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Happy Friday and…Happy Mother’s Day Weekend, Mamas & Friends!

Linz wrote something too eloquent to pass up: “I’m sending peaceful and loving vibes out there to you all today and this Mother’s Day Weekend…I know it’s a weekend filled with lots of different strong emotions for many of us in lots of different situations.” 

I agree, Linz! We’re sending alllll of the peaceful and loving vibes this weekend…

…with a side of sale vibes, too.

Animal Print Shoes, Bold Colors & Beauty: Editor Sale Favs

Did you catch Kat’s selfie on Facebook? She found the perfect white button-down (40% off!) and I’m obsessed. Available in regular & plus sizes. We also had a member of our TME Insiders Group request some leopard skirt styling (like the one you see above) and Laura is ON IT. She already found this one on sale if you want to join in on the fun!

Otherwise, there’s plenty of sales goodness below!

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Happy Friday, everyone! So how has this week been, you ask? Well, let me tell you…this is the week we started implementing “adult time” at night. As in, the kids go to bed and we’re able to have a glass of wine together and relax, enjoying the peace and quiet of our home. Sounds great, right? How’s that going for us, you ask? Not so great, guys. Not. So. Great. The kids screamed bloody murder for two hours STRAIGHT last night. Straight. Let me be clear: they were fine, I could see them on the monitor, nobody was hurt, everything was fine, but you would have thought we had locked them in a cage and left them to fend for themselves. It was brutal, to put it mildly. And the things G was saying; “MOM!!! I JUST WANT TO SNUGGLE!!!!!” Sob, sob, SCREAMING sob, “I NEVER GET TO SEE YOUUUUUU!!! I NEED YOU!!!!” Sob, sob. I mean, she knows all of the things to say that just cut to my core, and it took everything I had not to run in there, scoop her up in my arms and tell her “Mommy will never leave you again!!!” And then the second she calms down, Ozzie–who was totally fine, by the way–decides it’s his time to shine and starts screaming/sobbing because apparently that’s what you do at bedtime when parents are not actively in the bed holding you. I mean, I know it’s important for Zack and I to have some time together (which happens like 0% of the time right now), but it might just kill us to get there. Oh, and it’s currently 28 degrees out and snowing. I think this just about wraps up how I’m feeling right now. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happy Friday! Happy weekend! Happy “go far far far down that online sale shopping rabbit hole while hiding in a closet trying to get some alone time day” (possibly how I will be spending part of my Mother’s Day morning.) I’m sending peaceful and loving vibes out there to you all today and this Mother’s Day Weekend…I know it’s a weekend filled with lots of different strong emotions for many of us in lots of different situations. 

For those of us out there who have been feeling a little “grey”, I’ve done another roundup of some pieces that are improving my mood just looking at them. Amazing what color can do for some of us. Just got this guy in and the colors are just as good in person. It will definitely give my “Zoom self” a little more life. Anthro has 30% off clothes and accessories this weekend with lots of good pieces in bold colors and fun patterns. And I, once again, included a few EILEEN FISHER basics…because the sales on her stuff are just too good to ignore right now. 

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Y’all. To say it’s been a shite week is kind of an understatement. Our household is really seeing the effects of this recession right now. I will be taking in all the sunshine this weekend and focusing on what I CAN control and taking lots of deep breaths and saying lots of thank yous that we are still healthy. I put my top finds in the top row below this week to highlight them. Thank you SO much for your continuing support of our work right now. It gives me something to focus on. I adore my job and being creative with and for you all and encouraging boldness through fashion. Much love to y’all, as I know we’re not the only people seeing tough times right now. I try to keep it real mixed with some humor and this is real real right now. xo

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It’s Friday and I have cabin fever, ya’ll. Or maybe I have just been bored in the house and in the house bored for far too long. As of late, I’ve been getting lost in the black hole that is TikTok and I walk around singing the same lyrics on repeat for hours on end. I am starting to feel like a broken record, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do… right? This week I ordered quite a few amazing pieces from Nordstrom and they are on super-sale right now! While I still don’t have anywhere to go in these outfits, I will be dressing up to go to the grocery store, check the mail, or walk my dogs. I hope you are all doing well in these uncertain times, and am sending lots of positivity your way. p.s. If you are looking for a laugh or a pick me up, follow me on TikTok: thekatrinanichole. XX – Kat

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Hi friends — whew, it’s Friday! I know this weekend’s holiday comes with more than its fair share of emotions for many — so, while yes, this is The MOM Edit, please know that I’m sending good vibes out to all those who might be struggling with Mother’s Day in one way or another. This year, especially, it’s gonna be a low-key one around here. I already gifted myself this lovely boho dress that I will absolutely wear around the house all Sunday (if you missed it on TME’s stories, I find that it runs a smidge small, so size up if between sizes), and if nothing else goes to plan — to be honest, I’m not sure there is a plan — well, c’est la vie. My tolerance for ‘rolling with it’ has quadrupled over the past two months, and I suppose that’s a gift in itself.

Oh, and sales highlights: Stan Smiths in classic Navy for under $50! And Loft’s Buy More Save More Sale is pretty stellar. You can save 60% off 4+ items with code MORE, and I went ahead and linked up my six faves below so you can hit that discount easy peasy. This boucle skirt set (top here) is seriously stunning and yet manages to also turn loungewear into an office-ready situation. All about that. Happy weekend!

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Happy Mother’s Day Weekend, everybody.

Team TME


  1. Oh Scotti! Feel for you. Think back to the last time you were on a plane and the flight attendant told you that if the plane loses altitude and the oxygen masks drop to take care of yourself before your children. Same here – take care of you and Z so you can both be there for G and O. No guilt, girl. Stay strong!

  2. So sorry for the stress, Laura! Will be holding you and your family in my thoughts and hoping for an upturn soon. Hugs!

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