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Happy Friday! 

Well, this week was definitely a whirlwind as we gear up for next week’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!! I can’t believe it’s already here again — feels like just yesterday that we were covering it for 2019. 

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Now…let’s jump into our usual sales of the week!

Kat found a REALLY good one: this Clare V. crossbody that’s the same bag as the one S is wearing above, just in another colorway with pretty pastel stripes. So cute for summer, and would be super-fun to whip out next spring, too. 

That’s my personal fav this week, but we have SO many good picks below, so I would hiiiighly recommend you check ’em out. Have a great weekend, everyone. 

Summer Dresses, Loungewear & Cute Basics: Editor Sale Faves

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Laura’ Sale Picks

Hey hey, weekend. Here we are again. It’s hot here — finally — in Portland. I want to say so much more about Portland, too, and how proud I am of my city, but honestly my heart is exhausted worrying about this place I love, so I will move on to easier things to talk about for now, but fingers crossed things are on the upswing here. #blacklivesmatter The macro-based eating and workout plan Scotti and I both love, FWTFL, is offering a new round starting on August 10th. Anyone can join in, but it will be focused on health issues surrounding the Black community. This time it will be led exclusively by Black coaches and will also be offered at a 25% discounted rate. If you want to feel good by tracking what you eat in a really healthy way (you still eat a ton of food, including carbs!) I cannot recommend this enough. The workouts are also great! I love that I can still do my barre3 workouts too, though. Our coach Cathy is seriously helpful, and I’ve participated twice now and have seen really great results in how I look and feel. 

OK, also, sales are SO good right now, friends. So good! Look at these amazing finds below! These PAIGE jeans are probably my top pick, along with the Good American pair. Yes! This gorgeous dress looks so good over shorts and would be equally stunning on its own. And you know I can’t resist those leopard print pants. Stay tuned for a full post highlighting all the best animal print from the Nordstrom Sale, but for now, be sure to check out my 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wishlist post if you haven’t seen it yet! Have a wonderful weekend and sending a big hug out because I think we all need it this week. xo



Kat’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday! I finally bought a new car late last night and am beyond excited to be done with the car buying process. It was pretty stressful, but in the end, everything worked out amazingly and I ended up finding exactly what I was looking for! I’ve also had a busy week cleaning out my closet and categorizing what I’m selling on my Poshmark account because I need to make space for all the goodies that I will be buying in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If you’ve seen my 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale wishlist, then you know there are a ton of things on my radar! Speaking of Nordstrom, their sales are so amazing right now…so amazing that I only rounded-up Nordstrom pieces below, including this incredible Lafayette 148 NY cashmere sweater. I didn’t find any plus-size cashmere in this year’s Anniversary Sale preview, so now is the time to score this! 

If you are on the hunt for sales from other brands, they are out there! Madewell is offering an additional 30% off sale prices and my favorite tiered dress is still on sale! J. Crew is offering an extra 72% off of their sale items with code SALETIME and the blazer I’ve been raving about on FB is included in the sale, too! The sales are so, so good, and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! XX – Kat



Cam’s Sale Picks

Jeans, a pretty floral skirt (that’s totally givin’ me this cool, ’60s vibe), the best SPF 50 body oil, etcetera….all things I’d wear any time, any day. And they’re on sale. That’s what I’ve got for ya this week, friends! Hope that you’re doing well. I am…umm…losing my mind some days (ya know, the kids are kids), but I actually am also finding moments to really settle into where we are at. I am actually super-pumped that the kids’ school schedule will provide us with ample amounts of time to go on little trips to the beach and other fun places…and yeh. That’s a really nice thought! 100% I am just trying to find a way to feel better about the current state of life we find ourselves in. Gotta keep dreamin’! lol! Anyways, happy weekend, ya’ll. Cheers.


Em’s Sale Picks

Well, hey hey, friends. Happy Friday! Are you feeling totally immersed in pre-NSale coverage yet? If not, my Nordstrom Anniversary Wishlist is coming out later today (UPDATE: it’s now live, here!), and I’m trying my best to keep it manageable, because school “starts” the same week the sale goes live, and I just know I won’t have the mental capacity to chase down my favorites before they sell out without some advanced planning.

In the meantime, though, Nordstrom seems to be trying to outdo itself with some pre-NSale clearance deals that are honestly just as good but without all the stress and hustle. This Clare V. mini drawstring bag for 40% off, for example?! That’s not gonna last long. Or these timeless Swedish Hasbeens platform sandals for 60% off? And fully-stocked, too, as we “speak.” If you love the idea of the #AmazonNightgown but from a more…reputable designer, Revolve has this Spell & The Gypsy boho dress in the prettiest neutral colorway for almost 50% off. I’ve been lightly stalking it all season, and it might finally be time to pull the trigger. Free shipping and returns, too. And how do we feel about this jumpsuit? I feel like it would get LOADS of wear — but I am getting a little tired of stripping down every time I go to the bathroom. I guess the COVID perk of that one is that I’m almost always at home when it happens — ha! Happy weekend, friends.


Scotti’s Sale Picks

Happy weekend! For those of you reading this while Verishop’s big summer sale is still going on (25% off site-wide and 10% off home and beauty), this Free People maxi dress is a great buy (Cam, Laura and I all have it and love it) and Oribe, my all-time favorite hair care line is included — it’s rarely on sale, so snag it while it is! My favorite two styling products of theirs are their Dry Texturizing Spray and their Apres Beach Wave and Shine spray. They both work wonders on hair and smell SO GOOD. I’ll often spray the wave and shine spray onto damp hair and kind of let it do its thing, and then use the dry texturizing spray on non-wash days for some . . . well, texture. (I remember days when I used to actually blow-dry my hair …pre-COVID. Seems like YEARS ago now.) 

Aside from Verishop & J. Crew’s amazing sales (72% off sale prices–whaaaaaat??), we’re all in full-on Nordstrom Anniversary Sale excitement. It’s not live yet, but I for one am glad that I have the extra time that the preview provides…and my wish list is coming out this weekend, so stay tuned for that! There are SO many good options this year, you guys.  Cheers to small wins! 




Linzi’s Sale Picks

I had such a difficult time searching for “regular” sale items this week because my brain is so focused on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. My 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wish List (that includes a capsule wardrobe, the 8 pieces I’m afraid are going to sell out, as well as my top 4 picks from ALL the categories) is HERE if you missed it. I’ll also be publishing a budget-friendly capsule post soon and of course TONS of selfies once my order arrives, so you guys can see how stuff fits and looks on a 44-year-old, 5’2, non-model mom.    

In terms of Other-Than-Nordstrom shopping, I’m embracing that our social life for fall will be all outdoors and physically distanced. I’ve ordered some new masks to try, and I’m re-evaluating my outdoor clothes. My dance class is going to be outside, and we are hoping to do some more camping, so I’m branching out a bit on my brands this week and looking at some more outdoor-friendly items (in addition, of course, to some comfy cozy picks for indoor time as well). Speaking of masks, I ordered some new ones from Athleta, Boden and Nordstrom, and already have some from Madewell, Shop Buru, Reformation, and Clare V, so hoping to put together some selfies and pros/cons reviews soon. Let me know if there are others you want me to take a look at!


Julieta’s Sale Picks

All I want right now is to jump in a plane and get to Colombia. My family has been quarantining at my parent’s country house since March — I’d give anything to be there. I’d even happily do distance learning for my 2nd grader from there haha. #notreally. Unfortunately, the airports are closed, so…I’ve been immersing my kids in Latin music and culture these past few weeks to feel closer to my family. It’s so amazing to see them excited about a music genre and asking Alexa for new music. The latest on our list has been Celia Cruz. Bongo drums come out and we take turns playing and dancing. 

I’ve been stalking Mango’s Summer sale and adding things to my cart. Even for my 6-year-old. Another retailer with great sales right now is Revolve — I usually get my designer jeans from them. This GRLFRIEND pair is a top pick, along with my favorite MOTHER fit. And Nordstrom is already killing it with high-end pieces at great prices. This Veronica Beard top looks gorgeous. Did you check my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wishlist? Am I too crazy for wanting leather pants? 


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