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Happy Friday! SURPRISE!! We’ve got an all-new Sales Report for you this week. 

Don’t worry — everything’s still here. We just added a nice Top Picks Of The Week collage (thanks to our awesome graphic designer, Jeni) to showcase one really great item from everyone’s sale round-up. If you tend to shop with a specific contributor, we threw in some handy jump links, too. Just find their name…and click! Magic. 

Have a great weekend! 

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We're rolling through w/ our top sales picks of the week: end-of-summer clothes, start of fall bags & shoes...Bloomies, Nordstrom, Anthro — check our favs!


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Kat’s Sale Picks

It’s the wee hours of the morning ie. 12:30am, and it’s wayyyy past my bedtime, but I have been sidetracked and gone down the rabbit hole of watching YouTube videos and searching for some great deals for a few things I need.  It’s officially fall here in CO and let me tell you all, it is BRISK! So, of course, you can imagine all of my searches for the next week will be for sweaters, jackets, all the warm and cozy throw blankets, and cheap tickets to the nearest warm destination. I actually just got back from a trip to Kentucky, and it was hot hot hot and very humid, which I have learned is no longer my friend. My hair really thrives in the dry climate that is CO and TBH I will take perfect curls in the cold over the humidity that is the South. Since most of my rabbit hole search was on the glorious page that is the Nordstrom sale page, most of my finds came from there. But let me tell you all I think there are some pretty amazing options that I will be buying ASAP! 

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Laura’s Sale Picks

FRIYAY, amiright? Whew. We made it. I am super excited about our weekend because tomorrow afternoon we head to one of these gorgeous cabins. So cool, yeah?! That giant window is what drew me in. And it’s rad that they have locations all over the country. The whole crew is going because they have an option with a loft bed for S and even Camper is allowed to join us. The one in the Portland area is somewhere near Mt Adams, just north of the city. I’ll be sure to share photos on my Instagram when we return! Also, in exciting upcoming events…I’m doing a little style chat next week (complete with the BEST breakfast ever – yogurt from Seattle-based company Ellenos) at Consign Couture on Thursday morning. The event is free and I’d love to see you there if you’re in the Portland area! I’ll be talking about my five favorite pieces for fall and how I style them. In fashion news, there’s an Everlane pop-in at Nordstrom. Yay! And an insanely good sale at Boden (use code V4P9 for up to 60% off) Happy weekend and happy fall, friends!


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Scotti’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday! It’s somewhat of a bittersweet weekend for us because we’ll be closing up camp (or cabin, for those of you who think of like a kids camp when you hear that word) for the winter. It means summer is officially OFFICIALLY over. It’s so harrrrrd to sayyyyy goodbyeeeee . . . (sorry, some of the girls were talking about their love for Boyz II Men over on our Slack channel and I can’t get that one out of my head).  Anyway, we’ll be up there this weekend, enjoying some family time with mom and getting some last-minute time on the dock, one of my favorite places in the world to be. (And Shana’s, too.)  As always, here are the things that caught my eye this weekend: 


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Emily’s Sale Picks

Hi friends! Happy weekend. We got back from Yosemite on Monday, and even though we all came home bogged down by nasty head colds, it was still one of the most memorable vacations we’ve taken. Lana made it all the way to the top of Nevada Falls and then promptly fell asleep on Chris’ shoulder for a good two miles of the descent. (My knees were killing me two days later, so I’m not quite sure how he made it out alive.) And this weekend we are actually sticking around town!! Thank freaking goodness, too, because I’m getting a little road weary — despite the fact that all these consecutive weekends of traveling were my genius idea. On the sale front: Bloomie’s is having their friends and family sale at the moment, so lots of my favorite mid-priced brands are now even more affordable (loving both this dress and this dress — the prints are both so well done, and I love the poufy sleeves) — and I can’t stop thinking about this embellished denim jacket, which is so off-duty-model cool (I feel like it’s something Cam would pull off really well, and then I would just live vicariously…). It’s available in black, too, if you’re a size M. Thanks goodness I’m not, or it’d be just the excuse I needed to check out with the whole lot. (Not that that won’t happen anyway…) Have a good one, guys!

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Tori’s Sale Picks

We have a jam-packed weekend of fun fall activities and birthday parties, but before I head out, I have to share some of my finds with y’all! Anthropologie is taking an additional 30% off all sale items and I am dying over their selection right now (particularly this floral bomber jacket). On the home decor front, there are some REALLY great seasonal sales happening right now, so if you’re looking to add some fall flair to your home, now is the time to buy. Pottery Barn has most of their fall+halloween stuff on sale up to 40% off right now, but whatever isn’t included in that sale, you can take 25% off with the code FRIENDS (DYING over this Skeleton Drinkware Collection) Also, found some really stunning seasonal dish sets and serveware on Williams Sonoma for 20% off! You can shop all of my tops picks below!

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Linzi’s Sale Picks

We have family in town this weekend, and I’m SO excited. Not only do I get my mother-in-law’s amazing Indian cooking, but I also scheduled a mural tour (which I haven’t done in years) and am going to try to pop in to a museum at some point too. Definitely having an “I Love Living In Philly” moment. I’m also having an” I LOVE Wearing Brown” moment ( a little more random, I know). As I mentioned in my post this week, brown is ALL I want to wear right now. It’s also ALL I obviously want to shop for, based on my sales picks. Here’s to family fun and of course, fun things on sale! 

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