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Scotti’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday, everyone! I think we’re going to have a pretty low-key weekend. G has “Frozen” rehearsal on Saturday afternoon (if you haven’t already checked out the video of her on TME’s Instagram, please do — she literally can NOT contain her excitement) and after last weekend’s trip to Green Bay, we’re looking forward to being home. We’ve been trying to play more family games lately (like UNO with the help of Linzi’s suggestion of these card holders for little hands that work wonders) but are having trouble with Ozzie grabbing EVERYTHING and putting it in his mouth. Geez, child, I will be happy when he’s out of that stage. We’re always looking for new family games to try if anyone has recommendations! We love cooperative games like Stack Up! (which was great for a while, but after so many hours it’s somewhat lost its appeal . . . but it’s great for families of preschoolers!). I hope you all enjoy your weekends! And now onto my sales picks!

Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey hey friends! We made it. Friday. The mornings are growing SO MUCH DARKER here in the PNW, and I’m currently downing all the coffee. Sienna must have gotten word about Greenlea’s performance, and she has decided to start practicing for the school talent show…it isn’t until spring, but I’m not telling her yet. She wants to sing “Fight Song” and adorably wrote down all the lyrics the other day “in her own writing so she can read it that way.” Dying. So, besides wearing plaid, all week, I’ve been listening to rehearsals, too. This weekend we’re heading up to Sequim, WA on the Olympic Peninsula to see Pinky’s parents. It’s gorgeous up there and I’m hoping to get out for a hike and to the cold rocky beach while we’re there. As far as sales go, I pretty much just want everything from J.Crew right now…allll the coats and cozy sweaters please. Use code BUNDLEUP to save 40% on outerwear, boots & sweaters and 25% on everything else. The top four items are from Nordstrom Rack and I would like to add all to cart, please. Some of my favs. Happy Weekend, friends!

Emily’s Sale Picks

Hola friends! Happy Friday. Whew — what a week. We’re FINALLY sticking around town this weekend, which means fully immersing ourselves in the madness that is the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival. (Imagine a massive harvest-themed street fair revolving around 2k+ lb pumpkins, and you’ll get the gist.) It’s chaotic and traffic-inducing and quirky and totally endearing. And then we’re putting the finishing touches on this year’s family costume, which I kinda can’t wait to pull together. Lana has assigned me and Chris to be the Hermione and Ron to her Harry (complete with wigs and the whole nine), and I’m almost as giddy as she is to head out into the neighborhood on Halloween. Anyway! Sales this week: some really deep discounts on cozy fall faves at J. Crew (40% off with code BUNDLEUP), a pair of playful tweed pumps I can’t stop thinking about at Anthro and this jewel toned dress, which would be gorgeous for an office party and equally fun with boots and moto jacket for a happy hour any night of the week. Have a great weekend, guys!

Linzi’s Sale Picks

The hubby and I are getting ready for a little getaway, and you should see my room…you can barely see the floor. Why is packing so hard sometimes? The getaway is only three days, so it should NOT be this hard! I may have to drag Shana over to make some cuts—-I’m such a terrible packer sometimes. I DID just buy my first Reformation dress, though, and THAT is definitely going in the suitcase. Mine was not on sale (boo!), but I am now obsessed with stalking their sale pieces. Was also excited to see a few EILEEN FISHER pieces on sale this week. I’ve been so happy with the pieces I got from the Nordi sale. Happy Weekend! 

Julieta’s Sale Picks

Finally made it to the Weekly sales!! Fridays are very busy mom days for me, so it’s hard. But my youngest woke up sick, so we’re home and he’s napping right now. If you follow me on Instagram, you may know I’m studying on the weekends. Well, I have 9-5 class on Saturday and Sunday while my husband juggles our two boys. Tomorrow is the most exciting since I get my “Color Professional Analysis” certificate. I’ll explain more later..for now. I’m having a very hard time deciding which J.crew coat to get. They are great quality and 40% off. Which one would you get?

Until next week!

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