Weekly Sales Report 10.2


Happy Friday (and wow, happy October?!)

This week felt like a loooong one, so I’m willing to bet we’re all welcoming this weekend with open arms.

One fun thing happened this week, though…our Fall Trends Guide is HERE!! Shana wrote up a little sneak peek to guide, but if you want the full thing (all 15 trends!) make sure you sign up for our newsletter. As soon as you sign-up, you’ll immediately get the guide!

Now, let’s talk sales.

Sweaters, Denim & Shoes On Major Sale. Need We Say More?

First things, first: Verishop is 25% off fall fashion with code VERIFRIENDS. So that’s a fun one. Next, we’re very into Dad Jeans right now, so you can find those on super-sale here (and Laura’s wearing them above). Someone always manages to find a good deal on face masks, too — so if you’re in the market for some new ones, Em’s got ya covered. And, my personal fav, this zebra print cardi that Linzi found. Click through — it’s a great caramel color, and the print is really good…not cheesy. Aaaand it’s $34. FINE, Linzi. Fine. I’ll buy it.

And that’s it for me! But there is a TON more below.

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Scotti’s Sale Picks

What a week, am I right?? After the debate Tuesday (yikes), I thought Wednesday was Friday, Thursday was Saturday…I’m all kinds of turned around. So happy Friday?? What a hot mess of a year this 2020 is…ANYWAY, to distract myself, I’ve been eyeing all things comfy and family-matching. I’m cheesy like that and, lucky for me, my family is willing (although I’m not sure for how much longer so I’m going to take full advantage before my luck wears off!).

These adorable LOVE hoodies are on their way to G and I, and I’m seriously contemplating these matching family pj’s from Old Navy (they’re 30% off–40% if you have a card!). I also really want this weighted throw after sleeping under my gravity blanket for weeks now–it’s SO good, especially during this unpredictable time, and you can save 25% with code CHARMER25 right now. Finally, I know Vince sweaters are crazy-expensive, but there are a bunch of them on sale both at Vince.com (take 25% off SITE-WIDE using code INVITATION25) and Bloomingdale’s. Shana has literally worn her cashmere Vince sweater for YEARS, and it looks new–you really do get what you pay for with them. Hang in there, everyone!

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Kat’s Sale Picks

I don’t know about you all, but this week has been an interesting one to say the least. It’s been crazy-busy on my end, but I have to say, I am so happy that October is finally here! I’m looking forward to sweater weather and my sales picks this week revolve around that. Jeans, sweaters,and some great boots. The sales are pretty amazing and J.Crew is running another sale — I have this silk blend sweater ($45) in my shopping cart. These DL1961 jeans are also on sale, and I am loving a good bootcut jean right now. I hope you are all well, and finding ways to add a little more zen to your day. XX – Kat

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Linzi’s Sale Picks

I agree with Scotti and Kat. WHAT.A.week. I don’t know about you guys, but explaining and discussing and processing everything that is happening in this world with my kids could be a full-time job in itself (if I was doing it in the way I feel like I SHOULD be doing it). I am struggling with this for sure. My husband is better at it than I am, which I’m super-thankful for…so kudos to him. Go Y, go. And also kudos to our friend Shana. If you missed it, she was featured here on BuzzFeed this week.

And now for sales… ummm….are we doing this whole Nordstrom Anniversary Sale thing over again? Nordstrom has RIDICULOUS good sales right now on our favorite brands…some LOWER than the Anni sale prices. Shana and I both ordered this crop sweater, but hers arrived before mine and honestly…yesterday, when I saw her in it I started scheming about how I could convince her to take it off and give it to me right that hot second. This one has a similar vibe, but is made with cozy sustainable jersey. SO many good EILEEN FISHER pieces on sale…BETTER selection actually than the Anni Sale. And my Aquatalias are on sale…and these gorgeous Vince flats…and, and, and… Sorry, guys, all my picks are from Nordstrom this week because the sales were too good for me to ignore. Happy happy weekend!

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Cam’s Sale Picks

I have been finding a lot of peace by just not being on social media very much this week — HA! It has helped my mental state quite a bit. Also, I’ve been getting back into weight training with the husband and wow. It has really decreased my anxiety (almost an immediate effect). My days have been more relaxed and productive because of it, too. If any of you have to cope with debilitating anxiety, consider pushing your body (more than you thought you could) with some lifting workouts. It does help! At least, that’s been my experience this past week.

Anyway, now that I have rambled about all that…I have been shopping Verishop a lot recently, even just to “window shop”. I am getting more and more excited about their selection. In fact, it’s all I’ve included in my sales round-up this week! They are offering 25% off full-priced fall fashion right now with code VERIFRIENDS. Cheers, Cams

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Laura’s Sale Picks

I mean, for real, friends. WTAF. Haha, goodness gracious, this week. Let’s just get right into sales because we could definitely use a minute of distraction. Two of my favorite pieces from the Nordstrom sale are back on sale and one of my all-time closet favs, my AllSaints Balfern leather moto jacket, is also on sale at Nordstrom! The Topshop dad jeans are only $48 (size up…I went with the 30 which fits like a 28/29) and the long-time favorite white knit blazer, perfect for Zoom meetings I might add, is only $58. It will become a closet staple. You can see how I recently styled it for fall here (the dad jeans also make an appearance, and you can see them elsewhere styled here.) My very favorite Madewell is having 30% extra off sale items AND a bunch of jeans for only $75. I ordered up this fab slimmer version of the Cali demi boot we all love. I have high hopes. They look awesome. The item I really want to cozy up in is this amazing Vince sweater on sale at Verishop with code VERIFRIENDS (who has easy peasy ordering, btw) I mean how insanely gorgeous is that cut? Wishing you coziness and a freaking break this weekend. Much love…xo

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Em’s Sale Picks

Oh, boy. The plot thickens. I don’t even know which way is up anymore, and I’m kinda just gonna roll with it. I feel like 2020 is one of those disgusting spinning rides where the bottom drops out. We’re at peak nausea now — but the good news is we’re just a quick yack away from funnel cake sounding good again. Bring on the funnel cake, November. Until then, let’s quell the October spins with some sales.

This NSale 2.0 thing happening right now is bananas. My fave rag & bone Dre Slim Boyfriend Jeans are less than I paid in August (don’t be fooled by “low-rise” — they’re closer to mid, no muffining, no exposed undies. just…super-flattering). More on them in this post. And these ivory booties can do no wrong. They add a sense of effort to literally every bottom (leggings, joggers, jeans of all varieties), but they’re so comfy. Under $100, which is, again, less than I paid. (Sigh.) Anthro and Boden are both seriously bringing it with versatile work-from-home (or hang-from-home) wear. I’m calling this Boden dress the Official Dress of Zoom — it looks so chic and tailored up top, and then — what is this? A kangaroo pocket?? Wait a minuteeee. It’s the perfect red, too, and $55. And no one will be surprised by my picks at Anthro. Additional 30% off sale makes this gorgeous boho shirtdress a great deal. Think the Amazon Nightgown, elevated just a bit. This blouse, too. GORGEOUS and so wearable. Ok ok and last one: if the holidays will be anything like I imagine, these metallic velvet SPANX leggings will be my savior. Comfy but still a little jazzy. Almost 70% off at Zulily, and they’ll probably go pretty fast. Cheers, guys. Here’s to keeping it down for just a little longer.

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Julieta’s Sale Picks

There’s always a rainbow after a storm. Last week I was an emotional mess (that time of the month, bronchitis, the struggle with daily anxiety, etc.). This week distance learning with my son went much smoother, didn’t argue with my husband as much. We even had a date night. And my highlight of the week, I got to meet some of you and help you discover your best colors.

What are you wearing for those random date nights? I wore this sweater dress, now 50% off, with my favorite tall boots. But I also wear it with sneakers or by itself to work from home. But this week’s favorite sales are from Shopbop. See my favorite picks below.

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ps. We have a fun announcement this weekend! Keep an eye on our IG for a little sneak peek.


Team TME

This one’s for the pinners…

Nordstrom, Madewell, Verishop...the sales are SO good! Sweaters, dad jeans, booties & sneaks...snap 'em up or enjoy the distraction. Cheers!


  1. Oh, Em — I haven’t nodded my head and laughed at a line so much in recent days… “We’re at peak nausea now — but the good news is we’re just a quick yack away from funnel cake sounding good again. Bring on the funnel cake, November.” A quick yack away (picturing my cats yacking up a hairball. Thanks for that, let alone the sales. LOL

    • Oy, I’m so glad it gave you a chuckle. And I feel like the hairball could more or less be the mascot of 2020, so also fitting. Lucky us! Ha.

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