Weekly Sales Report 10.30


Oh hey, Friday!

Let’s kick the weekend off with some sales, shall we?

In case you missed it, Naadam is having a 25% off flash sale (S covered her favs here and is wearing the Oversized Crewneck Sweater above). Use code FLASH25 at checkout.

All The Cozy Neutrals (+ A Few Pops Of Color): Sales At Our Fave Retailers

If cashmere isn’t your thing, we’ve got tons of good sales below. Ooo! Like the Vince Faux Fur moto from this year’s Anni Sale. I have the hooded version and LOVE it. It’s the perfect luxe-yet-cozy coat for being outside right now. Especially if you want to “dress up” a bit for a special outdoor dinner or the holidays. And…it looks like Athleta’s Brooklyn joggers are on sale (good find, Em) which doesn’t happen all-too-often, so snag them for less while you can. One more: remember these Everlane Court Sneakers? Under $70 bucks.

For even more finds, keep on scrolling! And have a safe, happy Halloween Weekend.

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Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey hey, Friday. Whew. Halloween, full moon tomorrow, Scorpio season, election season…HOW ARE YOU?? Feeling all the feels over here and have been diving head-on into work. You may have noticed. I like to distract myself with things I can control…like finding good sales and great jeans, putting together fun outfits and trying on fabulous shoes. Go with what you know.

The sales are and have been awesome. J.Crew is still my current favorite…use code LAYERUP for 40% off full-priced items…start with this lovely pointelle sweater, this beautiful aloe green turtleneck, and of course the cropped cardigan I still adore (you saw it styled up here, yes?)

GAP has some great finds, too right now like my favorite long cardi for cold mornings and this upcycled puffer I keep drooling over and finally ordered. One more thing to check out…if you’re looking for really unique gifts this season, this friend of my stepbrother’s in Amsterdam has the coolest hand-painted and cozy plaid bags. Love!! Be kind, breathe and we got this, y’all. Much love from Portland, and GO VOTE! xoxo

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Linzi’s Sale Picks

It has been a very sad week here in Philadelphia, but I am hopeful for change. Big change. We’ve been balancing difficult discussions with the kids about what is going on in our city and country with the oh-so-exciting planning for Halloween.

My little guy is dressing as Willy Wonka this year, and I’ve now participated in approximately 3,276,124 rounds of “Hide The Golden Tickets.” The purple topcoat arrived last weekend, we finished creating his golden sparkly staff on Tuesday, and he has dressed up in full costume every single day since (benefits of school-from-home). Apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, I guess. I may have been trying on my new halloween wig daily as well. As for sales, it’s officially sweater and jeans weather, and SO many good ones are on sale below! If you’re looking for comfortable boots to go along with those sweaters and jeans, my monster Comfort Shoe Post came out this week. Also…Black-Owned sustainable business SOKO is offering 20% off all Black-Horned Jewelry. I’m eyeing these for something special for the holidays.

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Scotti’s Sale Picks

Who’s excited for Halloween??? WE are!! And although we started celebrating weeks ago, I’m still loving all of the suggestions Emily put together in her post. I actually don’t yet have a costume idea (I usually rely heavily on makeup), so looking at our post of suggestions from last year was a fun flashback (how cute was Pax as a little chicken?? omg I die). We plan on celebrating fully (at home) for all the distraction we need for this upcoming week!

For those of you who are Sephora ROUGE insiders, the BIG SALES EVENT starts TODAY. You guys get 20% off your entire purchase–those of us who are VIB get 15% starting on the 3rd (OK, there’s one reason to look forward to Election Day) and all Beauty Insiders get 10% off starting on the 5th (it’s free to join). It’s a great time to stock up on your favorite beauty essentials and gifts! If you need some inspiration, I’ve put together my top 15 picks here. (They also carry Dyson, so this is a great time to snag the hairdryer or airwrap!)

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Amy’s Sale Picks

Oh hey, everyone — I’m still pregnant, in case you were wondering! Currently my most fashionable self in an oversized orange t-shirt and old black & white (Beetlejuice-esque) stretch pants, which will be the most festive I’m getting this weekend for Halloween (while eating my weight in candy, of course). I always said having a baby on Halloween would be super-fun, so hey — here’s hoping! In the meantime, I’m online shopping like my pregnancy depends on it, and love the sales happening right now. 

Abercrombie is having a tempting sale with items up to 40% off (plus free shipping on orders over $75). My favorite side-snap boyfriend sweatshirt that I’ve been wearing on repeat this week is included (it’s perfect for the bump because I can keep the snaps open, leaving room!) along with the cardigan I’ve been eyeing up! In other news, I am all about the snakeskin print right now, and these Lucky Brand booties are 60% off with a full stock of sizes! Last, AE is doing a fun 31% off sale with items like this cozy oversized sweater in sooo many color options! Happy weekend and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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Em’s Sale Picks

Holy jeez, friends. I used to love Fridays, and now Friday is Lana’s longest school-from-home day, plus we have the added responsibility of finishing her asynchronous activities by a certain time so we can deliver her completed work to the school during her designated drop-off slot. It makes for a very unchill Friday morning — but I guess the silver lining is that we all feel a tremendous sense of relief come Friday afternoon. Add to that a wee bit of anxiety leading up to Tuesday’s election, and I’m definitely breaking into the Halloween candy a little early. (A glimmer of hope: I published what could be construed as a potentially controversial post to IG yesterday and received nothing but kind, supportive comments and DMs in response. Politics aside, that’s gotta be a good sign for our collective emotional health…right? That kindness is prevailing? I’m gonna go with it.)

I’m super into the sale situation at Madewell this week — additional 40% off with code GOODBUY. Eyeing this oversized oatmeal cardigan, which would be equally good with jeans or dresses; this rusty sweater coat that feels too good to be true (fully-stocked, too!); and these little clips would be so easy to add as a hair accent without being too cutesy. They’re just $6 with the code. Also very tempted by this tracksuit at Athleta (jacket here, joggers here). GAP has loads of face masks on sale (three for $14 — and there are tons of patterns to choose from). And TME fave jewelry designer Gwen Beloti (Black-owned business) has these delicate little gold studs marked down to just $20. So easy to wear with just about everything. Happy Halloween, pals!

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Kat’s Sale Picks

Hey hey, y’all! This week has been bonkers busy for me…I have been in back-to-back meetings all week long, and am most certainly feeling like I am having to plan every minute of my day. Lately, I have been taking the time to try and really wind down my day, especially since it feels like the only time I have to not think about work. My nighttime routine has included a new skin regimen (read more about it here), moisturizing with lots of my favorite lotion, because it’s hella dry here in CO, and then head to bed while I sip my beauty sleep chamomile & rose tea and read a few pages of my book. It’s definitely been a game-changer in helping me relax at night. I am so looking forward to this weekend because I am going to take some time to go hiking in one of my favorite hidden gem spots here in CO, and am going to try and catch up on Dancing With the Stars (who else is loving Nelly in the show?!).

This week’s sales are beyond good, and I am so impressed with all the soft sweaters on super sale at J.Crew (40% off with code: LAYERUP). Good American is running a sale right now, too, and I have been dying to try their new ALWAYS FITS jeans (sadly not included in their sale, but I will be the first to share when they are!). I found some stellar boots on sale at Nordstrom Rack, and am also stoked that these Eileen Fisher boots are on sale again. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, with a little extra zen. XX – Kat

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Cam’s Sale Picks

Hey, everyone! This past month I have been forced to take a good, long hard look at my mental health. I can imagine that I am not the only one. So, I was reminded recently by someone that it’s important to write out the things you ACTUALLY LIKE TO DO…and then make a concerted effort to do them. It’s in doing the things that bring you real joy and a sense of peace that you are actually able to then open yourself up to other opportunities to experience even greater happiness and calm. It can be easy to only focus on the stuff you have to do and throw everything else to the wayside. I get it, because I do that…all of the time. That said, I wrote the list and I made a commitment to myself. I would make time for the things I knew I should have been doing for a long time now. It has only been about a month and I can already see the fruit of making time for “my joys”.

I included one thing below I truly appreciate…and that’s a journal. OH myyy gosh. It is such a gift to be able to write one’s thoughts out! I underestimated the power it has given back to me. Not only that, I’ve begun to notice that I react in a much more healthy way to situations and people when I have taken the time to process my thoughts and emotions on my own, through journaling. Anyways, haha! The rest is all just fun items (a few things being stuff I own and can stand behind). Happy Friday!

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Julieta’s Sale Picks

I’ve been out of social media for four months to take care of my mental health. Four freaking months!! I don’t remember a time I’d taken more than a few days off. Full honesty, I’ve had a post ready for a month and haven’t had the guts to post it. Even downloading the app again caused me major anxiety. My body is telling me it is not ready to go full-back in, so I’ll do it slowly avoiding daily stories. I just scheduled that post for tonight; let’s see what happens. My IG is @julietatorresd if you want to connect and give me some moral support. It will also be in Spanish if you’re a fellow Hispanic.

Can someone tell me the difference between J.Crew tissue turtleneck and the perfect fit turtleneck? I really want the tissue in the dark green, and the black and camel stripe. But also the perfect fit in the golden brown they call. I should get them all with that sale price, shouldn’t I? Another thing I found was this “Zoom or Holiday Mock Neck sweater” at Anthropologie. All colors are stunning!

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The sales for cozy fall neutrals are fire right now. Add in some color — & done. Madewell, J.Crew, NAADAM & Nordstrom are comin' in hot. Shop it all here


  1. Hi Julieta! The difference between the JCrew tissue and perfect fit necks: the tissue turtle is nice and thin, perfect for layering, the perfect fit is a thicker more substantial one. I just bought the tissue turtle in the leopard and it is gorgeous! Sending you lots of moral support on the mental health front. You are not alone. Surround yourself with people that make you feel GREAT. Because you are. My 19 year old is going through anxiety/depression and I’ve been there for him. Take care. –Gail

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