Weekly Sales Report 4.17


Happy Friday, friends.

Let’s start our weekends with some sales, shall we?

Shopbop and Sephora sales are already going strong! Laura, Jess, Scotti & Em all covered Shopbop (with an awesome variety of finds!!) and this morning, we published a really fun Team Makeup post with tons of Sephora sale finds inside. Ooo! One more — Scotti’s Top 15 Picks from Sephora. She’s the resident beauty expert here, obvs.

You’ll find more from those sales scattered below, plus a few other finds from the oldies (but goodies) like this J.Crew Cashmere Pullover. I feel like everyone on The Mom Edit Insiders has been talking J.Crew cashmere lately…can’t say I blame them.

And…our beloved EILEEN FISHER sandals are on sale. I’ll say no more and let Linz give you all the deets on that below.

For even more sales, keep scrolling. Hope you’re all staying healthy & safe!

EILEEN FISHER Sandals, J. Crew Cashmere & Other Sale Favs From Madewell, Nordstrom & More

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Scotti’s Sale Picks

Does anyone else feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day? Every day feels the same, weekend or no. I’ve been trying to work out daily to keep my stress and anxiety low(er) (and to offset some of the insane amount of stress eating I’ve been doing) and this week I stumbled across a free trial from Les Mills. I used to do Bodypump multiple times a week (this was well before kids), so I was excited to try it from home. I’m still loving the Peloton cycling courses I’ve talked about, but it will be nice to add a little weight training to it. I’ll try it out for a couple of weeks and see how it goes. (Anyone else try it? Love it? Hate it? Let me know!) Meanwhile, Sephora is starting their big sale event this weekend–check out my top picks here. If you’re a Rouge, you can start shopping today, but if you’re a VIB you’ll have to wait until Tuesday (and I’m right there with you because I didn’t spend enough last year to qualify for Rouge–boo). Here are some other sale picks I’ve got my eye on:

Linzi’s Sale Picks

Whether you’re recreationally window shopping the blog for pretty things, merely looking for any non-news-related distractions, or actually purchasing, we’re glad you’re here. EILEEN FISHER is my brand “pick” for this week and on MAJOR sale at Nordstrom. As in 40-50% off many items. EILEEN FISHER has always been a fav of mine due to their classic stay-in-your-closet-forever styles, in addition to their thoughtful business practices, but now I’m also impressed with their decision-making transparency during this time. You can read more here. Personal favs are these cute slip-on sneaks made from recycled material and super comfy. 

Laura’s Sale Picks

It’s sunny here today, friends. We’ve been lucky with pretty lovely weather this week in typically rainy Portland. That and fresh weekly flowers have been helping with the big emotional ups and downs. I hope you’re finding some things to help you, too. Thanks for being here. We appreciate your continued support in keeping a few things feeling normal, like talking about fashion. I’m way into sweatshirts, comfy things and pieces that just make me feel happy right now. I wore jeans the other day, too! And played no-contact flower delivery to a couple of my best friends that I miss so much. Highly recommend mixing it up, responsibly, once a week or so. I read that a few friends are doing a whole free-day each week with their kids where no school work is expected. I think that sounds like a good plan. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not doing all that much anyway, but some freedom to just have a ‘skip’ day sounds perfect. Happy perusing and have a great weekend. xo

Em’s Sale Picks

Hi friends. Happy EveryDaySeriouslyFeelsTheSame! You guys hanging in there? We’ve finally found our groove amidst this new normal business, but it doesn’t make it feel any less isolating. I know you guys are right there with me. Like Scotti, I’m trying to keep my body moving a little bit every day; it’s more or less the only way I can keep my head about me. We’re spoiled by being so near the coast, so during less popular times of day I’ve been trying to chase Lana around on her bike and call it a “run” — OR my fave indoor workout of late is putting on Lady Gaga’s The Fame album, which is almost entirely uptempo, and doing arms for one song, legs for one song, abs for one song, cardio for one song — you get it. I am almost always drenched in sweat 4-5 songs in, and I call it good enough.

If you’re shopping this week (or even window shopping — it’s such an indulgent escape, even for those of us who do it for work), Madewell has almost everything on sale 20-40% off with code VERYRARE. I’m loving the idea of these high-waisted, yoke-front jeans. But this dress at Anthro takes. the. freaking. cake. Talk about eye candy. It’s sitting in my cart as we speak (loads of items are 50% off in Anthro’s current sale) with the excuse that it will be my early Mother’s Day or bday gift to myself. The details are INSANE and yet it would be SO easy to wear, even just…around. And cashmere on sale at J.Crew. This oversized wrap would be perfect for early mornings spent checking emails at the kitchen counter. Such is life. Cheers, friends!

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