lose myself in a ridiculously fantastical book. These, especially, are the times when I’m so glad my sister has the eloquence to put into words what many of us are feeling–because it’s not easy, and I know she doesn’t take the responsibility lightly. And while I wish I could just close my eyes and forget the world, each one of us really does have a responsibility to do what we can (however small) to move the conversation forward. So, like Laura, I’ll try to focus on what I can do. When I need a distraction, I’ll take it…and then go back to paying attention. And thank YOU GUYS for creating the feeling of community we have here–it means the world.

Linzi’s Picks

If you missed Shana’s post yesterday, it was a good one. Once again, I’m proud of my friend for using this platform, she has worked so hard to create, to speak up on more than just the fun stuff. I am very thankful she continues to lead the TME team in this fashion, when she could choose an easier path. And thankful for all of you guys and the support you provided on social media as well. After many soul crushing moments this week, I personally am taking a deep breath this Friday morning and focusing my day’s intention on hope. A lot of very very hard work to be done by all of us in this country, but I am truly hopeful that all of our leaders are ready and energized to lead us in a new direction. 

You know I like my routines… so along with my focus on hope, I will also focus some time this Friday to the sales. Clare V is having a HUGE sale and this bright blue bag I’ve been coveting is under $53! Also excited that one of my favorite Eileen Fisher tops (made with sustainably produced jersey) is on sale. My Eileen Fisher purchases end up almost always being forever-closet pieces and work year-after-year with changing trends. Heavy focus on Nordstrom this week, but there were just too many good sales on some of my favorite brands to ignore. 

Amy’s Picks

I hold an unpopular opinion (…holds breath…), 2021 is not doomed. Despite this weeks’ heartbreaking events, I know there is good in store for this year. I refuse to let the shameful acts of some derail my hope and trust that there is so much good to be found in this world and so many good people who are eager to see positive change and lend a hand. It takes a lot of strength to keep your head high when things feel heavy, but we’ve got this. The more I feel down the more I push myself to spread kindness: Pay for the coffee order behind you, text your friends, tell someone what you love about them, kiss your babies. Every morning holds new potential, opportunities, and work to be done. We’ve got this!!

If you need a little shopping therapy, we’ve also got that covered! Nordstrom always has perfect Free People tops on sale, and these boots are also a major score!! Sending love to you all, xx.

Em’s Picks

What to say that hasn’t already been said more eloquently by Shana and team. I’m perhaps most shocked that Wednesday’s events were…not that shocking. I wanted to be in disbelief, but instead I was just flooded with disgust. Such a clear reminder that no one’s work is done just because we flipped the calendar. (In times like these, a brief bit of escapism via food is my therapy, and Serious Eats’ Best of 2020 Recipe Round Up is all sorts of inspiring.)

For sales, I pulled heavily from Nordstrom Rack this week. Their site is so wonky on my browser, so on days when it’s behaving, I end up doing a pretty deep dive. My Frye engineer boots that made a sudden reappearance this season after being out of stock for years are 50% off! Don’t be fooled by the reviews — I tried on several sizes to get them right, and sizing up a half is perfect. (Sizes going fast, BTW.) Verishop’s sale is full of the deepest discounts I’ve ever seen on the site. Biggest deal for me is this IRO jacket — normally $656 down to $131. Insane, and it would be so easy to dress up or down all year long. A forever piece, for sure.

Jess’ Picks

I’m at a loss for words. I hope everyone is finding small moments of time right now — every day — to take care of themselves, to reach out to a loved one, or to simply take a deep breath and appreciate the little things in life. And if you or someone you know feels like their mental health is deteriorating, please know it’s okay to ask for help and simply acknowledge that this is a f*&ed up time and give them a, ‘you’re doing just great, sweetie”.

As for my sales picks this week, I’ve apparently got jeans on the mind (as usual) like these black high rise slim fit Mother jeans and these destroyed knee Re/done straight legs. Also, my favorite-ever bra from Natori is 50% off right now at Nordstrom and comes in a ton of colors. Stay well and happy hunting. xo

Julieta’s Picks

As an immigrant and BIPOC, I’m struggling. I’ve spent the past months (years) observing the reality of the country I now call home. Yesterday my sister said something along the lines of, “it’s your country, and of course, you’re affected”. God, this is my country, my kids’ country. Is this even real? The country I used to see as superior and a dream, and that many people still see it like that, it’s mine and is hurting. The weight of knowing my job as a mom in this country has become even harder makes my head spiral. For now, I’m focused on my family’s and my mental health first. Honestly, I fully believe that if more people took care of their mental health, services were more accessible, and recognizing you need help wasn’t a sign of weakness for society, we would be in a different place today. The “best country in the world” should take the lead.

Now some sales, and my top pick goes to the most comfortable boots I own. Wearing them as I type, and gosh, I LOVE THEM.

Kat’s Sale Picks

This week has been one of the hardest I have had in a long time. I returned back to working in-person, and my level of anxiety is at an all-time high. I am trying to remain positive, but it’s much more than I feel that I can handle. Between work and the fact that our country is in shambles made it a week I am ready to leave behind. To manage some of my stress, I have been doing yoga and trying to meditate every day which is why I am so excited to give this new Alo Yoga membership a try! It’s currently 50% off and a membership that lasts the entire year. I def need a little more zen in my life and will give you all an update on my thoughts on the membership. Here’s to hoping next week will be better. XX – Kat 

Again, keep hanging in there.


Team TME

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