Happy Friday!

Are we ever NOT excited about shoes here? Nope.

I’ve been desperately needing a new pair of everyday (not athletic) sneakers for a while now. Do I go Golden Goose? Or do I just stick to our tried-and-true Stan Smith’s? Em found the classic white & green pair for 25% off so I *might* have to grab those just because they’re so darn versatile.

Laura has done a ton of research on P448 sneakers and rocks hers all the time — think splurge-worthy but not as costly as GG. She found this crazy fun pair for 40% off!

Basically, I think my sneaker search is over. More sneakers & sale finds below…

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Scotti’s Sale Picks

I have exciting news, you guys…Zack and I have booked a trip to Mexico in May for my birthday! We’re going back to the same resort (the Valentin Imperial Maya) we went to for our honeymoon seven years ago. We’ve been talking about saving up to go back for years now (pretty much since the second we left) and we finally booked it. Aaaand almost immediately after booking, I started getting cold feet. Five nights without the kids. Am I going to lose it?? Is this too long? Oh my God, what did I get myself into?? All of those things running through my mind. SO…help! I need some words of encouragement, please. Tell me it’s OK to leave them for that long. (Unless, of course, you don’t think it is–my mom just smiled and told me she never left me overnight until I was four years old — so we know where she stands on the issue!) Anyway, the SALES are so good right now. Lots of my favorite, most-worn items are on sale for less than I’ve ever seen them. Here are my top picks!

Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey hey, Friday. Who else is grumpy from all the darkness? I hope it’s not just me, but also The Grumpy Me is fighting with the Always Optimistic Me, and so far my remedy for that is…more coffee? I don’t know. Some things I adore about winter, some things are hard. I’m taking Sienna to an indoor waterpark resort (welcome to the PNW) this weekend with her twin cousins and auntie from Seattle, and all I know is there better be loads of coffee there, haha. It should be fun though….she’s SO excited, so that’s giving me life. Sales stuff is rad this week! Those snake boots below are my current favs, so don’t miss those on sale for $54! Anthro is having 50% extra off sale items (loving that bag below) and Madewell is having a great sale, too! Use code MEGAMEGA. Have a good one, y’all.

Emily’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday, friends! Finally feels like we’re in post-holiday mode over here. (Not gonna lie — we rode the high for a while!) Sales this weekend have settled down a bit, but Anthro has extra 50% off all sale (they also have loads of pretty new things; I have a dressing room selfies post coming soon), and I was really excited to see lots of timeless, investment-worthy denim fully-stocked and heavily discounted at ShopBop. Personally, I’m most tempted by these $40 Adidas street sneaks this week: such a fun, statement sneaker that would funk up jeans and dresses — and from one of our fave sustainable brands. Have a great weekend!

Kat’s Sale Picks

It’s Friday, y’all, and let me tell you I’m in an amazing mood! This was my first week back to work since my surgery, and I’m so thankful that my recovery has been so much speedier than I anticipated! I’m beyond grateful to be surrounded by so many incredible people who care about me and have my back 100%. I will say that while I am doing so much better, I’m still not completely back to normal and have to keep reminding myself to take things slowly while I finish healing. But regardless, I’m so thankful to you all, the TME team, and the people in my life for such kind words and support. Anywhooo, this isn’t the time for the mushy gushy love fest that is my life, it’s time for sales! And let me tell you all they are so, so good this week! Anthro and Eloquii are both offering an additional 50% off their sale items and there are some amazing items up for grabs. Take a peek at all the steals below! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend filled with sunshine, and lots of love and laughter. xx – Kat

Linzi’s Sale Picks

We are on a roll with January…checking tasks off lists, getting organized, cooking dinners, and enjoying some good family time. It won’t last long— but I’ll take it while I can. Looking forward to sleeping in this weekend and cuddling up in our new linen sheets that I’m fairly obsessed with. They are not on sale, but I will let you guys know the second Parachute runs their next promotion because there’s a reason everyone is so crazy over them. Still liking quite a few things in Madewell’s sale section (additional 40% off) and liking some good puffer finds, too.  Happy weekend!


Team TME


  1. Scotti, it will be great. You need a break, you need some fun and your kids (and more importantly you!!) will benefit for years from this infusion of dedicated time to your marriage. We try to leave for 4/5/6 days each year (we did this when both boys were little). Yes, I am always nervous, and I almost had a break down when we left our medically complex 15 month old in the capable hands of grandparents and nurses to attend my sister’s wedding in Aruba, but golly, I needed that break and the kid had so much fun at home. Kids need to know that the other adults in their life can take care of them too! I can’t say it enough, don’t wait. Go.

  2. Scotti it is stressful to leave but totally worth it! We went to Napa for 5 days and left my kids with their grandparents…and honestly everyone loved it. We had so much fun traveling like we did before kids and they had a blast with the grandparents. I had a really hard time leaving but once we left and everything was fine I was able to thoroughly enjoy myself! It was definitely a wonderful thing to do for our marriage!

  3. Scotti, my husband and I were offered a free week-long trip to Costa Rica when our youngest was 10 months old. Did I mention it was free? Of course we went! That child is now 11, and we didn’t do any permanent damage as far as I can tell:).

    It’s important to make time for your marriage! I’m a child of divorced parents who focused on the kids at the expense of their relationship. I wish they would have gone on trips or even dates instead of saying they could never leave us with anyone else. Enjoy your trip!

  4. Do it, Scotti! Ignore the Mom comments and go and know that the kids will be fine and enjoy your time with your husband!

    And Laura, I hope you had fun at Great Wolf! I liked it a lot more than I expected (that giant bucket!) but also was totally overstimulated by the time we went home. It’s our new end of school year/beginning of summer ritual.

    Emily, I am ordering that burgundy BlankNYC jacket! Thanks for including that in the round up!

  5. Yay!! THANK YOU!! That was exactly what I needed to hear. That big weight of anxiety on my shoulders? Lifted. I’m still apprehensive about leaving the kids (of course we’ll miss them) but now I can focus more on being EXCITED . . . so really, thank you for your comments!

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