Weekly Sales Report 5.29


Happy Weekend!

This week was a short-yet-long one, yeah?

As we wrapped up our Memorial Day Sales coverage, it seems like Slack was suddenly buzzing about belt bags (I think Lex brought it up). So let’s chat about that…

Belt Bags, Sandals, Summery Tops & More Editor Faves On Sale

I think it’s kind of genius right now for the times we do leave the house…and honestly? I think belt bags look so good paired with the majority of outfits. Wearing a dress and sandals? Slap on a belt bag. Wearing your favorite leggings? Belt bag. Wearing a billowy little top or tank & jeans? Belt bag.

Shoot, now I need a belt bag.

Rebecca Minkoff does them oh so well. Like this little snake print number Em found! Love.

If you’re not quite ready to belt bag it juuust yet…there are plenty of other great sales below. Xo!

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Happy Friday, everyone! I can’t believe how fast this week has flown by. I’ve been a busy little bee wrapping up final projects for work and getting ready to go back to Wisconsin. While I am excited to head home, I’ve been feeling much more anxious this week than typical and haven’t been able to pinpoint why. Maybe it’s the stress of the end of the school year or the potential of entering next school year virtually. Being such a type-A planner definitely makes me uncomfortable with not having a concrete plan in place for the future. But I have to learn to let go and accept that things are not in my control. Instead, I’ve been distracting myself with the wild wild west that is TikTok. I’ve been creating new dance routines and challenges, and it is so much fun!

Anyway, onto the sales! Some of my all-time FAV items are still on super-sale, and I found the best sports bra EVER! It’s a Marika sports bra with an ultra wide band that covers all of my upper back — I love it. I found it fully stocked and on sale at Kohl’s and I promise you, you need this in your life. It comes in 5 different colors and holds everything in place. I also finally tried Zella leggings in a different cut and now understand what the hype is all about! I bought mine in a 2xl and they fit so well with a great high rise! I’ll be wearing them all summer. They come in my neon yellow, navy and black…my favs! I hope you all have a great weekend filled with sunshine and a little R&R.

Ps. Please send me your recommendations for podcasts and audio books, I am going to need it for my 14-hour drive back to Wisco. XX – Kat


It’s Friday and I’ve got comfort shoes on my mind! My huge Comfort Shoe Post is coming out hopefully early next week. BUT….so many of them are on sale this weekend (woohoo!) that I’m including shoes shoes and more shoes in my sales picks this week. Always excited to find the pricier comfort shoes like these Gentle Souls ( available in black, metallic, and cork) marked down. Was trying to think of something exciting to tell you about my week, but all I can think of is that I did a huge grocery shop yesterday. My family was ecstatic…like Christmas morning ecstatic! Hmmm….kind of sad, but also kind of awesome? It’s the little things right now, guys. Goal: do something more exciting than grocery shopping to share with you next week. As I said, little things.  


I’ve recently started running again. We’ve been up at camp (or cottage, if you’re wondering what the heck a camp is) for the past week or so, without access to my beloved spin bike, so I’ve been forced to find other ways to work out. Forced might sound a bit extreme, but I have a serious love-hate relationship with running. I ran cross country in high school, so there was always a lot of pressure to run fast and win–not a whole lot of emphasis on the enjoyment part. It’s hard to get out of that mindset, so I find it difficult to just zone out and de-stress on runs. My friend recommended the Aaptiv app, so I downloaded it and took advantage of the 50% off deal (just decline the first invitation to subscribe for $99 and they’ll offer the 50% off deal…but take advantage right away if you want it because it doesn’t show up again. I had to re-download the app with a different email address to get it back). I like how it makes running go by SO much faster than if I were to just hit the road. I’m hoping to get back into the love part of my relationship with running and I think it will help motivate me. The other thing that helps? New workout gear. I’m doing a review soon of some new pieces, but I had to share this exercise dress from Outdoor Voices with you guys. It’s actually really cute and comfortable and I just wore it to run in this morning…I love the extra bum coverage and the fact that there’s no tight parts around my waist. I also took advantage of the sale price on an old Apple Watch so I don’t have to carry my phone… so, yes, I’ve invested in this new running thing. That means I have to stick with it, right?? Now to find comfortable shoes that help with some serious pronation…any suggestions?? Enjoy your weekend, you guys!


Hey, party peeps. Dang it. I love that phrase but the parties are at a minimum right now. Well, have your own party and check out the fun stuff on sale, I say. How is everyone? Ups and downs, ups and downs, amiright? A local womxn-owned wine company here is selling quarts and growlers of sangria and you bet I ordered one for this weekend. Peach Basil sangria? How could I say no? I have fabulous neighbors who put together a group order. Wishing you these same kind of fabulous neighbors where you are. The sense of community is one of the good things coming out of this crazy time we are dealing with and I’m here for it because otherwise, I spiral down the rabbit hole of sadness. This book was recently recommended by an author/illustrator friend of mine if you’re looking for ways to talk about race with your kids. It’s what we HAVE to do right now, friends. Love you all. Sending love and light to everyone after a really difficult (an understatement) week in our country. xo


Heyaaaa, peeps. I am coasting this week…I guess? I have now entered the “F it” stage, so…I suppose thats a good thing. heh. At least its been a better week than last! How have you been feeling? My sales picks are still in that happy medium between casual and dressy – my favorite spot to be with an outfit. I perused Anthro and FP this time, because that’s my MOOD right now (free, easy and breeeeezy).

I have, however, decided to throw in a couple of real stunners every time I put together a round-up. Why? We all need to be uplifted by beautiful things…and I want to continue to purchase them, imagine where I’d wear something and appreciate the beauty of things…regardless of the situation. It does help! I hope that you’re doing okay (and yeh, I almost typed ‘good’, but I think okay is good. Yes?). Anyways, I am OKAY. 🙂


Yesterday my neighbor texted “June 17th last day of school (insert wine bottle)” We were supposed to go ’til June 26th. If you follow me on IG (@julietatorresd), you probably saw me having some tequila shots the day schools were canceled for the rest of the year. Well, I might do that today to celebrate three more weeks of homeschooling instead of four. 

Now, here are some fun things I found on sale. Breezy tops and lightweight jackets for chilly nights. I also found this Vince top and can’t get it out of my head to wear with…EVERYTHING.


Another week in the books! It’s been an exciting one around here — or rather, as exciting as it possibly can be given the circumstances. We had a true beach day on Wednesday (the irony of living in a beach town during this time is that you avoid the beach, for the most part, because it’s overrun with folks who are super antsy to get their salty sea air on) — and our huge landscaping project made some MAJOR strides this week. We added seat walls and sod earlier in the week, and today 90% of our plants arrived, and suddenly everything is coming together, and it’s all I can do not to invite the whole neighborhood over for summer shindig. (Don’t worry, I won’t…yet.) I’ll be posting peeks at it in my Stories all weekend (@thepigandquill), if you wanna follow along!

And as for sales! I’m still riding the high of the Memorial Day Sales purchases I made last week. I can’t wait for those buttery, lightweight Paul Green high tops I raved about to arrive (they’re still on sale, by the way — sizes going fast! — and available in a delightfully retro-feeling cognac leather, too) — and these wear-with-everything linen pants are (supposedly) on their way to me as we speak. As far as new sales go, my housedress obsession continues in the form of this dress (which feels so luxe and grown up) and this dress (the stripes! the eco-friendly TENCEL! the pockets!). And if you’re in the market for a statement flat that is equal parts office appropriate and rock n’ roll chic, These Chloé Loafers (yes, I’m capitalizing it) are hands down the steal of the week. Imagine them with tailored slacks or joggers. Imagine them with skinny distressed jeans and a linen top. Imagine them with black denim and a band tee. Imagine them being my early birthday gift to myself. The obsession is clearly very, very real. Happy weekend, guys!

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