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Happy Friday, friends!!

We’re still on Cloud Nine over here (as Kat perfectly describes it below) and I love how hopeful the future feels in this moment. You’ll be sure to find plenty of joyous recaps below. And to put a little cherry on top of a great week? Some fun sales, too.

Cute Loungewear, Bold Colors & Jeans On Sale

For those of you who caught Scotti’s IG live this afternoon, she gave a little sneak peek of tonight’s Sales Report. I was excited to hear that Colleen Rothschild is having a 25% off sitewide sale this weekend for their 7-year Anniversary so if nothing else, get the Cleansing Balm. And in true Scotti form, she managed to find these Swarovski Crystal adidas (on sale nonetheless). I mean…omg.

Another one to get excited about has to be Kat’s Tugga Sherpa Jacket that FINALLY went on sale at Athleta!! She has it Bali Green (see above) and you can also get it in straight sizes here.

Even more awesome sale finds below. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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Amy’s Sale Picks

Wow. What — a — week to be a woman. I am usually pretty stoic, which is both a strength and a weakness at times. But this week, something shifted deep inside of me when a woman was sworn in as Vice President. I was standing in my living room swaying my baby to sleep when I watched it take place on TV, and before I could gather a thought about what was happening, tears began streaming down my face. How beautiful and tender that moment in time felt, yet bold and powerful all at once.

When it comes to sales (smooth transition, huh?), I am floored that my fav oversized sweater to rock with leggings just went on sale! I just featured it on a recent OOTD post this past week, so I was excited to see it on sale! I also just scored this dress, which is a very out of the norm purchase for me (I don’t normally buy fitted things), but I’m excited to try rocking it! Have a beautiful weekend, friends. Xx

Kat’s Sale Picks

This week I am seriously on cloud nine! Between getting back into the groove of consistently moving my body and feeling all the feels from experiencing the most historical moment for women (and of course Bernie), I am feeling really really good. I am looking forward to riding the wave of euphoria into the upcoming weeks and am so happy to feel this happy!

Not to mention the sales this week are insanely good, like too good! Some of my all-time favorite pieces are on sale. Remember that sherpa jacket that I loved and styled two ways from Athleta?! Well, it’s finally on sale! Anthro is also running a hella good sale too with an additional 50% off of their sale items ,and this Farm Rio dress is such a cute Valentine’s day look. I hope you all have an incredible weekend! Get some sunshine, and be well! Lots of hugs and love to you all!

Scotti’s Sale Picks

This week! Mom came over to watch the inauguration and she broke her rarely-broken-if-ever rule of no champagne before 5pm…it was definitely cause for celebration. We busted out some snacks, put on our pearls and turned on the tv. There were lots of emotions watching Kamala Harris being sworn in — it was such a cool, moving moment. It’s hard to put into words exactly what I was feeling — I was just so happy and excited about the future. Excited about girls seeing that moment and knowing the sky’s the limit for them. Talk about shattering glass ceilings!

And in the most abrupt transition ever, can we talk about these Swarovski Crystal Adidas sneakers?? OMG. I kept going back to look at them and finally had to order them…the reviews (and sparkles) got me. Also, my favorite tunic sweater of all time (the one I styled up 8 ways) is back in stock and on sale for over 40% off. LOVE that one so much I have it in two colors. 😍 Happy weekend, everyone!!

Linzi’s Sale Picks

I held my boys tight as we watched the computer screen on Wednesday, and my little guy hugged me even tighter every time there was a sobbing sound or an abnormally loud sigh coming from my body. THIS, I kept telling him…THIS, is a president. At 7-years-old, all he really knows is the president of the past four years. Now, he will know something different. And our new ah-MAZING Vice President…go ahead and cue more emotional crying…mixed with more happy sighs… and lots more squeezing. It was a good day…a very very good day. 

I am definitely feeling inspired in more ways than one by the Inauguration Day of 2021. I was drawn this week to the bold, beautiful wool jackets on sale (shown below) and I’m picturing wearing them with gorgeous matching masks (eyeing the small-business brand Donna Lewis that Nancy Pelosi often wears that uses up-cycled fabrics). Unrelated, but still good news…lots of MOTHER denim on sale at Nordstrom…these (as of now) have full sizing still available. You may have to search a bit for your sizing in other styles, but worth it.  

Laura’s Sale Picks

Ooh, friends. What. A. Week! Like everyone else, gosh. What a time to be a woman and to have a daughter who got to experience that first Madame Vice President moment Wednesday. So. Here. For. It. And I had to jump in with my own Bernie meme, too, obviously. Which inspired Amy to request we put him on our couch pic on FB, so I got to use my past-life Photoshop skillz twice yesterday. Haha. I ADORE that it’s someone like Bernie who is unintentionally bringing everyone together with laughter. Love Bernie, love that comedy can work that magic. We have ALL needed this…it’s so refreshing.

OK. Can I just say what I’m most excited about sales-wise is these Aqua lug sole boots I’ve been eyeing for months! 25% off with code SAVEMORE. Yay! Ordered. Reviews are GREAT on them. The second top pick is the Wander Slim Ankle pants at Athleta. Also ordered. I tried them out a while ago here, but definitely size up. What a great, versatile pant! Happy weekend, friends. Still a lot of work to do, but what a step forward. xoxo

Em’s Sale Picks

I woke up on Wednesday feeling like it was Christmas morning. We watched the lead up to the inauguration snuggled in bed with Lana, and then moved downstairs to the big TV just in time to catch Gaga in all her Evita/Mockingjay glory. (Lana has been dearly drawn to all things Lady Gaga since she could move, so this moment for her was perhaps the most defining of the day — a presidency that kicks off with her favorite strong, female icon? It’s gotta be a sign of good things to come.) Of course, it only got better from there. I’ve cried plenty during the past year, but happy tears have been far and few between, and there were plenty of them to be had.

I wanted to fill this week’s sales picks with all the tailored, jewel-toned pieces in honor of the many fashion moments at the Inauguration, but in true Em style, I made it as far as this gorgeous jumpsuit (down to $50!) before things took a turn for the casual. Lots of jeans worth a closer look in my picks this week, but this coat is too good not to shout out here. Easy shape, a colorway that’s not-too-grunge — and marked down from $200 to $29. Happy weekend!

Julieta’s Sale Picks

The first Latina Supreme Court Justice swearing-in the first Female, Black, Asian-American Vice President, is something I will never forget. Sonia Sotomayor’s story is one I often read to my kids, and between us, it always makes me choke up a bit. As an immigrant who learned English as a second language, it inspires me to keep pushing and reaching for my dreams. On a different note, check my IG stories (@julietatorresd) with some comments on the inauguration outfits. A lot of useful color info there — at least that’s what my DMs say.

Sales, you say? Well, in honor of being a proud Latina, this dress is giving me all the feels. Now, if you want something more relaxed, this shirt may be the only thing I’ll get this weekend.


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