Weekly Sales Report 9.25


Hey, friends.

Let me just start off by saying that this week’s sales report is REALLY good. It’s full of exactly what I’m looking for right now for fall.

Vote Tees, Sweaters & Sneakers, Plus More Fall Fashion On Sale

Laura found a long, slouchy tunic that’s the perfect thing to pop on over literally anything as the temps drops (Scotti even rocks them over dresses). And can we talk about this VOTE tee? I love all of the tees & hoodies out now (remember Shana’s Levi’s post?) and we’re workin’ on another little roundup you can expect to see next week, too. This one, however, is just easy & cool.

Also — a few people featured these Madewell sneakers in their picks below, so they’re probably worth a peek. They’re definitely not your average white sneaks.

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Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey, hey, Friday! It’s still raining here in Portland, and it just feels like the place I know and love now. I’ll still be hoping for some nice sunny crisp fall days ahead but this — I’m soaking up for now. At this point in the fall I’m usually in full-blown Halloween costume mode, typically with a matching family idea, but this year, I just have none. Sienna wants to be a zombie cat, and I think I’ll just raid our costume box from years past and come up with…something fun? Haha. Who’s doing the PVC pipe candy shoot thing? I keep seeing that everywhere. Our friends are doing it, and we’re definitely taking a trip to SE Portland for that. Otherwise, I have zero idea what we’re going to do to make my favorite holiday fun this year…we usually have a big costume party. Sob. Send fun, safe ideas my way, please!

Sales are proving to be pretty great this weekend. Madewell has 25% off for stars and icons, and lots of stuff at 40% off. I’m adoring those sneakers. The Levi’s black ripped skinnies I love are on sale only at Bloomingdale’s; see them in my Looks here. SO flattering! I went up a size. The rag & bone Maya high-rise are really similar to the ones I have (and under $100!) and so, so good for a slouchy dad jean if you size up. I went up two sizes since rag & bone are tight in the thighs for me. I’m still all over getting those James Perse tees at Nordstrom Rack! And that AllSaints Ridley funnel neck sweater is GORG. I have it in camel. Highly recommend. So luxe. Have a good weekend, y’all. xo

Kat’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday, friends! This week has been so busy for me, and I am looking forward to the weekend. My mom is in town with me for the next few weeks, and I am thrilled to have her here! If you follow me on IG or TikTok then you may have seen that I recently had a huge shipment come in from Athleta, and I am in love with everything! Especially their salutation joggers, which are so good. Now I understand why the rest of the TME team has been raving about them for so long. This week, it seems like several brands have finally launched plus-size lines, and I am stoked! Verishop now offers plus size, and the famed Lululemon has also extended their size offerings as well! So keep an eye out, because I will be sharing thoughts in posts very soon! 

Okay, onto the sales! This week Anthro is running a ton of great sales, and their sale items are an additional 30% off, and a selection of their new fall line is up to 40% off. I personally have these joggers in my cart! Loft is offering an extra 50% off their sale items, and J.Crew is offering 50% off of outerwear, and I am in love with this jacket! It’s clear that the sales are so good right now! I hope you all have a fab weekend! XX – Kat 

Linzi’s Sale Picks

It has been quite a week. I WILL talk about sales, but before sales….voting. If you haven’t checked your voter registration status to confirm everything is “set”, please go here. I’ve also found Vote.org to be an easy-to-navigate site to find information on voting.  Along those lines and transitioning back to shopping, I’m loving Rebecca Minkoff’s leopard print VOTE tee, Shana covered Levi’s Vote Collection here, and Black-Owned Business Conscious Change Shop has great VOTE tees here. None of these are on sale, but they’re all SO good. If you’re looking for a classic VOTE tee that IS on sale, Zulily has you covered here

In terms of other sales, Madewell still has 20% off for Insiders and 40% off lots of fall options. I usually size down in their Perfect Vintage fit, but I’m going to try my regular size in addition to sizing up for a more relaxed fit this season. Please check your voter registration status now (before you forget,) and make your plan to vote!

Scotti’s Sale Picks

Greenlea’s virtual schooling started out SO well…back when we were excited for school to start and ready to go. Life catches up quick, doesn’t it? Now we’re at the end of week THREE and we’re struggling. Not with the actual material itself, but with the sheer amount of work there is to do–both for G and I. Between reading ALL the emails, filling out ALL the forms, getting her work submitted, and checking boxes on checklists, I feel totally frazzled and overwhelmed. Throw in my full-time job, a small home renovation, a global pandemic, a crazy election year and…yeah. My mental health is taking a serious hit. I recently decided to go back onto Prozac (I had started taking it for anxiety years ago,) and although I hesitate to share that with you guys, I feel like it’s important because there should be NO SHAME for needing to take care of your mental health. Depression and anxiety are unseen but often debilitating health problems that need to be addressed. Acknowledging that I needed some help was one of the best things I could do for myself and my family. (Reading this article helped, too!). And now…sales:

Em’s Sale Picks

Our fiddle leaf fig sprouted its ninth new leaf since March this week. It’s been thriving during quarantine, and my aunt, who gifted us the plant as a clipping from her 40+ year-old fiddle leaf fig, swears it’s because they love human company. I’m trying to convince myself that Lana is benefiting from similar growth thanks to the past six months of distilled family time — or this is what I tell myself as I watch her dramatically slide out of her school chair every weekday. She’s sprouting leaves of her own. I just can’t see them yet. Right? 

Sales this week are a little all over the place, but I’m rolling with the sweater weather. This classic ALLSAINTS black cashmere sweater is 30% off — super-classic. And I’d wear the heck outta this fun Sandro piece. Random, but Amazon also has this learning tower on sale, and it’s the perfect size as far as learning towers go (some of them are SO huge). It’s adjustable, too. And I can personally attest that adding a learning tower to the kitchen was game-changing when Lana was about 18-months-old. No more cooking with a baby on my hip — she could join me right at the counter whenever she felt like it. We even still use ours for tasks where she needs some leverage, like carving pumpkins.

Speaking of pumpkins, if you’re officially in the fall mood, we made these super-easy, cute Halloween truffles this week made with store-bought pumpkin spice cake, and Lana was tickled. Not sure what the holiday will look like around here, so we’re doing our best to make things feel festive. Happy weekend, friends!

Julieta’s Sale Picks

Have you ever been done with a week by Monday night? That was me this week. I got sick, and my son had a runny nose. Not terrible, except it’s 2020. Now he is not allowed in school (he’s doing hybrid model) until he gets cleared by his pediatrician. Completely understandable, but it sucks, and it makes me wonder how the winter will go. On the other hand, I’m fully booked next week for my Virtual Color Analysis service, so that’s my highlight of the week. My favorite delivery today was a box full of the color fans I give my clients after their consultation.

Boot season is here, even though it’s like 80 degrees today. Are you looking for super-comfy tall boots? And do you happen to have slightly wider calves? These Cole Haan Boots are my most comfortable boots for that. I wrote a full post with my search for wider-calf stylish boots earlier this year, and they won. Also..house pants, anyone? I’m wearing these pants right now, and feeling comfy and stylish. My neighbor loves them. Under $40 and also **available in plus sizing**! 


Team TME


  1. Scotti, it only has a stigma if we don’t talk about it. And some don’t feel that way, so you are brave. Thanks for being part of the solution.

  2. Yes, thank you for sharing, Scotti! I’ve been on and off anxiety/depression meds, too. Good for you for taking care of your health!

  3. Thank you Scotti and Linzi for mixing the BIG stuff – mental health and voting – with the FUN stuff! That’s what keeps me coming back to this blog. The pandemic, racism & police brutality, virtual school, 24/7 togetherness, no social support, wildfires across the west, etc., etc. is the perfect storm for instigating or exacerbating anxiety.

  4. Back on Lexapro over here Scotti! I am in the same boat. Three hybrid home schooling kids, a job, and a husband who lives and works in another city. I haven’t been on meds in 15 years, but I needed them.

  5. Applause to Scotti for your honesty and bravery. Please know that every time you are honest and open and vocal about mental health issues, it reduces the stigma and increases the chances of saving someone’s life. Kudos to you for being so so real. Remember just how strong you are, you’ve got this!

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