Weekly Sales Report 11.8


Happy Friday! We’re in full-blown holiday mode over here. Scotti’s in for a short (but sweet!) visit, and our team is pumping out alllll of the videos, shoots, tinsel, lipstick, etc., You know, blogger things.

The best part of this early holiday stuff is that we’re scoping out alllll the potential sales for you guys. Laura found this red MAC lipstick on sale, and it’s perfect for gettin’ all dressed up — it might be worth the buy juuuust to get yourself into that holiday mood.

I also may or may not have blown a little money today at the Sephora sale, too. Ugh. These Laura Mercier eyeshadow sticks are foolproof and amazing and thank you, Scotti, for introducing them to me.

If makeup’s not your thing, keep scrolling for SO many more sale picks of the week (it’s a good one)…

Our Fave Fashion Sale Picks Of The Week

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Kat’s Sale Picks

I’m finally starting to feel more like myself this week! The move to CO was much more challenging than I thought, but it feels great to get back into what will be my new normal routine. I’ve always been a huge fan of hip hop and Zumba classes, but that market doesn’t really exist here, so I had to shift my perspective and look for a new outlet. Hiking, hot yoga, and barre3 have now become staples for me. I’ve always been a yoga fan, and took yoga and meditation as my gym class back in high school. Now that I’m shifting into a different style of exercise, I’ve been feeling like a refresh is needed for some of my workout clothes. Free People and Nordstrom Rack have some insanely good sales right now, and I’m SO excited to add some of these to my workout wardrobe. I hope you all have a great weekend! 

Scotti’s Sale Picks

I’m writing this from Philly (yay!) but it’s been a WEEK. Getting here took two days because Zack got sick after our first flight and before our second…when Ozzie got a fever. We turn around and go home tomorrow (6 am flight — pray for us) and apparently we missed a huge snowstorm while we were gone. YIKES. It’s been a fun — and SUPER-quick — trip. Stay tuned for some fun videos we’re working on. As always, here are my favorite sale picks this week (Black Friday seems like it’s more of a Black November thing now), so the sales are already REALLY good. Old Navy is having their Friends & Family sale, so I took the opportunity to purchase some fam jams…because they’re fun and at SUCH a good price.

Linzi’s Sale Picks

Oh weekend, I’m excited to see you. More than usual actually. We don’t have much planned, and I’m hoping to take a moment to breathe. We’ll see how that goes with the ridiculously social males I have in my household. I cannot believe it, but it looks like Black Friday and Cyber Monday stuff is starting REALLY early. Like “NOW” really early. Three favorite sales right now: 
1. J. Crew Friends and Family has 40% off with code FAMILY.
2. Madewell’s extra 20% off sale with code SALEONSALE and 25% off sweaters & shoes 3. Dyson has already started a lot of discounts on their vacuums. I’m weirdly obsessed with mine. The v8 animal is under $300 now (I’ve had the V8 Absolute for years and love it, but it’s not on sale yet) and one of the V10s is also under $300. Amazon is offering the same price, but you get free additional tools when you order from Dyson. 

Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey hey, Friday. Here we are. It’s sunny here, one of the few things giving me life right now. Mercury is in retrograde, y’all and it is extremely apparent. All the things are breaking and taking much more time than usual. I’m trying to just breathe and move through it as best as possible. My little Apple watch just told me to breathe, haha (at least that works). Sales are starting to be good; there are some gorgeous pieces right now. I included a few of my favorite LOFT picks from my recent try on session. (It’s so good, y’all!) Everything is 40% off there right now with code FESTIVE. Express is having some great sales, too, with everything also 40% off. There are killer jackets below. Have a great weekend, friends, and maybe lay low for now. Check my IG stories music pick for today and you’ll totes get me right now. #theconstantstruggle xoxo

Emily’s Sale Picks

Friends!! This is an extra exciting weekend around here because it kicks-off the launch of my very first Pop-Up Menu at one of our favorite local restaurants, The Cove Cafe. (If you’re local to the Bay Area, this is your chance to try four seasonal, locally-inspired dishes I created just for The Cove — think things like an heirloom tomato and sugar pumpkin soup, whipped ricotta toast with zucchini ribbons, sungold tomatoes and basil oil and a shaved brussies salad with miso-mustard vinaigrette and a gooey-yolked ramen egg. And if you’re not local, I’ll work on sharing all the recipes over on The Pig & Quill soon so you can try them for yourselves, at home.)

Shameless self-promotion aside, I’m also pretty deep in the throes of early holiday shopping, thanks majorly in part to J.Crew’s Friends + Family Sale (40% off for rewards members with code FAMILY, 30% for everyone else with code FRIENDS) — and Nordstrom’s home sale, which has some of my favorite Anthropologie gifts (this cheeseboard!) at heavily discounted prices. These embellished jeans are also haunting my dreams (and, now, my browser ads — thanks, Google). I’ll be surprised if I make it through the day without buying them. Happy Friday!

Julieta’s Sale Picks

My husband has been away since last Saturday, and my levels of sanity and energy are getting low, low, low and low…haha. If you follow on IG (@julietatorresd), you know how crazy it’s been. I even had to put my toddler back in the crib (#momfail) because I couldn’t handle him walking around at 3 am, and I was in sleep-deprived mom mode. But I just finished my third intensive class in two months at FIT and I’ve been working on some new fun posts. Stay tuned. For now…


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