Happy Friday!

I’ve been on an organization kick this new year. My to-go containers have matching lids, my bathroom linen closet is now JUST the essentials (as opposed to a stockpile to rival an actual CVS), and my closet got an extreme makeover.

I’ll be honest, MANY things didn’t survive the big purge — I show no mercy with this stuff. My Julian backpacks, however, did live to see another day.

As soon as I pulled out my larger, perfectly worn, wine-colored backpack, I instantly wanted to wear it out (and did). These bags are just too good to part with anytime soon. I know they’re a team favorite and readers feel the same.

SO…if you’ve yet to jump on the Julian bandwagon, I’m offering up my humble not-really-a-fashion-blogger opinion, that these bags are DEFINITELY worthy of surviving all closet purges anytime soon. And if you’ve yet to get one, Laura found one (in that gorg wine color!) on sale. More available from Bloomie’s, too.

Otherwise, we’ve got jackets GALORE, boots & plenty of fun stuff on sale below…

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Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey, Friday. I’m feeling it. Hellooooo, weekend. This is another (rare) chill weekend for us and I’m gonna soak it in (because I’ll literally get soaked if I go outside. So. Much. Rain.) I can’t remember a Portland January that was THIS gray and wet. That trip to Playa del Carmen next week can’t come soon enough! If you’ve been to Tulum and have any recs for me, please share! I’m so excited to visit some cenotes there, have yummy delicious food and mostly just snag some lazy beach time. Mexico is one of my most-loved countries, and I’m so so excited to share it with Sienna as she sees it for the first time. She’s mostly stoked for all the swimming. There are some fabulously fun sale finds this weekend…cozy and badass is where my mind is for this week’s roundup. Snap up those Frye sneakers and that amazing black cardi below…oh and those combat boots with the red laces I love! Here’s to weekends, friends.

Linzi’s Sale Picks

The end of January means me trying to prepare for the February slump. It happens every year…it’s cold and gray and I get fairly grumpy. The past couple weeks I’ve been trying to put some things in place to help—I’ve been avoiding refined sugar (for the most part), dancing as much as possible (classes, as well as kitchen dance parties), trying to say “yes” to my kids any time they ask me to play a game (this makes us ALL happy), and I just instituted no electronic use in our bedroom (WAY WAY WAY overdue for my husband AND me). I also may need to purchase this laptop sleeve that’s on sale for a little visual oomph to my February daily routine. What else do you guys do to get through February??   

Scotti’s Sale Picks

I’m sitting in rehab right now–hair rehab, that is. You guys know I love me some bright blonde hair, but that’s not exactly a healthy habit. Between that, heat styling and stopping breastfeeding (sob! such a weirdly bittersweet kind of thing), my hair is breaking all around. I’ve been trying to baby it and wear my natural texture (a weird wavy-curly-straight hybrid) as much as possible, but it’s hard to “embrace the chaos” when I’m used to straightening it into submission. Olaplex helps. Any other tips? At the end of the day, it’s just hair, right? Anywho, this weekend is wiiiide open for us! Yay! (Anyone in Marquette want to hang out? Maybe do a little snowshoeing??) Anyway, as always, here are my top sales picks! Enjoy the weekend!

Kat’s Sale Picks

It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down on Friday! I am in such a good mood today and am so looking forward to the weekend. I have zero plans and am not mad about it — at all. It’s weekends like this that I love the most! Not a care in the world, and nada to do but spend time with me, myself and I. Anyway, I had to share sales picks right now because they’re just SO GOOD, y’all! Like really, really good. Some of my all-time favorite organic makeup products are on sale at Nordstrom and Anthro’s sale is an additional 50% off! The dress I recently bought is still available and you can now get it even cheaper than I did! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! xx – Kat

Emily’s Sale Picks

Hello, hello and happy weekend, friends! We had friends in town off and on this week, which was SO much fun and completely restorative. Because the truth is, making friends as an adult is hard, guys — and when my bestie from middle school is around, I always feel so spoiled (especially when she does things like this). This weekend, however, we’re back on the birthday party circuit, and I’m getting into the kitchen for some food styling freelance work, which is always good for my soul after I’ve stepped away for a bit. Lots of plant-based inspiration making its way into meals this week (did you catch my latest recipe roundup?). And The Sales! J.Crew is tempting us all with EXTRA 60% off select sale styles with code JANUARY, so if you’ve been eyeing something from the holiday season, chances are this is the time to nab it. I just scooped up this blouse in red for Valentine’s Day (followed the reviews and sized down one, fingers crossed) — partially because it’s lovely and delicate and partially because it’s freaking $16. Cheers!

Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Linzi, I’m with you on the Feb slump, every year it sucks the life out. Planning a ski trip to try to help. And Scotti, my hair too, feels like a daily battle but I’m just soaking it in lots of leave in conditioner. Think I need to pull out my blue Julian backpack now!

  2. I love the winter coats with the high collar like Laura is wearing, but I have a terrible time with my makeup rubbing off onto the collar. Any tips?

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