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Happy Friday!!

As we take the day to reflect and celebrate Juneteenth, you’ll see some special holiday shout-outs and Black-owned business picks from our contributors below. If you notice S or another team member call out a “BOB,” that’s our new acronym for Black-owned Business. (:

I’d say the highlight of sales this weekend is — by far — Verishop’s Birthday Sale. Scotti’s Michael Stars midi dress is 25% off with code ‘BIRTHDAY,’ and I’ve been coveting it for so long now that I had to snag it in navy. Can’t wait for it to get in. I don’t think I’ll rock it *quite* like her (see above) but hey, it’s worth a shot. Stranger things have happened…

like these jeans.

We had a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants moment when Cam, S & I all fell in love with these DL1961 flares. If you didn’t already know, Cam and I are a teeeeensy bit taller than S. Just a teensy bit. Well anyway, they’re included in the sale too and I’d highly recommend them. Maybe I’ll even make a special IG #OOTD appearance this weekend to show them to you guys. Remember when I used to do stories almost daily? Ha, yeah me neither.

Otherwise, we have plenty of great finds for you below. Happy weekend.

Happy Juneteenth + Verishop & More Good Sale Faves

Kat | Linzi | Laura | Scotti | Cam | Em | Shana

Kat’s Sale Picks

Happy Juneteenth y’all. I can’t believe another week has flown by! I’ve been back home in Wisconsin for three weeks now, and I’m loving all of the family time. Even though my baby brother and I are 13 years apart, we’ve always been super-close to each other….you could say we’re each other’s hype man. If you watch my recent TikTok, you can hear him at the very end of the clip cheering me on in a new dance routine I came up with.

This week, I’ve been buying lots of clothes and shoes. I just bought these shoes from Want Les Essentials which is a Black-owned, sustainable business! And I’m loving these P448 platform sneakers that are under $100! I also put in a huge order at Eloquii, which is having one of their biggest sales of the year right now. The sale is amazing and with code SALE2020, you get an additional 40% off of all regular priced items, and up to an additional 80% off of their sale items. I personally snagged this beautiful satin set and this dress that looks so sexy and comfortable! I hope you are all have a great weekend! XX – Kat 

Linzi’s Sale Picks

Happy Juneteenth, everyone! I’m pretty pumped Philadelphia declared today as an official city holiday. There have actually been several announcements this week that have provided me with some hope for the direction we’re headed. In terms of shopping good news…this bag and these shoes (both sustainable picks from Black-owned businesses) should be coming in soon, so I’m also pretty pumped to share my review with you on these.

I’ve been digging deep this week in to sustainable brands, as well as comfy black dresses for summer, so my sales picks today are heavy in this area. Not a bad thing, right? The big question, though, is WHY oh WHY have I not been shopping through Verishop??? You can search by sustainability, they carry my new favorite jewelry brand Soko (**Black-Owned and Sustainable Pick**), and they have free 2-day shipping and free returns. And if that wasn’t enough….they have 25% off full-priced apparel right now with code Birthday. Woohoo!

Laura’s Sale Picks

I just posted a GIF of RBG shooting rainbows from her hands, and that’s what I’m feeling today, friends. Hope at shooting down hate with rainbows. Happy Juneteenth! I am learning today about what I did NOT learn in my public education in the South growing up. My BIL Joel shared this article on just that, which I was grateful to read this morning.

It’s finally summer weather here in Portland and I’m here. For. It. I recently ordered this peep shoulder top and this skirt to try out from Black-owned line Kiya Tomlin. She has some gorgeous jersey basics. Can’t wait to review them. They seem like they’ll be true closet staples. Em and I both have these sandals and they are going quickly, but this white pair is under $40 on Amazon right now. They are seriously the most cushiony and flattering platform sandal out there. My top pick has to be the Adidas Superstars. I know we rave about them, but snap them up when they’re on sale! (Size down a 1/2 size). They are seriously the most flattering, versatile sneaker…with shorts AND dresses AND jeans. Happy Weekend, party peeps.

Scotti’s Sale Picks

Happy Juneteenth, everyone! I don’t want to just throw that out there and act like I knew all about this holiday for years–I didn’t. And that’s not OK. So in my efforts to do better, I’m going to be teaching Greenlea what this day means with the help of some videos that Laura found. There’s also a list of children’s books about Juneteenth through that link we’ll be checking out, so thank you Laura!

As far as sales go, I agree with Shana’s opinion of Verishop (see below). It’s SUCH a good site with really good curated selections of clothing and home goods and beauty and personal items. (Ahem. Which are also on sale, btw.) 25% off full-priced items with code BIRTHDAY is a really good deal. So here are my favorites from Verishop with a few others thrown in for good measure:

Cam’s Sale Picks

I was just reading up on Juneteenth, and I have to be 100% honest with you — I had never heard of it. I am both embarrassed and ready to teach my kids about today’s significance. Continually learning and listening over here. Happy Juneteenth!!

I am ummm…still leaning towards all things pretty/cool/comfy. Anything easy, fun and a bit sexy is a BIG OLD YES for me. I now want to add the hoodie and skirt to my closet that I added below (even though I just placed an order for some other things I couldn’t live without, heh)…

Em’s Sale Picks

Hi friends — and happy Juneteenth! I opened my email this morning and more than half of the new items in my inbox had Juneteenth in the subject line, which feels like…something. Not enough, by a long shot — but I can honestly say that in previous years this day passed me by without a second thought, so this feels significant. Now to delve into those emails to see who’s walking the walk and not just talking the talk…

We have Chris’ parents coming to visit this weekend for Father’s Day for the first time in more than 3 months — definitely the longest Lana has ever gone without seeing them. And it suddenly feels like A Very Big Deal. Even though we’re just going to be sitting out barbequing in the backyard, I’m finding myself planning meals and outfits and dusting off the record player. (Dusting the whole house, actually — months without house guests has allowed me to get a bit lazy.) Wishing I had this gorgeous Mrs. Jones (*black-owned business*) Venice Beach Dress that I finally ordered last week to flaunt this weekend, but since the collection is produced in small batches (which is actually kind of amazing), I’m practicing patience. 

On to sales! This Freedom tee from Rebecca Minkoff is on crazy sale — like, I kinda can’t believe it’s still stocked — and feels especially relevant right now. The Adidas Cloudfoam sneaks that I finally bought for neighborhood walks and HIIT home workouts are on sale again for $49, and I can’t recommend them enough — insanely comfy and as light as they sound. Size down by half. Oh, and this blush Eileen Fisher boxy linen top feels very grown up and modern while still being (characteristically Eileen Fisher) timeless as heck. Feels like a piece worth picking up now for summers to come — more than $100 off, too.  Need a new handbag? Rebecca Minkoff’s sample sale (up to 75% off) has too many great finds to list out here (though I did drop a couple faves below). Happy hunting, guys — have a great Father’s Day weekend, too!

Shana’s Sale Picks

I know there are a ton of good sales going on…but I couldn’t move past Verishop’s Birthday Sale. Verishop is one of my new favorites. They’re like a big retailer in that they have women’s, men’s, kids’, home and beauty departments…but I find that their selection is especially well-edited, they have a ton of emerging brands I’ve never heard of, a sustainable shopping filter, seriously fast shipping, and easy returns. Their packaging is really pretty, too. Anyway, they rarely do sales, but they’re offering 25% off full-priced clothing this weekend, and 15% off beauty and home. I have — and LOVE — this top (I’ll put it up on IG @themomedit), but here are a few other favorites that caught my eye:

’til next weekend…


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