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Happy Friday!

A lot of us in the office have spring tops on the brain. That will actually be next week’s special Sunday newsletter: Spring Tops. Yup. We’re there, guys. WE ARE SO CLOSE TO SUMMER!

OK, maybe not that close. Sorry for screaming. The thought of non-winter anything just gets me super-excited.

But while we’re still on the spring tops topic, I think Jess found a great one on sale. This long-sleeved Free People lace blouse is perfect for that in-between kinda weather (and it’s pretty). You can find a few more sizes on sale here, too. If you were hoping for the ivory like S is wearing above, Free People has it fully stocked. Oooh, yeah.

We’ve got plenty more finds just like that on sale below. Have a wonderful weekend.

Spring Forward: Cute Tops & End-Of-Winter Sales

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Jess’ Sale Picks

Greetings from sunny Siesta Key, Florida, where the weather has been nothing short of magical and life-altering for my brittle, frozen Michigan bones. It’s been fun pretending that winter doesn’t exist, but reality is hitting and I’m starting to question all of my life choices that lead me to living in the freezing Midwest instead of on a tropical beach. At least the sales this week kept my mind off vacation ending.

I’ve been waiting for the Sorel Kinetic sneakers to finally go on sale (they’re 40% off only at Macy’s), plus my all-time favorite pair of white jeans from PAIGE are an extra 25% off this weekend at Bloomingdale’s. Also — I found this ultra-luxe cashmere jumpsuit for 60% off at Nordstrom that has Shana’s name alllll over it. And finally, I can’t stop thinking about this amazingly flattering Banana Republic Tencel jumpsuit that’s included in their 40% off selected items sale. Whew. Happy hunting my friends!

Scotti’s Sale Picks

Happy weekend! The sun is out, the snow is melting (please, please, please) and life is good. We’re in a bit of family fun hangover since Shana and fam were here last weekend. It’s always so fun to have them here, but it’s like a whirlwind of excitement that’s always over too soon! We went to the dog sled races, to dinner, plus ate lots of food, drank lots of wine, and had some deep conversations and lots of laughs.

I have to put in a little plug here for the Steinhaus, a local German restaurant where we went for brunch this past Sunday…and had the best hot chocolate drink ever. It’s made with tequila. And tastes like warm dark chocolate cake. It’s AMAZING. If you’re in the area, go try it. You will not be disappointed. And as long as I’m sharing recommendations, we just saw Jumanji: The Next Level (go see it,) and I just finished The Folk of Air trilogy (go read it). Both were really good. And here are more recommendations from all the awesome sales happening this weekend:

Linzi’s Sale Picks

I’m getting a little fancy on you guys this week. I have nowhere special to go this spring, but that, for some reason, isn’t stopping me. I can’t stop looking at and thinking about all the fancy things. Dresses, bags, shoes. My daily uniform is FAR from fancy, but I surprised the hubs this week with a fancy date (and got SUPER-glammed up) and now I’m itching to be dripping in jewels and designer bags for school pick-up. That’s appropriate, right? I say this as I’m sitting here still in my leggings, oversized sweatshirt and no makeup.

Several of us here at TME do get very excited when fancy Clare V. bags go on sale, and Shopbop has some really really good ones right now. I’m picturing this one for nicer occasions as well as for date night, and this one for giving any outfit a little something extra. I’m also excited about 20% off several really cute spring/summer shoes at Anthro, and a few good everyday sweaters to wear with sneakers.…Oooh! Of course I’m picturing even these everyday sweaters with those Clare V. Bags…cute! I told you I was having fancy issues this week—happy weekend everyone! 

Laura’s Sale Picks

TGIF, friends. TGIF. We’ve had a sunny week here in Portland, and it’s like I’m an entirely new person. I had an appointment downtown the other day on the 16th floor of OHSU, and ALL of the mountains were out and it was just…beautiful. (Here, the mountains come out because they’re usually covered by clouds, haha.) We’re gonna grill tonight and use our new fire pit — and yes we’re over here acting like it’s 80 degrees instead of the low 50s, and I don’t even care.

There are some cute sale finds…Anthropologie is having 25% off tops, and if you’re a fellow February birthday, don’t forget to grab your 20% off bday discount code (you probably got an email!) Madewell has 15% off everything for Insiders (it’s free to be one,) and Nordstrom is having their Winter Sale with 40% off lots of items. Happy perusing, and have a good weekend!

Em’s Sale Picks

Hello from the jarringly bright reality that is Vegas during the daytime, friends! I’m here for a few days celebrating one of my best friend’s birthdays with a surprisingly low-key weekend of eating, shopping — and maybe a few table games. Meanwhile, in the land of sales, Splendid is doing their cool Warehouse Sale thing, with pieces starting at $9!! (lots of super-cute kiddo clothes, too) — I put a few of my faves below. And I’m fawning over some accessories from Shopbop’s 70%-off section. A few of them are final sale, but since sizing isn’t involved, it feels like less of a risk. Oh! And I went ahead and scooped up these Levi’s 501’s I mentioned on Facebook last week and brought them with me to Vegas. They’re super-good — classic fit and cut, and the embellishment is muted and just…cool. (Also on sale on Amazon.) Happy weekend! 

Kat’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday, y’all! This week was definitely a rough one for me, but I am beyond excited because I will be heading back home this weekend to surprise my little brother for his 17th birthday! A few weeks back, he asked me if I could come home as his birthday present, and I initially didn’t think I would be able to, so told him I wouldn’t be able to make it. Luckily, I found super-reasonable direct flights and booked the trip crazy last-minute — I can’t wait for him to be totally surprised. I fly into Wisco tomorrow and will arrive just in time to meet the crew at the restaurant he picked. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been back to Wisconsin. I can’t wait to spend time with my family and get away for a refresh.

Anyway, I know you’re all here for the sales, so the two things I absolutely have to mention are my FAV block ribbed dress from Anthro, and my current obsession — jeans from DL1961 — are also on super-sale at Anthro. If there ever were a pair of jeans I would recommend, it would be these! They have the perfect amount of stretch, and I love the lighter wash, too. I hope you all have a great weekend! XX – Kat

Julieta’s Sale Picks

We were headed to an indoor water park in PA this morning, but last night my 6-year-old woke up with a fever. Plans cancelled. I’m typing this as I sit next to his sleeping sick body. It’s always heartbreaking to see them sick and not doing the things they love. But at least I get a little downtime to check some sales, right? Much better than a germy pool — ha. Check Nordstrom Rack. They’re having some fun sale events. The best I’ve seen so far are Rayban sunglasses at 40-50% off, plus Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Minkoff and more crossbody bags for less.

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