Weekly Sales Report (Memorial Day Weekend Edition!)


Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I know things look a bit (a LOT) different this year, but I hope you’re able to have some connection with loved ones and squeeze in some fun.

Now let’s talk SALES, baby. If you haven’t already, take a peek at our Cheat Sheet. We’ll be updating it all weekend long.

And next up…some editor picks! I have a feeling this will be the Summer of Easy, Breezy, and Comfortable. Linz found the perfect printed tee and lucky us, it just went on sale. Would be kinda cute with the Adidas track pants our entire team has been raving about, right? Then pair that tee with some cut-off’s later + saltwater sandals, always.

Another dress that caught my eye is this Free People maxi. Maybe we should just wear that all summer and call it a day? Looks so easy and would be pretty gorg dressed up at a later date. And will we ever really forget about our beloved Stan Smiths? Nope. (And will we ever neglect to tell you when we see them on sale? Nope.)

This is our one & only editor roundup of allllll things MDW (so be sure to give it a scroll!).

Here’s to an easy, breezy, COMFY summer.

Swimwear, Shoes & Summer Outfit Fun: The Best Of The Memorial Day Weekend Sales



Is it just me or did Memorial Day just sneak up on us?! I can’t believe the summer season is officially about to kick off, and I am so looking forward to some time away from work. This Memorial Day I don’t have any plans, other than hopping onto some of the amazing deals that are being offered right now.

The sales at DERMSTORE are so so good right now (an additional 20% off with the code SUMMER), and there are several things that I think are musts for the summer season, including this skin-firming tool that Khloe Kardashian swears by. If you read my swimsuit post a while back, you know how much I loved the BLUE swimsuits from Nordstrom, and was stoked to see that my FAV BLUE swimsuit is on sale! Gap is also running a huge Memorial Day sale with 50% off of everything using the code WARM; I just ordered these color block leggings. Last but not least, Target is running all kinds of sales right now on patio furniture, and my Dyson Cool Link air purifier is now on sale, too! I’m looking forward to a low-key weekend, and with all of these seriously stellar steals, I am sure that I will be doing some shopping as well. I hope you are all doing well and that you have a great Memorial Day weekend! XX – Kat

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend! We’ll be spending this one (hopefully) playing in our new favorite creek, shooting kid-safe bows and arrows in our new favorite field, and cuddling up in our favorite AH-MAZING linen bedding I got on sale over the holidays (on sale only twice a year and it’s back on sale this WEEKEND!). In terms of other sales, I’m most excited about getting a new swimsuit from Boden and all the pretty tops at Anthro. I styled up my fav one here 11 different ways. Also, pretty excited (for anyone who has been considering a new vacuum) that Dyson is running a sale on my favorite cordless vacuums. Happy sales shopping, and I hope everyone gets to celebrate the weekend in a safe and fun way. 

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I had no idea this weekend was Memorial Day. But I think that’s pretty much the theme of life lately, though, right? Like never knowing what day it is or what time it is or what your name even is…OK, too far. But I feel like lately life has been so weird and hard and emotional! And I’m not normally a huge “emoter”…crying is definitely not my thing, but lately, I’ve been walking around with a huge lump in my throat, threatening to come out at any time — and for the most random and seemingly insignificant reasons. Like when reading an email from Greenlea’s teachers who put on a parade around town for the kids who can’t go to school, or when watching the Glee episode where the elderly choir sings “The Living Years” on stage, when seeing Ozzie wave at every car that passes by our house with more excitement than I have for most things in life, or when hearing Greenlea talk about family trips to Philadelphia or North Carolina to visit her cousins in such a nostalgic, heartbroken “those were the days” way. Life is just crazy right now. And we’ve been trying to roll with the punches as much as possible—as you all have—but some days are tougher than others. So on those days I have my kids climb up into my lap and I wrap my arms around them, breathing in their sunshine-and-sunscreen scent from the top of their heads and try to remember that life is short. And life is good. And everything will be OK. (Breathe in and repeat.)       

So as far as the sales go, OMG EVERYTHING is on sale! Our fridge broke yesterday (repairman couldn’t fix it), so we bought this one that’s on sale at Target as a quick fix (my mom also bought for a beverage fridge up at camp) and we are now currently debating between getting this smart fridge or a more basic version. We’ll probably go with the less-expensive option, but how cool is that smart version?? Also, Dermstore’s Summer Event Sale is SO good; I had to do an entire post dedicated to all my favorites that are on sale, so be sure to check that out, as well as my post on my top 5 picks here. And of course, most importantly, ENJOY this weekend with your family and loved ones.  Thank you so much for your continued support — I can’t tell you how much it means to us! 

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Hey, weekend peeps. We’re coming off the high of a “best birthday ever” (direct quote) from Sienna this week. And my mama heart just melted. Planning a seven-year-old’s birthday during quarantine was ALL THE FEELS and to hear her say it was the best, well, I just literally (OK, maybe not) turned into a puddle. The sales are fabbo this weekend, my friends. I’ve been drawn to mostly all amazing summer stuff, in addition to my killer leather AllSaints jacket that’s on sale at Verishop! Score. I just got the Dyson V10 Animal in this week and OH MY GOD what witchy magic did they conjure up to make a vacuum cleaner I actually enjoy using? Dude. It’s forking awesome. And on sale. My house is so clean rn. If only it got rid of clutter…

I have a full post talking about all my favorites here, but here are the top 12 for ya right now. Those sandals, that chair, and that beaded bag strap are all making me supes excited for sunny days…as it clouds over and starts raining again. Haha. I know, I chose to live here. Happy Weekend, y’all. If it’s been a rollercoaster week for you, too, sending hugs your way. xo

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Everyday-pretty-meets-comfortable? Yeh, I am going with that as the theme for my sale picks, friends. I am in such a weird place these days, because…YES. I want to dress in real, cool outfits, butbutbut…I’m so depleted. I feel stuck where we find ourselves right now, which blahhh makes things uninspiring. HOWEVER, I know how important it is to continue to try for yourself, for those around you. I am happier when I am reaching for beauty and finding joy in the little things. So, my picks are all about that — the things that I have found that immediately made me smile and get excited about getting dressed! Cheers to all of you. – Cams

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Well hey, guys! It’s Friday. And moreover, it’s a long weekend! Can you sense the sarcasm in that exclamation mark? It wasn’t until our TME team call on Tuesday that I realized this weekend is Memorial Day — what does that say? I know it’s been said over and over again, but the days have lost all meaning over here. And for a weekend that would typically be spent celebrating my mom and my birthdays (hers is at the end of May, mine is at the beginning of June, but we almost always convene on Memorial Day), it’s maybe the most personal reminder yet that shit is a long ways from back to normal.

I’ve been eating my feelings this week in the form of Christina Tosi’s Magic Bars, which Lana and I made after watching Tuesday’s Baking Club on Instagram Live (I will admit that stellar celeb content on social media continues to be a small but very appreciated silver lining), and this weekend we’re making these Easy Cheesy Chickpea Zucchini Waffles and quite possibly churning a little ice cream in the name of summer. As for retail therapy, I’m eyeing these classic Vince High Tops (under $100!) that I know I’d wear the heck out of, and I already ordered these Adidas Cloudfoam sneaks for at-home workouts and after-dinner walks. (Loads of colors — scroll through because not all are on sale.) Something about lightweight memory foam insole tells me they’ll be a new fave. And it seems like 5 stars and 1,800+ reviews can’t lie — right? (Real exciting times over here!) Have a good one, guys!

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Another weekend of quarantine for us. Even though the situation in NY is getting better, it’s not enough yet. I also noticed — thanks to many happy moms on social media — that we’re one of the last states to finish school in late June..and let’s say my anxiety is not too happy about that. But we.can.do.hard.things, right? 

On a happier note, I’m finally doing some shopping this weekend. I haven’t really shopped much for the past 10 weeks, but with the weather finally warming up and this weekend of sales, I can’t stop thinking about dresses, jumpsuits and swimsuits. Backcountry has me drooling over some high-waisted bikinis to wear in my backyard for sure.

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Well…our yearly shore house rental technically starts this weekend and the beaches technically open this weekend…but the world is weird right now, so we’ll see. Mike and I are trying to figure out how to have a…well, a “fun-filled summer” isn’t the right term, so maybe just a “summer where we occasionally have something to look forward to” is where we’re hoping to end up. For Memorial Day Weekend, I’d like to see the ocean at some point, do a little grilling at some point, and drink plenty of rosé. And maybe even plan some of those camping trips we got ready for (thanks to the Backcountry sale). I have all of those deets in my post, Shana’s Guide to the Memorial Day Sales, as well as a pretty comprehensive list of my favorites, sorted by category. Anyway, here’s a smaller sample of what I’m personally shopping for this weekend:

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