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Happy Weekend!

Raise your hand if you’ve started summer shopping (at least a little). *raises both hands* As I browsed, one thing in particular really stopped me in my tracks — this Jenni Kayne sweater. Doesn’t get more delicious than that, right? The color, the knit, the swing. But…it’s not. on. sale. Will it ever go on sale? TBH, I don’t know. But I will shout it from The Mom Edit Insiders Group rooftop if it does.

Just when I moved on from my beloved sweater, I see this one Scotti found from Banana…exact same vibe (just with a v-neck) but for a muuuuch better price. Good find, Scotti. Can’t wait to wear that with some white jeans & tan sandals.

Summer Sweaters, Graphic Tees, Lounge Dresses & Shoes — Editor Sale Favs

For those of you who AREN’T hot on the trail of your new summer sweater (isn’t everyone though?), Laura & Em are basically experts at tracking down the cutest graphics tees. They both pinned this one into their round-ups (so you know it’s good) and Em even found a Grateful Dead tee without the dancing bears…who knew?

If you had your eye on the Ramone’s tee above, that’s an old one of Shana’s…I found a current version that is not on sale BUT…it’s only $10. So I’ll just leave that one up to you.

More sales goodness below…


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This past week was like Christmas in July at my house — except it’s May. We went on a serious purchasing rampage — both sale items and some not-so-sale items. I bought two pairs of Balenciaga shoes, and I am so so in love. Basically, I blame Cardi B who said she likes “Balenciaga’s the ones that look like socks” and I was sold. These sock sneakers are rivals for my Yeezys, and I am most definitely turning into a Sneakerhead. I tend to always splurge on shoes more than anything, and am justifying those hella expensive Balenciagas as my belated birthday present. I also ordered this beautiful Leith dress that’s still on super-sale and this cute white cast iron dutch oven that’s a great dupe for Le Creuset that’s currently 50% off at Macy’s! I have no idea what I will be cooking in it, so any ideas for cast iron creations are much appreciated! 

This week, there are some stellar deals at Anthropologie — like 40% off dresses and an additional 25% off of all sale items. Reformation is offering 30% off their entire website and my absolute FAV dress is still in stock! I am such a sucker for a sale! I’m sensing that I am going to have another early Christmas here at our house. I hope you are all well, and that your weekend is filled with sunshine and relaxation. 

XX – Kat 

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Hey, hey, friends. Coming to you from a super-gray morning in Portland! Where is that gorgeous sunshine of last week? It was helping me. I’m over here doing my best to make a little gal happy on her 7th birthday next week…any ideas for right now? She requested rice pudding for breakfast (can do!) and (boxed) macaroni and cheese with 5 pieces of chicken in it for dinner. Bahaha. My gal knows what she wants. I keep wanting to get up the energy to make her day super-exciting and then…I get stuck. I’ve ordered a few gifts and our friend is making a gorgeous unicorn cake, but…I really want to go big for her right now and am not sure how to do that. We’ll do a block party round of “Happy Birthday” and we’ll have a Zoom party with friends, and I’ll just hope she gets what she needs out of her special day and that she won’t cry those giant tears she did last week about not being able to hug her best friend right now. Mamas, this shite is hard, but we will prevail. We will make it through this. (Repeats to self a million times a day).

ALL of the things below I would love to appear into my closet k, thx. The sales are good. 20% off one full-priced item at Backcountry with discount code 20FULLPRICE, an additional 20% off at American Eagle with code SUMMERFAVES, lots of Madewell at Nordstrom Rack (get the pink sweatpants!), and super-good sale finds at Shopbop. xoxo

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Another week filled with ups and downs and lots of in-betweens. Highlights of my week: scootering with my kids (yes…I purchased my very own scooter to keep up with them and am LOVING it); my little guy’s hair (it’s so ridiculously long and out of control and makes me giggle every time I really look at him); participating in a TME video (not typically my thing, but it was so much fun, and I’m really glad Shana “made” me do it….but don’t get any ideas, Shana, on making me do other things! I’m still your “no girl”! ). And then, of course, the highlight of my Friday morning…SALES! I really do enjoy searching through all the sales each week, even if I’m not purchasing…the hunt for good pieces (with earbuds in) is enough to provide a nice little distraction from the wildness happening on the other side of my kitchen. Staying on theme again this week with several pretty Zoom-worthy tops. Happy weekend everyone! 

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Happy Friday, friends. Is it just me, or is the looming uncertainty of the fall school year starting to make you a little jumpy? We’ve definitely settled into our routine (or lack thereof) here, to the point where I will be genuinely sad when Chris returns to a traditional work environment, but the idea that Lana’s first year of real school is likely going to be so different from what we expected is a little overwhelming — and, honestly just has me feeling kind of bummed.

Fortunately, we’ve got a fun little distraction going in the form of completely re-landscaping our backyard. It’s a pretty comprehensive undertaking — we’re completely scrapping 90% of what was there — and since we’ll be spending so much time at home this summer, it feels like the right time to get things just the way we’ve always envisioned. I’ll be posting progress to Instagram (@thepigandquill), if you’re into that kinda thing.

As for sales: I went practical and playful this week. Still have an unhealthy obsession with this dress. And I just bought our favorite Julian backpack in TIE DIE DENIM for under $100 and can’t wait for its arrival. Oh! And these platform Dr. Scholl’s feel both vintage and modern and would be the perfect pairing for all the house dresses I seem to be collecting (but obvi jeans + tees, too). Have a good one, guys. 

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Well yesterday was my birthday, and how did I celebrate? I put on “real” clothes and makeup and did my hair. All three at the same time …something I haven’t done for a very long time. It was nice to get all done up even though there really was no place to go. Sometimes you just gotta remind yourself that you clean up nice. We ate dinner with my mom (she made the BEST whitefish ever–let me know if you guys are interested in the recipe), drank some wine, and had some laughs. It was about as good as a quarantine birthday can possibly get. Oh and the best part? Greenlea and Ozzie went down with minimal crying–still working towards that whole “no crying” thing, but a couple of minutes vs. an hour? I’ll take it. It’s been hard to be consistent and keep the routine going, but Zack and I have now been able to actually spend time together at the end of the day when they (finally) go to sleep. Fingers crossed it gets easier from here! Happy weekend, everyone!

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