Weekly Sales Report (Black-Owned Business Edition)


And just like that, it’s Friday again.

In lieu of our traditional Sales Report, today’s post is all about further highlighting some of the amazing brands from our Black-Owned Business Directory, plus a few new ones we just discovered. (We did some serious “Ooooing” and “Ahhh-ing” over new-to-us AAKS raffia bags on our team call today.)

Though we’re technically taking a pause from sales, you can still expect to see all of the usual goodness below, as chosen by our team of shopping enablers.

They get me every. single. time.

Now I need this little hand-painted carry-all clutch Kat found by the brand R-KI-TEKT. The description reads: “For those days when you need a touch more than a wallet but don’t need a purse there is this bit of bold.”

And that is juuuust about every day for me. So, sold.

Make sure you give this one a good scroll. These collages are WAY too fun to miss.

Black-Owned Business Edition: Editors’ Fashion, Beauty & Home Faves

ps…many of our picks are also sustainable, fair-trade, local and/or woman-owned. BONUS 🙂

Alexis | Cam | Em | Kat | Jess | Julieta | Laura | Linzi | Scotti

Lex’s Black-Owned Business Picks

Sustainable, fair-trade, local & women-owned  — our top picks in fashion, home & beauty are all from black-owned businesses (gorg jewelry, too). #addtocart.
  1. Sustainable AF Tee  — Grant BLVD is a sustainable company here in Philly, and I’m very excited about them. I first heard about Grant BLVD from one of our former interns who now works there, and their stuff is on point. Loving the long-sleeve tee for yoga at home or to wear to and from the dance studio, but this “Books, not bars” turtleneck looks delicious too.
  2. Everybody -vs- COVID-19 /Everybody -vs – Injustice  — Yeah, I might be ready to attend some peaceful protest soon, now that I’ve reflected thoughtfully on it. But if we’re going to do more than take our daily outdoor exercise, we’re going to need more face masks. These from Detroit vs. Everybody fit the bill. 
  3. Pretty masks from Tracey’s Faceys (Chili Fantastico | Pin-Up Mask 9) — Again, we’re going to have to go back out into the world someday, and Tracey’s Faceys has an amazing selection of prints — from camouflage to RBG  to Comic Strip Romance to Love Is The Answer. They have new designs every week, and since I logged in earlier, they added a cute kids’-size one. Ordered.
  4. Cardigan Wrap — So this is gorgeous. Showstopper that hooked me immediately. I love the vibe and values of this environmentally conscious brand, Taylor Jay, from Oakland. I’ll be baaack.

Cam’s Black-Owned Business Picks

Sustainable, fair-trade, local & women-owned  — our top picks in fashion, home & beauty are all from black-owned businesses (gorg jewelry, too). #addtocart.

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  1. 704 CLT Vintage Sweatshirt – I love this dusty blue cropped sweatshirt…also, representing Charlotte. (Queen City, baby!!)
  2. McMullen – McMullen is an all-inclusive concept shop for luxury womenswear, founded by Sherri McMullen. They have a commitment to supporting African and African-American apparel and home décor designers…and uhh. It’s all beautiful!
  3. Marie & Crown Romper in Palms – This one’s another Charlotte, Black-owned business (I have to represent our city!). This adorable romper is too much. They have other equally cute baby clothing, as well as parenting gear.
  4. Gather & Grace All We Have Is Now Print – An Etsy shop, owned by another Charlottean! Beautiful prints for your home!
  5. Joy Backpack by Blended Designs – I think this company is incredible. Part of their mission statement reads, “It’s our goal to provide gear to students that encourages them to be their best. We do this by producing bags, totes, and organizational tools with fun characters representing a broad range of melanin skin tones. Our products are made to be sturdy so kids can count on them to work. And we commit to giving students in less-advantaged schools free gear with the help of local community organizations.” I mean, amazing.
  6. Mena Tube Dress by Washington Ave – Lakeitha Washington has been UpCycling Vintage since 2010…and it’s all amazing. I am into the Mena Collection.
  7. More Than Your Average Online Boutique – Founded by Mya Price, this is a glorious, joyful, colorful boutique for women considered to be plus-size. I just instantly smiled when I came across her site and had to share.

Em’s Black-Owned Business Picks

Sustainable, fair-trade, local & women-owned  — our top picks in fashion, home & beauty are all from black-owned businesses (gorg jewelry, too). #addtocart.

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  1. Be Transcendent Glowfull Collection – This 4-piece skin collection (cleanser, toner, day moisturizer and night serum) is plant-based and all natural, and the reviews are, well…glowing. The price point is accessible, too.
  2. Mrs. Jones Venice Beach Striped Dress – Talk about eye-catching. I would live in every single one of Mrs. Jones current pieces (they all have pockets!) — I adore the floaty proportions and striking design. A bit of an investment, but I could see looking forward to pulling this out every summer. And you gotta love that all of the dresses are designed with sneakers in mind.
  3. Gwen Beloti Geo Charm Gold Necklace – All of Gwen’s jewelry is perfect for everyday layering (my fave), and most of it is gold-filled (and surprisingly affordable). This necklace is an easy piece to mix in with others — more than a simple chain, but just barely. Very tempted by the quarterly Golden Stories accessory box subscription, too. For $20/month, you receive an assortment of Gwen’s classically-designed gold jewelry four times a year.
  4. Stronger Together Handbag Charm – Love the vibrant colors and the design of this add-to-anything charm. Literally the perfect way to make any bag a statement bag.
  5. F&W Style Circa Gold Bag – I’d pair this tiny metallic bag with, well, just about everything. Graphic tees and jeans, an all-black date-night outfit. And obviously all things truly dressy.
  6. Mahnal Ola Brass Bangle – Another everyday piece of jewelry that’s seriously beautiful. The wave design is described as mimicking “the soft, undulating rhythm of disturbed water.” Sigh. All Mahnal pieces are designed in solid brass, which can be left to develop a natural patina over time or polished to retain its lustre. Loving this chunky-but-not-chunky chain necklace, too.
  7. Dabira Aroma Hella Good Candle – Couldn’t not include this candle from Oakland-based Dabira Aroma. All of their products are toxin-free and made with organic ingredients, and for each candle purchased, part of the proceeds are donated to a Nigerian children’s orphanage. The Serenity aroma sounds lovely, too.

Jess’ Black-Owned Business Picks

Sustainable, fair-trade, local & women-owned  — our top picks in fashion, home & beauty are all from black-owned businesses (gorg jewelry, too). #addtocart.

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  1. Tia Basket by AAKS – I’m a huge sucker for wicker bags and anything raffia related but these woven bags by Ghana-based designer Akosua Afriyie-Kumi are on a WHOLE other level — each one is a work of art. Do yourself a favor and look at them all.
  2. Ghana Dreaming Maxi from Meow and Barks Boutique – I have Travel Noire to thank for introducing me with Meow and Bark boutique. This swoon-worthy neon orange maxi has me summer-vibing for the first time this year.
  3. Arched Earrings by Chalk Jewelry – One of my favorite discoveries. Shop the Folklore is a NY based collective with the dreamiest curation from contemporary and emerging African designers.
  4. This Moment Bubble Bath by Luxe Boudoir Lingerie – This amazing business just-so-happens to be right next door in Kalamazoo, MI. Everything is gorgeous — especially the lingerie — but since I’m not even ready to face a swimsuit just yet, my focus went to this luxe bubble bath. The bottle alone is worth the purchase to me. (I don’t think I’ve ever treated myself to a bath with anything so pretty…I’m a half a plastic bag of Epsom salts kinda girl.)
  5. Abla Sandals by Loza Maleombho – The moment I saw these sandals, my heart sped up in that way it does when it sees a beautiful piece of art…the kind I want to take home and place on my mantle and stare at all while murmuring, “my precioussss” Gollum-style. As soon as I can leave my house, these would be my shoe of choice.
  6. Tinubu 3 Tie Slipper (Weave 5) by Shekudo – The perfect beach day slide by Nigerian brand, Shekudo. Each pair is made to order and totally sustainable.

Julieta’s Black-Owned Business Picks

Sustainable, fair-trade, local & women-owned  — our top picks in fashion, home & beauty are all from black-owned businesses (gorg jewelry, too). #addtocart.

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  1. Peep Shoulder Tee – Chic comfy tee made from bamboo. I’m especially in love with the color options. Get the matching pants for a monochrome chic look.
  2. Amy Necklace Gold – I’m about to order this one. In their words, “Each piece is one of a kind, and handcrafted in Detroit out of repurposed layers of fallen graffiti paint”. It’s the perfect pendant necklace to layer with other pieces you may already have.
  3. Amy Necklace Silver – …and I had to include the silver metal option because you know me and color. Some people rock gold, others silver, and others both. I love the pendant design and colors.
  4. Ocean Choker – This looks like a piece I would buy from the Artisan Fairs in Colombia and you know I love that. It’s perfect to add interest to your summer outfits.
  5. London Jumpsuit – Designed and made in Oakland, California. Wear this every time you need to look stylish but feel comfortable. That’s always a good thing in my book. I love this charcoal grey, but you can also get it in black or navy.
  6. Culotte Jumpsuit – I had to stop to look at this. It’s one of those pieces that look like a dress but then you have the comfort of moving and not worry about flashing anybody. Love this violet, and would love to see the olive color in person.

Kat’s Black-Owned Business Picks

Sustainable, fair-trade, local & women-owned  — our top picks in fashion, home & beauty are all from black-owned businesses (gorg jewelry, too). #addtocart.

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  1. Classic Flow Rose Wrap – The head wraps and headbands from Wrap Life are so so cute! Most of the ones I was in love with are sold out, but this cute lilac wrap is still available and very versatile. They teach you tons of different ways to wrap and wear them on their website. 
  2. Kayman Robe – I am a sucker for a beauty robe and the pattern of this one is just stunning. How luxe would you feel in this gorgeous number on a Saturday morning while drinking your matcha!?
  3. R-KI-TEKT Leather Envelope Carry All – I am not a huge bag fan but I love an elevated clutch and wallet. These clutch bags are hand-painted and I am obsessed with the pattern! I 100% will be purchasing!
  4. Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Mask – You already know that I am a Briogeo Girl through and through. I have been using their hair products for years, and this is absolutely the BEST hair mask I have ever used in my life. What’s so amazing about Briogeo is that their products are universal for all hair types. Curly, straight, and everything in-between. Every. Single. Person who has ever used this mask has raved to me about how much they love it too. p.s. It’s also available at Sephora.
  5. Golde Pure Matcha – If you follow me on Instagram, then you have most definitely seen me making one of my many matcha lattes in the mornings. I love a good matcha and while I haven’t tried Golde’s matcha yet, I have tried some of their turmeric blends and loved them. This will be a great newbie for me to give a go! You can also find Golde products at Goop and Sephora!

Laura’s Black-Owned Business Picks

Sustainable, fair-trade, local & women-owned  — our top picks in fashion, home & beauty are all from black-owned businesses (gorg jewelry, too). #addtocart.

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  1. everybody vs racism hoodie – We need all of us.
  2. Brother Vellies garden tote – This gorgeousness is handwoven in Indonesia. Check out Brother Vellies insanely gorgeous line of shoes, too.
  3. Beads by Aree eat ring – I ordered this last weekend. This foodie couldn’t resist. Adorbs.
  4. Valerie Madison xo earrings – I know Shana shared these on the directory page, but I just can’t stop thinking about them. They’d be the wear-everyday type of earrings I adore.
  5. Grant Blvd this t-shirt… –  I LOVE this line of upcycled tees. SO cool. They are one-of-a-kind but offer a range of different messages printed on a range of shirt styles.
  6. Taylor Jay Collection midi skirt – This is SO cute and such a reasonable price for a fabulous skirt. I need this in my closet for summer. I’d style with a knotted tee, like this one.

Linzi’s Black-Owned Business Picks

Sustainable, fair-trade, local & women-owned  — our top picks in fashion, home & beauty are all from black-owned businesses (gorg jewelry, too). #addtocart.

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  1. Junaglow Bud Vases – How pretty are these little bud vases! I’m thinking on my kitchen windowsill, grouped on my dining table or down the center of our breakfast bar. Love the positive energy coming from these guys. 
  2. Brilliant Black Kids Book Bundle For Young Readers – Mahagony Books offers an enormous selection of quality books, but I was especially drawn to this young reader book bundle “curated with the intention of challenging our young readers to think critically about the ideas of race, social justice, and empathy.” Brilliant Black Kids Book Bundles available for other age groups as well. If you live in Philly and have little ones, though, our favorite place for young children’s books that feature black and brown characters and families is BabyWordPlay — a Black-owned neighborhood business that offers lovely storyplays and books geared toward ages 6 weeks-5 years. 
  3. Hope By Flowers By Tracy Reese Dress – Sustainable materials and some pieces available in plus, petite, and standard sizing. I am in love with this striped dress as well as this navy swirl maxi, but also loving her red and white midi skirt with a casual tee or these crop linen pants…oh…and her wrap tops too…and…and…and…I could obviously go on and on. Several of her pieces are on sale right now at Anthropologie here, or you can buy directly from her website here.
  4. Taylor Jay Pants & Top – Comfy cute pants with a go-to comfy cute white top? Yes, please. Trying to decide, though, if I like the black maxi skirt or the black pants better. Both have an oversized sash that I love (the sash on the pants is detachable).

Scotti’s Black-Owned Business Picks

Sustainable, fair-trade, local & women-owned  — our top picks in fashion, home & beauty are all from black-owned businesses (gorg jewelry, too). #addtocart.

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  1. Detroit Almighty Hoodie – As a Michigan girl myself, I love this hoodie…and they’ve recently added their Everybody Vs Racism and Everybody vs Injustice hoodies. (They’ve also got Everybody vs COVID masks and a kids line as well.)
  2. Ballerina Love Puzzle – “Puzzle Huddle was created by Matthew and Marnel, a young couple with three young children. The family believes that all children should be reflected in a variety of products. As a result, they decided to create puzzles  that affirm and inspire diverse children.”  (I had Greenlea help pick these puzzles out and this was her favorite one.)  Puzzle Huddle is a home-based business that is “pleasantly overwhelmed with orders” right now—which is great news, really.  Check back June 6 after they’ve evaluated their inventory if you want to buy one!
  3. Girl Doctor Puzzle – This was my favorite puzzle and I love their recommendations for puzzle sizes: We recommend our 15 piece puzzle for ages 2 & 3; our 24 piece puzzle for ages 3 & 4; our 42 & 54 piece puzzles for ages 4 to 6; and our 100 piece puzzle for children 6 and over. Remember, every child is different so finding the right puzzle depends on the child. 
  4. Striped Legging – Well I pretty much want everything Kiya Tomlin makes . . . but these leggings would probably get the most wear (and would look awesome with that Detroit hoodie).  Plus they’re all handmade in the USA with environmentally-friendly and super soft bamboo.  I especially love her starter capsule wardrobe and lookbook!
  5. No One Ever Really Dies Ring Set – I can’t get over Areeayl Goodwin’s jewelry.  It’s so crazy unique and I want it all.  This set is sold in 2 or 4 and comes in four different sizes.  (I’m also obsessed with those cloud earrings Shana loves.)
  6. Fast Face Kit – I ordered a bunch of stuff from The Lip Bar the other day and I love the way their website is designed.  They make it easy to find the right foundation shade and give you a bunch of recommendations based off of it.  The Lip Bar is vegan and cruelty- free—and was created in the kitchen of founder Melissa Butler after she decided she had had enough of the media telling women what beauty looks like.  I think that’s a message we can all get behind.

p.s. Looking for Shana’s picks? Hers came out earlier this week.

Have a Black-Owned business you’re obsessed with? Leave us a comment below!


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  1. I ordered a mask from Tracey’s Faceys – couldn’t resist the shop name (or the fun prints)! Thanks for the recommendation

  2. So many good and different things, and I can feel the heart that went into all of your work on this post. I’ve been sitting on some birthday money and just spent it in a couple of necklaces from Rebel Nell- thank you, Julieta!

  3. So many wonderful options and ideas! I am a small boutique owner and need to get my brand out there. Offbeatchic.com. It also empowers women to be their best despite social norms. Please check out my instagram for the new fall 2020 lineup

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