Weekly Sales Report 12.4


Oh hey, Friday.

Remember this gorgeous blue puffer from Laura’s old Backcountry post? It’s 70% off right now!! *insert screaming-face emoji here* It’s got the best, bright blue hue and it’s super-soft and warm (And I love the asymmetrical zipper! Click through to see it.)

Puffer Coats, Booties & More Fun Fashion On Sale

I’m also (slowly, but surely) becoming a BIG winter hat person because…#cold…and how cute is this one that Em found? I’m a little annoyed at myself for not peeking at the sales report earlier today because I just ordered these jeans from Abercrombie and could have easily thrown that beanie into the order. SHOOT. As if I needed another excuse to wander back over to that site…

But anyway…fun news! We’ve started a Weekly Sales Report LIVE Sneak Peek over on IG! So if you never want to miss a cute beanie (tragic stuff, I know), make sure you tune in every Friday at 1pm EST. S hosted today, but we’ll likely switch it up. And if you really never want to miss a thing, make sure you’ve signed up for our newsletter. We just launched our Holidays At Home Guide, too. Get it instantly when you sign up!

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Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey, Friday. What even was this week? Time is irrelevant this year I think. Y’all need some good music right now? Me, too. If you like classic country with no twang, smooth vocals and clever lyrics, my dear friend Adam Wright has a new album out (iTunes here.) Tracks 6 and 8 are my favorites, as are every other album he’s made. He’s written songs for LeAnn Womack and Alan Jackson, and you couldn’t meet a nicer person in the world. I’m also listening to The Highwomen on repeat…again. Gah, what a freaking album. I cannot wait to see them live someday. Please, Universe!

OK — sales! Gosh there are some fab things still in stock, you just have to search a bit. Gap still has some really rad finds, like this quilted mock neck shirt. Use code FORYOU for an extra 30% off, and GapCash starts now, too! You can see some other fav Gap pjs and puffers here! Speaking of puffers, my adorable and super-warm blue puffer is on major sale at Backcountry. It’s so soft and the happiest color! You can see it in action here. I love wearing it! I’m also dying over this ivory quilted jacket at Madewell. It looks similar to a sold out one from Emerson Fry (longtime fan here)! It’s 30% off with code JOLLYGOOD (which after all this sale hunting is just about the cutest code I’ve seen…and I’ve seen a lot. Heh.) Happy Weekend, folks.

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Linzi’s Sale Picks

Well…..I researched and posted and researched and posted all of the amazing deals and great gifts last month, and am now finding myself in a panic that I am not even CLOSE to actually finishing my own gift shopping or deciding on anything special I may want to wear later this month. Whoops! Good thing a lot of the sales are still going! 

Loving these new holiday value set options…how could anyone not be happy with ANY of those? I often end up with a hot sauce gift for someone on my list…this set (**black-owned-business**) looks delicious! Maybe a set for our home too? And I just realized that one of the LEGO gifts I had been planning on for the kids is sold out a ton of places (UGH!) and is already marked up through Amazon sellers, but it IS in stock at regular price here in case anyone else is looking. Happy Weekend Everyone! 

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Kat’s Picks

I’ve had holiday music playing nonstop the past few days, and it’s amazing how much of a mood booster it is for me. I have needed the mood boost more than ever, especially with all that has happened in my family last week. I never thought I would lose a family member to the pandemic, let alone my uncle, who was only 50-years-old. I am sharing because I want to remind you all to be safe this holiday season. Where your mask, physically distance, and please take care of yourselves.

Okay, onto something a little lighter, the sales….This week’s sales are still quite good, and my personal favorites are Anthropologie and Nike. Saturday/Sunday joggers are on super-sale for only $39 and are beyond comfy for lounging! They are available in sizes XS-3X, and there are 13 color and pattern options too! The Vince Chelsea boots myself and most of our TME team love are still on sale too. Now that I am back in Wisconsin for the rest of the year, I am living in my Nike Palazzo pants, and all things cozy and warm. ps. I have a major crush on these right now, too!

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Em’s Picks

Rumor has it, it’s…Friday? WHAT IN THE ACTUAL. I took a majority of this last week off work to spend time with fam (we cooked up one of my favorite meals of all time), and sitting down this morning to browse sales is one of the best ways I can think of to ease back into things.

Believe it or not, even with Black Friday/Cyber Monday behind us, there are some stellar sales out there at the moment — if you know where to look. My fave ultra-long puffer is still on sale but now for less than Black Friday. I’ve talked it to death, but if you’re new here, my fave feature is the side snaps that let you easily get in/out of the car or trek up/down stairs whilst still being zipped to your chin. AND the lightweight packable puffer that I picked up recently is below Black Friday pricing too. The removable hood takes it from cozy to street, and there are no bad colors in the bunch. Madewell’s 30% off sale (use code JOLLYGOOD — which, as Laura said, is pretty adorable as far as promo codes go) has me eyeing this. The pattern is artsy-cool but still restrained. And lastly — Everlane’s whole sale section is pretty dang hot! Considering picking up this washable silk (!!) blouse in black or blush. So timeless. And these popular ReKnit skimmers are 60% off! Happy weekend, friends.

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Scotti’s Picks

Happy Friday, everyone! The tree is up and I am FULLY into the holiday spirit this year…like, listening to Christmas music more than ever before (thanks to YouTube videos like this one), wanting all the lights everywhere (we just put these curtain lights up in the window and they’re gorgeous) and, of course, wearing all the matching family pj’s (thank you, Old Navy).

Now, onto the sales…my favorite pick this week is from ABLE–a sustainable retailer we feel really good about supporting. Their denim jackets are my absolute favorites and on sale for 25% off with code HOLIDAYBEST. (Ooh, and these rag & bone jeans are 60% off and have rave reviews!)

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Julieta’s Picks

I’m with Linzi. I’ve been glued to the computer looking for all the sales, shooting all the looks, and writing all the posts that I’m now missing about 60% of my holiday gifts. Fingers crossed, I can do it this weekend with the amazing sales that are still going on.

Last year, looking for a winter puffer coat I liked, I found this Cole Haan one. Welp, it quickly became the coat to throw on to get the kids to and from school, all while getting compliments from other moms. The hood is big enough not to mess with my curly hair; it shows off the waist and comes in great colors. I have the olive, and I’m considering the navy and the merlot. Which would you choose? Now I can’t forget to mention these two stunning tops by Reynu Taandon — one of India’s leading designers — as part of Anthro’s sale this weekend. I just picked up one as a gift.

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Shana’s Picks

Hey there! I’m really focused on two things this week: One – the outfit I’ve been wearing on repeat (it’s the same one featured in our IG live last Friday), and the 20% off sitewide at small business, Social Threads. The last day of Social Thread’s sale is SUNDAY, and they’re also donating 10% of sales to No Kid Hungry this week, so it’s worth getting an order in. I did a try-on of a few of my favorite pieces, here.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Team TME

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    • Thank you so much Jennifer. I really appreciate all the kind words and genuine care that you have all shared with me. I am thankful to be home with my family right now. – Kat

    • Thank you Elizabeth, it’s so heartening how many of the TME readers have reached out with such kind words. I am wishing you and your family safety and health into the holiday season. – Kat

    • Hi Julie, thanks so much for your kind words. I never thought I would lose a family member to COVID, but I think it’s important to share that this pandemic is real and that it affects all of us. Thank you again for your kindness and sincerity – Kat

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