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Happy May!

This month is juuust close enough to summer to get me excited. I need those warm, sunshiney days right now — no matter our circumstances. And let’s not forget about MDW sales! I’m willing to bet the retailers will be pulling out all the stops that weekend, don’t you? We shall see.

The Leith Dress We Heart, Plus Sneakers, Sandals & Other Fun Faves On Sale

One of our favorite summer pieces ever — this Leith dress — is back at Nordstrom this year, and it’s pretty freaking flattering. Scotti, S, Laura, Lex, Em *I think* has it, and I definitely have it…for that price point ($29!!) and the color options, just snag it. You won’t regret it.

I’ll definitely be wearing mine around the house as it warms up (it’s that comfy). Then when life resumes, pair it with a drapey jacket for chilly nights and these adorable platform sandals (both on sale). Spoiler: it looks insanely cute with Stan Smiths, too.

Ooooo and speaking of sneaks…Laura just finished an article on these colorful PUMAs. There’s something about them that makes me need to try them out. Plus, they’re 50% off…so that could explain the mystique.

Other than that, we’ve got plenty of fun sale picks (with some real life mixed in) down below…

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Kat’s Sale Picks

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! Today is a special day for me because it’s May 1! I work as a college counselor for my main gig, and May 1 is national signing day for seniors attending college. Today we get to celebrate our seniors who have all had to pivot to an entirely new way of life. No prom, no end of year traditions, and no certainty of what their first year of college will look like. But today, today is a great day, because my students will have a sense of normalcy with their peers all across the country. So much has changed so rapidly, but at least this tradition of revealing where they will attend college remains.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that senior graduation parties will be able to resume later this summer, and was inspired to look at some fun dresses for graduation and wedding season. The sales are still on, y’all, and I found some great things that are both cozy and cute! I also ordered a bunch of things myself because the deals are just too good. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! xx – Kat

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Scotti’s Sale Picks

Greenlea is starting to feel this quarantine life, and not in a good way. She’s been so good for so long now, but the signs are starting to show that she’s not totally cool with the way things are right now. She claimed she didn’t know how to wrap a towel around herself the other day and asked her dad to dress her like a baby. She likes to surreptitiously pinch, poke or pull on her baby brother and cries VERY intensely if he so much as touches her. I so feel for her. Quarantine is hard enough when you have the words to express how you’re feeling and the knowledge that, ultimately, things will be okay. And when she’s overwhelmed with these BIG FEELINGS, it’s hard on all of us. I want to have ALL the patience in the world, but I catch myself yelling at her to stop hurting her brother and then immediately feel like a total asshole because OF COURSE she’s acting out. It’s so hard. I know I’m wound up pretty damn tightly right now, so I need to relax a bit. Now, does anyone have any suggestions on how to do that? (Aside from tequila. Although that does help.) And now, sales:

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Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey, friends. Hope your week has been OK. Sienna had a big outburst/meltdown/tantrum yesterday and this almost-seven-year-old doesn’t do that much these days. It dawned on me that her birthday is less than a month away though (and by ‘dawned on me’ I mean I noticed the paper chain she made and the multiple times a day she asks Alexa “how many seconds until May 20th.”) It is completely understandable she’d have a meltdown right now, my little social gal who loves an audience and adores people more than anything in the world…but it always seems to get more extra around birthdays, and I forget that.

This morning we’re headed to a little drive-thru farm that serves pumpkin donuts to you while you look at cute animals…what?! I know. And her bestie invited us to drive behind them and omg her little mind was blown when I told her. Something different, something to mix it up…it seems like that’s what we all need right now, my friends. Especially social little gals who cried yesterday because they couldn’t hug their bestie. I mean. My mama heart pretty much died when she said that. Much love to you all right now. This shite is for the birds, but we will get through because we are tough as mothers. If you need distraction and want to look at some really rad items of clothing right now, check out my latest post with Athleta pieces. OMG. Good stuff and quite a bit of it is on sale. There are a few closet staples here below that I adore, too. Hugs, y’all. xo

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Linzi Sale Picks

Gah…you guys, this week has been a momming struggle for sure. I had a flashback this morning to airplane flights when the kids were little. I would get so frustrated at times with my kids’ behavior that the only option was to challenge myself to see JUST how patient and JUST how sickeningly sweet I could be with my kids as a type of game. Yesterday I did NOT “play this game”, and it didn’t work out so well. DANG this is hard with all this togetherness. Hoping everyone is being kind to themselves and remembering that some momming days are definitely going to be better than others. On a lighter note…I’m sick of seeing myself in black and gray on zoom calls and am going to treat myself to a bright pretty something. Finding all sorts of fun stuff on sale at Anthro, but of course it’s hard to not also be drawn to some great black and gray EILEEN FISHER basics on sale at Nordstrom. Hope everyone has a nice “be-gentle-on-themselves” weekend.

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Em’s Sale Picks

OK, WHAT IS IN THE WATER, guys? Lana and I had a tough day yesterday, too. So many big emotions in such a tiny person, and she’s usually so collected and, well, good that when we had not one or two but five (seemingly) irrational outbursts yesterday I was ready to pull my hair out. We ended the day cuddling in bed and talking about how we might have been able to handle ourselves differently, since I definitely raised my voice more than usual, too — but I think hearing “yes…when I’m done working on this one thing…” from both mom and dad day in and day out is finally starting to take its toll.

That said, my sales this week are bringing lots of chill, fun vibes. Definitely most excited about these suede platform wedges that are on sale 70% off for a limited time (under $30!) and these shockingly cute little waterproof boots, which will come in so handy for after-dinner walks on the muddy trails after it rains (also under $30). And you know how I feel about dresses that just beg to be paired with a cruiser bike and a baguette, and this one nails it (plus sizes available, too). Here’s hoping the weekend brings about a bit of change for all of us. Happy Friday!

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Shana’s Sale Picks

Well, if I’m doing a sales report then I’m clearly in need of some retail therapy…read into that what you will. But I was in the midst of Serious Research for the newsletter, and found too many good things not to share. Best of all? They’re from a few unexpected places. Hint: Just go to Banana Republic. It was my big winner this week.

Also….if you haven’t yet subscribed to our daily newsletter, in addition to the newest posts, I’ve been including some random little product that caught my eye. Some are legit good, some are funny…just depends on my MOOD.

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