10.15 Weekly Sales Report


Happy Friday, everyone! We’re already halfway through the month! Is it just me, or is October flying by?? So, let’s get right to the good stuff…sales.

Pretty Tops, Cute Boots & Booties + More Fall Essentials On Sale

J.Crew’s Big Fall Sale includes all of the cold-weather essentials, like Linzi’s sweater-blazer — (40% off with code: GoBig)– easy-to-wear, polishes any outfit and lots of color choices….This one’s a really great option if you want a blazer-type look, but don’t like the structure or feel of a typical blazer.

It’s almost time to bring out the tall boots! These Stuart Weitzman OTK boots with a walkable heel = the answer to wearing dresses in the winter.

This Loeffler Randall bag under $100? Yes, please. The shape, size and print is really good…or, get it in solid black or tan.

Ooh, this pullover is so, so pretty. Dress it up for the holidays or style it easy for day-to-day, there’s something just so charming about this knit.

Keep scrolling for more sale finds below!

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Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey-o, Friday! You’re finally here. WHEW. This week that Mercury Retrograde crap was in full effect, y’all. Haha. LORDY. But my mama made it in last night for a visit and now things are all OK. Had some extra time picking her up at the airport and so I parked and went in all Love Actually style to meet her at Arrivals. I wish I had been coordinated enough to record it for my IG stories, but alas, she was so surprised and it was super fun! Her flights had been cancelled the day before, so this was an arrival with all the feels. We have big weekend plans of just hanging out and eating amazing Bamboo Sushi (IYKYK). 

Sales? Sales are super-fun right now. Get these for yourself or a gift (have, love) and don’t miss out on this adorable $20 sweater (it’s so soft!) Have a great weekend, friends. 

Em’s Sale Picks

Hey, hey from SUNNY Half Moon Bay! Rumor has it this beautiful weekend is the last in a while before the rain(!!!), so I’m going to attempt my mom’s suggestion of a backyard nap today. Zzzzz’s and Vitamin D — just what this (preggo!) body needs.

Speaking of preggo, most of my sales picks this week are pieces that aren’t affected by my growing middle — stretchy knit sets, a gorgeous flowy top (both on sale at Anthro with additional 30% off) — and I’ve been eyeing some new bangles to add to my collection so my wrists feel elegant even if the rest of me does not. (This wrap style would be so pretty layered in with my everyday gold pieces.) And this flirty bodysuit fits perfectly into my new outfit formula — I swear, overalls + bodysuits are kind of a pain in the ass for going potty, but the combo is so comfy and realllll easy on the mid-section, pregnant or not. Happy weekend! — Em

Linzi’s Sale Picks

Tons of good sale picks from my most recent blog posts! Most of the cardigans from my J.Crew cardigan post are 40% off right now with code GoBig and so many really good deals in my Winter Basics post as well. 

My top pick, though, for sales this week? This Suede Maje jacket. Also on sale here. It doesn’t look like much in the photos, but it just came in and I’m madly in love—the suede is buttery soft and the ruffle adds SUCH personality. I wore it last night with distressed denim, a white top and flats —easy and cute. The thought of wearing it over all the things this fall is making me very very happy. As are the bordering-on-ridiculous shoes from this post. If you’re shopping the sales this weekend, hope you find your happy pieces as well. 

Amy’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday! I will be photographing my last wedding of the season today, and it’s in an extra-exciting location (follow along on Insta stories if you wanna see!). I’ll be wearing these trusty boots again that I’ve been bragging on lately. They’re so comfortable and amazing for the price (use code SAVE15NOW at checkout). 

Anthro is offering an extra 30% off all sale items for this weekend only, and some of the items are shockingly good. These would make for an excellent gift (look how they come boxed!) and there’s a handful of gorgeous pottery mugs, too (also great for gifts!). Last, if you’ve been eyeing up a pair or two of A&F jeans like I have been, they’re offering some gooood ones at 30% off. Hooray for sales (and the weekend)! Xx

Scotti’s Sale Picks

We’re now back in Marquette after our road trip that took us to Ann Arbor, Philadelphia and Avalon…we ended it by taking the ferry out to Mackinac Island, (which was as fun as I remember it being as a kid) where we ended up buying a tandem bike. Because of my balance problems (residual brain tumor issues), I don’t really trust myself on a bike, but with Zack? Sure. We haven’t tried it yet, but apparently we got a great deal…now all I need is a helmet. (This one is cute!)

As far as sales, my top pick is J.Crew’s Big Fall sale for 40% off your purchase…I just ordered a ton of stuff to try on including these cords (LOVE the green color) and this silk shirt.  I’ll keep you guys posted on what I love!

Meredith’s Sale Picks

Confession: I am a disgustingly early holiday shopper. Like starting in Oct. is late. In my family we celebrate Hanukkah (at least the first night in part to teach the kids about their Jewish ancestry) and Christmas. And, while Amazon’s gift guide missed our mailbox, we did find the digital version, which allows you to create easy wish lists with notes. This Tamagotchi-esque toy was the #1 ask by my girls, plus they are currently offering $10 off of $50 spent on toys right now.

Speaking of winter holidays…I said brrr it’s cold in he…Colorado. These 30-degree, bus-stop mornings are no joke. I’ve been wearing the heck out of my Rebecca Taylor sweater in the most gorgeous shade of emerald green I purchased during the Saks F&F sale. Her clothes are simple, but elegant with a touch of femininity. Would look great with these pants I featured in my latest J.Crew Try-On Haul that I would buy in multiple colors if I still worked in an office. Ps. J.Crew is currently offering 40% off with code GOBIG, so check it out. 

Julieta’s Sale Picks

Today’s the last day of Latinx Heritage Month. Did you catch my friend and author Nancy Torres’s interview about her new children’s bilingual book?. I wish I could have written more posts, but I got very sick for at least half of the month. I do have a very raw and open post coming up about my struggle with my “latina” identity coming soon. In the meantime, please go check out my friend Jessica from Coco+Peach Jewelry. I own some of her pieces, and they’re gorgeous. 

Now sales! I just saw this Coach bag (30% off), and I’m trying to convince myself I don’t need it, but I think I do. The colors are stunning in the three color options; I’m leaning towards the vintage pink multi. The colors would go so well with my closet. 

Kat’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday beautiful people! The sun is shining, it’s going to be a warm day, and ya girl is finally feeling like she’s getting back into a normal routine. Even though I moved literally less than 15 minutes away from my previous house, this move has proven to be much more intense than any other… I am attributing it to the excitement of being a first-time home owner, which has certainly been an adventure. In the last week I’ve had an electrician, plumber, and HVAC person at my house….Oh the joys of owning a hundred-year-old home. Anyways, this weekend I am excited to head over to one of my good friend’s for her Oktoberfest party and will also likely be getting out on the trails to soak in the Aspens before all the leaves drop. 

This week I am most excited about Madewell’s shop more, save more sale! Up to 30% off your purchase with the code GOSPREE and this is what I’m obsessed with! Also if you are looking for wide calf boots… Eloquii has you covered. Right now all their boots are an extra 40% off! These are the ones I have and love, and I also might snag these this weekend. Cheers to a sunny, beautiful weekend yall! XX – Kat 

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  1. Scotti! Get the Thousand helmet. I love mine, (it might be the other style). But I have never felt stylish in a helmet before. My only complaint is it has these plastic parts inside that always pull my hair. I need to line it with something. Ideas, anyone?
    I’ve been thinking of you – I go for my MRI Monday for a facial droop. I don’t know if I would have taken this as seriously if you hadn’t been so open. Thank you.

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