Weekly Sales Report 4.3


Happy Friday, friends.

I hope your week went smoothly, and you’ll find a little time this weekend to do something (inside) that you love. And for all of this newfound “inside time” good loungewear / comfy clothes help. It’s just a fact of life these days.

Insanely Good Style Sales: Loungewear, Beauty + Essentials For Now & Later

I was laughing on the phone with my mom the other day (hi, mom!) that we both get SO excited when we realize our “good loungewear” is clean. I’m willing to bet you all have your go-to outfits right about now, too. Mine happens to be those Kyoto leggings, Everlane tee (the BEST and on sale for just $15 right now) and tried-and-true UGG slippers. Ooo! I just found the Kyoto leggings on sale for $64 in a bunch of fun springy colors!! Yassss.

But since Athleta’s 30% off everything this weekend, I’ve been eyeing up their joggers. Laura loves hers. And look at how cute they are with a graphic tee! Could be a sneaky great addition to the summer wardrobe…

Otherwise, we have plenty of great sales below. Enjoy.

p.s. please note Laura’s photo above is an old one. (:

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Scotti’s Sale Picks

A friend recently sent me a GIF that said, “For those who have lost track, today is Blursday, the fortyteenth of Maprilay.” Yup, pretty much. But–surprise!–today is Friday so, per usual, I’m rounding up my sales picks for the weekend. But these are not your “usual” sales. These sales are insane: GAP, Old Navy (a favorite for kids and baby clothes) & Banana Republic are offering 50% off everything and Athleta is offering 30% off during their “In the Family” event; Good American is offering 30% off site-wide plus an extra 40% off sale prices; Abercrombie & Fitch is offering 50% off plus free shipping; Express is offering up to 50% off; H&M is offering 20% off $60+ plus free shipping; Madewell has deals on jeans and shorts, plus an extra 30% off sale prices; J. Crew has up to 80% off original prices, and that’s not to mention Nordstrom’s big denim sale of 25% off FRAME, AG, Good American, rag & bone and PAIGE jeans…it’s almost as if brands are worried people aren’t going to be buying…too soon? I know. I oscillate between retail therapy and panic attacks about the future myself. (And I wish I were kidding.) But in my attempt at normalcy, here are some of the things that caught my eye — and most of these are still perfect for working from home.

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Kat’s Sale Picks

This week has been exhausting, and if you saw my recent post in IG, then you already know. I’m officially back to work full-time and am more tired than I have been in a long time. Three weeks of quarantine has me feeling more tired than normal and my emotions are all over the place. The one thing that has been helpful for relaxation and de-stress are daily journaling, face masks, baths and all things beauty. I found some pretty great beauty and relaxation options for you all that are 100% clean! Many of the items I found are already things I own and have used for years, but some are newbies that I had to add to cart. I hope you are all safe and well. I’m sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way. XX – Kat

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Laura’s Sale Picks

TGIF friends…although who really knows what the days mean anymore. I do like keeping some semblance of normal with our scheduled TME stuff around here though, like these weekend posts — a little bit of grounding while everything else spins out of control. It continues to be cold and rainy here in Portland, so I’m still in full-on cozy mode. I’ve got rosemary essential oil in the diffusers today, a hot cup of coffee next to me, and Sienna is upstairs for the moment and somehow quiet. Ahhh. A mini moment of zen. Opposite of a moment of zen, I finally started watching Tiger King last night — and whoa. Who knew there were so many privately owned large cats in the US that could just ESCAPE AT ANY TIME. Sweet. What the actual -, y’all. Why have so many people recommended this show? Haha. I mean, it’s definitely a train wreck you can’t look away from. Lordy.

OK, sales. Since I’ve worn the heck out of my slippers these past three weeks, I’m considering adding those UGGs below into the rotation. They look SO SOFT and they’re now 40% off. Athleta is having a sale and they never do! Some of my favorite jackets and leggings are from them. Adorable Social Threads (local to Philly/NJ) is offering 20% off with code FF20 through Sunday. They have seriously cute pieces and Shana says they are the nicest folks. (Well, she probably didn’t say ‘folks,’ but the southern in me is paraphrasing). I hope you can find a way to relax, help our caregivers, donate, send good energy out, or do whatever you need to or are able to this weekend to combat this time of upheaval. Much love, friends. xo

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Em’s Sale Picks

Hi guys. We made it to another day. Does it matter what day, exactly? Well, if you like sales: yep! Much like Laura, I kinda look forward to these regularly scheduled posts to maintain a sense of normalcy. If you read my post from last weekend, well, things are feeling anything but normal. But I will say my perspective has shifted slightly since then. Not because I found the time I was lacking, but because I think I’m finally starting to give into the chaos. I like my to-do lists and my routine and my me time and my…space. And yet, I am vehemently against scheduling my kid when she’s in her last year before kinder and being presented with this strange opportunity to romp and play, sans structure. So I’m walking this fine line between missing the schedule and avoiding the schedule and I think I finally just realized that as long as I’m checking off at least the bare minimum number of boxes, the order in which shit happens isn’t critical. What a golden nugget of wisdom, eh? Baby steps.

So…as for these sales. I’m sticking with the theme I’ve carried over from the past few weeks, which is: purchases I won’t regret when all this is said and done. Ha. Basic pieces that will carry me from day to day and then live in my closet well beyond this shelter-in-place period. This week that means Madewell’s $75 denim sale, cozy-chic pieces from Abercrombie’s 50% off sitewide sale (this cardigan is a no-brainer — easiest way to add pockets to an outfit based on leggings). And blue light-blocking glasses, of course, which have severely reduced my eye strain/fatigue (and, bonus, make you look unexpectedly profesh on Zoom calls, even if you’re wearing a pajama top as a shirt). And undies, friends! Aerie’s got all my faves (I wear Aerie undies exclusively!) 6/$25. If that’s not a basic necessity, I don’t know what is. Happy weekend! (Side note: click through, because not all discounted prices are being correctly reflected – d’oh!)

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