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Happy Friday!

It’s gorgeous here in Philly and officially feels like fall. You’d think I’d be a little more on top of my transitional dressing considering all of the fun clothes & shoes I see here on a daily basis but NOPE. I have a well-loved black turtleneck, and that’s about all that’s getting me through right now…anyone else?

Sweaters, Dresses & More Cozy Goodness On Sale

I just got a good chuckle when I saw this sweater dress pop up in Scotti’s picks because that’s one thing I DID just buy for fall (but Scotti’s getting the black and I got the rose) — Express is really good right now and everything’s 40% off. I got this coat, too. Love.

I’m also in the market for a good investment pair of boots or booties — preferably on sale. Kat found these Vince beauties and I think they’d be perfect for bopping around the city. Ooo! I’ve had my eye on these shearling lace-up boots, too (good find, Jess). Marc Fisher is a longtime fav of mine.

Now if someone could just find me a cute sweater & some jeans, I think I’d have a mini fall capsule wardrobe. (:

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Linzi’s Sale Picks

We are totally enjoying our outdoor physically distanced socializing. The weather has turned a tad crisp (just how I like it), we’ve found some outdoor activities and hang-out spots that are working for our kids and their friends, and I am getting closer and closer to perfecting the bring-dinner-to-eat-outside-for-a-small-group plan. It’s all about the Instant Pot and hand sanitizer. I now have a 6 quart and 8 quart Instant Pot (hoping they go on sale for Prime Day this coming week), and not only are they fantastic for making fast dinners at home, they also keep everything steaming hot for a long time outside! I switch the valve to seal (so it doesn’t spill out), put the Instant Pot in this travel bag, and then use the bottom part of our 13-year-old Uppa Baby stroller (thank you Y for making me keep this) to bring the Instant Pot filled with chili or soup or some other goodness (as well as cups, spoons, and a big thing of hand sanitizer) to the park. People fed. Done.

Next up…something yummy using this pepper soup seasoning or this piri piri seasoning from Black-Owned Business Iya Foods. I have to admit…it was Shana’s idea to do “Crockpots At The Park”, but it was my husband’s idea to use the stroller, and my idea to use the Instant Pot (since it has really good insulation, doesn’t spill during travel, and keeps everything super-steaming hot.)  Also my masterful Amazon skills ordering this awesome Instant Pot carrying case.

Speaking of Shana’s ideas, she claims she ordered the EILEEN FISHER crop sweater first, but I think hers just ARRIVED first (I always insist on waiting for free shipping). It’s still on sale, is my favorite top right now, and you can see Shana in it here and me in it here. SO good! Nordstrom still has tons….TONS…of MOTHER denim on sale as well as Aquatalia and EILEEN FISHER. Other good extra % off with code sales at Madewell (extra 30%), Anthro (extra 40%) and Verishop (extra 25%). Happy Weekend, everyone!

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Scotti’s Sale Picks

Happy weekend! This past week we started celebrating Halloween (I know, but desperate times, people…DESPERATE times) with a bunch of decorations, crafts and activities. I have a post coming out soon on all of the Halloween fun, but needless to say, the kids had tons of fun (and ate way too much sugar, and I let them–desperate times and all). We all enjoy any holiday WAY too much. Er, except for Zack, that is. He puts up with us, though, and I love him for it. He kind of turns into an old man and ends up decorating somewhat begrudgingly, but ends up getting way more into it than he wants. It’s the best. 😂

Colleen Rothschild (our favorite skin care) is having a Friends & Family Sale where you can take 25% off site-wide! We love her stuff, so take advantage of that awesome sale! (My favorites are below.) Also, I have a Banana Republic selfie post coming up, but I had to share my two favorites: this sweater dress and this sweater dress. I know, but sweater dresses are so freaking comfortable, and these two are SO good. Not too tight on my belly and both actually really flattering. Finally, I couldn’t help but add a ton of sweaters from Bloomingdale’s in my sales roundup today. I love all of the fancy, fun details, and I just ordered some to try on myself. They’re perfect for the holidays, especially this year when you want to feel festive without having to dress up too much.

Also, I just wanted to thank you guys for the supportive comments on my recent UGG boots post–we read all of your comments, and I appreciate all of the love you guys threw my way! Everyone’s a little on edge right now and reading your comments gave me all the warm fuzzies. 🤗 Have a great weekend!

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Kat’s Sale Picks

I can’t believe another week has flown by. This past week was a little crazy on my end, and I have to say the theme of 2020 for me is flexibility. I have had to learn to go with the flow and be flexible when it comes to work…and actually everything in my life. This is most certainly not easy for me, since I am your typical Type-A kind of girl. Now that I am back to working from home, my wardrobe has shifted back to loungewear, and I have to say I was so impressed with my lounge set from Amazon! It is the perfect mix of casual on the bottom and Zoom-ready on the top! I love it so much, and it’s only $28! I can’t wait for Amazon Prime Day so I can find some more great deals. 

This week, there are tons of sales going on: an additional 40% off sale at Anthropologie including an amazing selection of Farm Rio; Barbour jackets, Good American and Vince are all on sale at Nordstrom; and J.Crew is running another great sale, too (40% off almost everything)! This silk blend sweater from J.Crew is on sale again, and I love this Barbour jacket! I hope you all have a great weekend with some time to recharge and relax! XX – Kat 

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Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey hey, Friday. Writing to you from the Oregon coast where Sienna and I came out for a night to take some pics and getaway. It’s nice for a change of scenery (understatement) and gah what scenery out here. I’ll post some pics soon on my Instagram. The sky was glorious yesterday. This weekend I’m planning on finally getting our Halloween decorations up, and I’m definitely adding this adorable black and gold skulls tablecloth from Target to my collection. SO cute…if skulls are cute, and they are if Halloween is your fav. Haha.

Sales are lovely this weekend. My favorite picks are this cashmere pointelle sweater from J.Crew that’s an extra 50% off with code SALETIME, these great Madewell skinny jeans with perfect distressing from Nordstrom, and this cabled button back sweater from J.Crew (use SALETIME to save.) Those adidas from Finish Line are also amazingly priced, too. Hope everyone has a good weekend and if you need a laugh and haven’t seen this yet…xo

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Jess’ Sale Picks

Hey all! Another crazy week is over, and I hope you are all finding a few minutes to take for yourself to just breathe and de-stress. Self-care is so important and something I’m definitely trying to work on for myself. I like to think that online shopping and browsing the sales is one of those ways to de-stress! So, on that note, this week there are some GREAT sale finds. Several of my favorite Nordstrom sale booties are on MAJOR sale, like my FAVORITE and most-worn booties, these Marc Fisher Waldo Lace-up Platform booties (in white), are 50% off! Anthropologie is having a big 40% off sale on all marked-down items, and Banana Republic is doing an extra 50% off on all already reduced items including these amazing sweater joggers. Happy hunting friends!

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Amy’s Sale Picks

I’m 35 weeks pregnant and seriously. feeling. it. ALL. The hips are sore, the pressure in my uterus is real, and I’ve had to take some goooood deep breaths to keep my emotions in check. I’m so thankful that the majority of my pregnancy has been pretty chill, and this final countdown — no matter how unglamorous — is just carrying me that much closer to meeting my sweet little babe (and finally finding out what the gender is, as we’ve been keeping it a surprise even from ourselves — oh the excitement!!). I’m unashamed to say that burying my nose in some good online sales is a fun distraction. A little last-minute maternity clothing haul, an extra few things for the baby, and the boots I’ve been dreaming about are all such happy finds!

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Em’s Sale Picks

Heya folks. I’m writing from the Sierra Nevadas, where my stepdad has a cabin a few miles outside of Tahoe, and boyyyyy was this little getaway just the break we needed. Lana’s a great little hiker, and it’s been so fun getting her out on the trails more and more. We even snuck in a little off-roading trip in the Jeep, and it felt so much like the low-maintenance fun Chris and I used to have in our ’20s that I almost cried. We’re headed back home today, but not before hitting up Sacramento’s best shave ice spot one more time for the season — and one of my fave spots for takeout in Sac recently re-opened, so we’re grabbing noodle bowls and banh mi to go for the drive home. Not a bad way to head into the weekend.

I have a love-hate relationship with the Nordstrom Rack website — sometimes it cooperates, sometimes it doesn’t — but the sales this weekend were too good not to include. Something about this electric blue Rebecca Minkoff mini bag speaks to me (and not just because it’s 65% off) — and apparently I just have a thing for that color because this knit skirt caught my eye at Nordstrom, too. I have a similar skirt, and it’s honestly one of maybe three skirts I wear all fall — so comfy, and yet it still feels a little more effortful than jeans. J.Crew sales continue to impress — and even includes (select) cashmere this round. This leopard cashmere crewneck is so timeless and easy to style, and it’s down to $45 with code SALETIME. (Still really well-stocked, too, but I don’t imagine that lasting long!)

Couple of random notes to end on: if you missed it, I recently rounded up 15 more Amazon finds that I’d buy again and again — and if you’re scrambling for a veggie side dish this week, we’ve been turning to this 5-min recipe for salty, blistered green beans about 3x/week. Hope you have a great weekend, friends!

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Julieta’s Sale Picks

I just checked my voter registration status for the thousandth time, which is funny because the first thing I did after my naturalization last year was registering to vote. I even voted earlier this year in the primaries. But the anxiety of something getting in the way of voting is driving me nuts. Early voting in NY starts October 24th, and I just told my husband we’re running to the polls right away.

Will these be my voting pants (50% off)? They’re all I wear to work from home now and still feel put together. I wore them yesterday with a cropped sweater and slippers for Zoom calls all day and loved them even if people couldn’t see them. They make me happy. I’m putting together a post with all the casual ways I’m wearing them, but you can see them here in the meantime. Last, I’m all for colorful coats this year, and my favorite J.Crew coat is 40% off.

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As fall rolls in, we've got cozy sweaters on the brain -- AND they're on sale (some cashmere). We're shopping Nordstrom, J.Crew, Boohoo & more.


  1. Emily – I love that you mentioned Osaka-ya in Sac! My great-aunt’s family owned it and we used to get manju from them all the time. I’ll have to get their shave ice next time I’m up there!

  2. Great picks! Need to narrow down my wish list somehow 🙂

    On Emily’s Free People pick (the blue top)— it is NOT AT ALL that shade of blue. Much more washed out. I returned it during NAS for that reason.

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