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Hope you’re all hanging in there! We’re carrying on with our Weekly Sales Report, but as usual, our team has all the timely stuff to say about their weekend plans. A little bit of normalcy is a good thing, right?

Cute, Comfy & Cozy: Editors’ Sale Picks

From what I’ve read on our new Facebook group and other reader comments, we all seem to be on the same page about sweats right now. We want ’em cute…we want ’em affordable…and we want ’em ASAP. We hear you guys loud and clear.

Scotti recently revived these chic camo sweatpants (on sale right now at J.Crew!) and I’m allll about them. How cute to wear now and later? Maybe if we ask nicely she’ll style hers up a few ways in a new post. (Scotti?? What do you think???)

I did admittedly throw on some jeans today and felt pretty darn good about it. So, there’s that. I’ve been seeing lots of MOTHER Denim, Good American and Gap on sale (Laura found an especially cute jacket in her recent post that I can’t stop thinking about).


You could just wear no pants at all. There’s also that.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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Laura’s Sale Picks

Anyone else feel like we’re in some sci-fi movie right now, and that the last week has actually been two years long? OK. I’m not alone. Thank goodness for pretty distractions in between letting it sink in that this is life for a while, amiright? Jared Leto was meditating in the desert for 12 days at the start of this (right on-brand) and only came to know about anything going on a few days ago, well into the current state of the world…how totally bonkers would that have been to experience?? Omg.

OK. SALES. Let’s look at sales, y’all. First off, Gap has an amazing sale right now, and I just did a post sharing some of my current favorites there. I’ve included a couple picks below, but head over this way to check them all out (including amazing jeans, btw!) Anthropologie is having 25% off everything! And they’re offering free shipping over $50 AND free returns. There is some gorgeous stuff happening over there right now and I pretty much just want all the pretty tie-dye, like this top. YES. We all know Nordstrom is also doing 25% off at this point, but if you missed my post roundup of favs there, here it is. That cute Madewell skirt is included. I’m giving myself have a little news break, life break, social media break weekend. I plan on painting, getting outside and continuing my foray into Rainbow Loom bracelet making (Sienna’s got me hooked…) See y’all Monday for another IG dance party. We got this. xo

Kat’s Sale Picks

I seem to be lost as to what day it is lately. It’s crazy how quickly so much has changed in such a short amount of time. I am most definitely getting a little squirrelly here at my house, but with all the sales and endless amounts of TV shows to binge-watch, I’m keeping myself entertained. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you already know my motivation meter has been a little on the lower end of the tank.

These sales are amazing right now and it seems like half of the jeans I own are marked down! Anthropologie is having 25% off of everything online, Good American is having an amazing sale, and of course, you all know that Nordstrom graced us with their epic sale, too. I hope you all can find a little bit of distraction from these sales and that you’re all safe and well. xx – Kat

Em’s Sale Picks

Oh hi, friends. Happy Friday. Hope you’ve all managed to get through this past week, however unusual it might have been. We’ve been trying to get outside at least once a day, especially since the rain is coming this weekend, and it’s made a huge difference in my psyche. Lana’s been riding a two-wheeler for a little over a year, and she can easily outpace me when I’m running alongside, but she’s been kindly holding back so we can get our heart rates up together. (The rain earlier this week resulted in some epic mud puddles on the coast, which have also made for some fun adventures.) And I had so much fun cooking live with you guys on Instagram on Tuesday. If you’re able to tune in, I think we’re going to do it again next week. (Check The Mom Edit’s Instagram feed for the official schedule.)

So many sales this week, so I tried to keep my picks pretty aligned with the times. Lots of classic pieces that I know will stick around in my closet after all this passes: jeans, graphic Ts, t-shirt dresses. We all know that Nordstrom is doing 25% off (almost) the entire site, including 10 of my most-worn shoes (<– full post all about ’em). Speaking of which, I almost can’t believe I haven’t added these Adidas slides back into my wardrobe yet — they offer just enough support if you’re trying to avoid walking around with bare feet all day. (And of course they’re perfectly trendy, too.) Anthro is following suit with 25% off the whole site, too. And Splendid is offering 40% off their entire site, including sale items. They’ve got all the cozy joggers and snuggly cardigans, of course (this one, seriously…), but my fave pieces, like this jumpsuit and this dress, are more akin to streetwear that just happens to be uber comfy. Have a great weekend, friends.

Scotti’s Sale Picks

Hey, guys. I hope you’re holding up OK. This is…a pretty surreal, scary time, isn’t it? I’m trying to balance my intake of news with distractions like dance parties (thanks, Laura) and makeup tutorials (thanks, Greenlea) and reading and…eating alllll of the things that my husband is cooking. (If I thought I ate a lot during the holidays…#quarantinelife) I do want to shout out this bike again, for anyone who may not have seen my post on Facebook. I’m thanking my lucky stars I have it right now, because that whole exercise thing is essential to my mental health right now. And considering it’s a blizzard outside (yes, still) running anywhere is not an option. I get on that bike, plug in my headphones and go…and disconnect for 30-45 minutes. (And usually shed some kind of tears.) It’s a great release and Peloton is extending their free trial to 90 days. So even if you don’t have a bike, I highly recommend checking it out because they also have strength, meditation, yoga and running classes (in addition to cycling). The instructors are also really motivational, and it helps to just get on there and kind-of connect. And no, I’m not getting paid for recommending them, but I’m not opposed to them sending me a bike. Just kidding. (But I’ll take one if you’re reading! lol) As usual, here are my sales picks. Enjoy your weekend as much as you can, and remember we’re in this together–a thought that is getting me through more often than not lately.


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  1. I love that you guys are keeping this going but can we have some local designers/local retailers with online presence featured?

    • Hey Alisa, Absolutely. We had planned on a series of posts on Local Love but put it on hold since most of them closed down completely yesterday. Working on a balanced solution now. Stay tuned. Xo!

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