Weekly Sales Report 12.11


It’s been quite a week. I hope you’re doing something fun & relaxing this Friday night…but first? Let’s kick it off with the Sales Report.

Sweaters, Loungewear & More Women’s Fashion On Sale

That’s Linz up there, typing away in her little tie-dye Zella hoodie that’s on major sale today. Truthfully, Zella-everything goes FAST, so the fact that this is still well-stocked (for now) and on sale is a huge win. Another really fun one? That Silk Slip mask is on sale at Anthro!! Kat has the pink and it’s just gorgeous. I’m planning to grab a few for gifts this year.

Pretty face masks, tie-dye sweats…what more could you need? Keep scrolling for alllll the inspo + some real life, mixed in. Happy weekend, everyone.

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Kat’s Picks

Happy Friday, y’all! The weather here in Wisconsin has been absolutely gorgeous! I am talking sunny and 50-degree weather. This is 100% not normal for December, but I have to say I am appreciating it and have been spending so much time outside! The conversation of late in our household has been all around what everyone wants for Christmas, and this year there are still so many people I haven’t found a gift for yet. The hardest to shop for? My brother, who, when I asked what he wants for Christmas responded with a PS5 (sold out), a pair of Yeezy sneakers (also sold out), or a Gucci belt (which he will never wear and in my opinion is far too expensive). Needless to say, I am completely at a loss for what to buy my 17-year old baby brother. Any recommendations from you all would be greatly appreciated!

Okay! Onto the sales, which are way too good this week! Nordstrom is running a sitewide sale where you can receive up to $300 back from your full-price purchases, and these sneakers are such an insanely great price! Some great Clare V. bags are on sale this week at Nordstrom too, and so is my favorite jewelry brand: Baublebar! Anthropologie is still killing the game with their lounge sets, and I am in love with this three-piece set that is 40% off today! I personally am on the hunt for new bras, and one of the bras that Oprah recommends is currently on sale too! This weekend is likely the last to make your purchases for arrival by Christmas Eve. I will definitely be making all my last holiday purchases this weekend and hopefully will find a gift for everyone left on my list! XX – Kat

Scotti’s Picks

Well…um…it’s been a week.

I was in the shower Wednesday when I felt my right eye twitching. Thinking I had gotten something in it, I turned to rinse it out when the entire right side of my face seized up. It felt like one giant muscle spasm—everything kind of twisting up—and I panicked when I realized I couldn’t move it. At all. I jumped out of the shower, screaming for Zack, and when I looked in the mirror, the entire right side of my face was drooping so much that it looked like my skin was melting. “I can’t move my face!” I yelled at Zack, and when he came around the corner, I’ll never forget that look of shock on his face (he later said I looked like the dog from Tom & Jerry—thanks babe). He immediately called our doctor who told us to go straight to the ER, words no one ever really wants to hear. And although the feeling had started to come back and my face was no longer drooping, that ride to the hospital was terrifying.  Am I having a stroke? Am I dying? It seems dramatic now, but those were the thoughts that were running through my mind. (My general anxiety disorder really wasn’t helping any, either.)  

I had to go into the hospital alone—no visitors allowed due to COVID restrictions. Of course I completely understand that, but it is scary to be alone when you don’t know what’s going on. Thankfully the ER doctor was able to calm my mind fairly quickly when he ruled out a stroke. He ordered a CT scan just to be safe (along with bloodwork and an EKG) and I was able to be discharged after they all came back normal. We still don’t know wtf happened, though. My face is still swollen on the right side, and I haven’t yet regained full movement. It could be a vitamin b12 deficiency or Bell’s Palsy or who knows…but almost all of the literature I read referenced stress as a contributing factor. And stress?? I have a lot of that.  

So what I want for Christmas this year is LESS. I have to give myself permission to not do all the things. To let the house be messy. To take naps. To rely on others for help. And a lot of you guys are in the same boat—with SO much stress and anxiety going around this year, let’s give ourselves and each other permission to not be OK. And to do what it takes to be OK. So cheers to leaving those checklists un-checked. And cheers to the last few weeks of 2020. What a freaking year, man.   

Laura’s Picks

Hey, hey, Friday. Whew. Can we get a freaking break already? (Scotti, love you, friend.) There are too many things, too many things. Still. Freaking a. Thank goodness for a weekend, at least.

Heads up about some cute sweaters at Nordstrom I just posted about. Super-cute finds and some on sale right now! Also, you may have heard of us talk about it before, but if you’ve been curious about FWTFL or want to feel less bloated, less tired and have more energy, my friend Cathy has started a free week-long info group on Facebook for anyone interested in learning more. She’ll have prizes, too! She’s the best for answering any questions you may have about counting macros to feel better.

My top pick this week is these Gap pj’s. I ordered a second set because they’re SO freaking good. Sending virtual hugs to literally everyone. That’s what we need to move forward, I think…that kind of compassion and energy out into the world. Gosh. xoxo

Linzi’s Sale Picks

Getting straight to Sale Talk this week: A BUNCH of my pieces from my recent posts are on sale! The tie-dye pieces in my Zella Comfy Cozy post were JUST marked down—super-cute and oh-so-comfy (as you can tell from my picks below…I am still VERY much in comfy cozy mode)! My fav silk mask (featured here) is at the lowest price I’ve EVER seen (going FAST though!). Several of my comfort shoes from my 20 pairs of Comfort Shoes I Tried are on sale, AND I just realized the “Never Not Talking” tee I featured this week is actually available in bigger sizing as well as more colors and a sweatshirt here! Happy Weekend, Everyone! 

Julieta’s Sale Picks

I have therapy in 10 minutes, so I will keep it VERY short. I’m having my very first walk-in-closet finished this weekend. Last year my youngest’s nursery became my home office, and this year, my home office became my walk-in-closet/office “Cloffice.” If you’ve ever lived in NY, you know, closets in these old buildings and houses are HORRIBLE. No sirven para nada! (Useless). Imagine my excitement.

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Em’s Sale Picks

Dang, folks. It sounds like we’ve all been burning the candle at both ends. This weekend I’m looking forward to getting outside (we’re so lucky to have such gorgeous trails in our own backyard), supporting some of my favorite local business with a little (safe) Christmas shopping and planning a few low-maintenance meals for the coming week. This Easy Eggplant Parm Pasta has been in heavy rotation. No frying, one sheet pan, one pot. If you can slice an eggplant and boil water, you’re golden. Vegan-optional, too.

Favorite sale spot this week is ALLSAINTS. Remember that two-piece dress + sweater combo from the NSale that we all fawned over? They have a few really similar styles super marked down, and this one and this one are both perfect holiday ensembles. Just add a little gold jewelry — maybe a festive, modern barrette. Done. (Should we talk about this coat, too? GORGEOUS, super wearable and half-off.) Also around the web: big additional savings with code BIGTIME at Madewell (this cashmere sweatshirt included!). Some seriously classic Frye boots for almost half off. Oh! And Chris’ jacket from my recent post is 30% off right now, too. He’s literally THE HARDEST person to shop for, so if he’s endorsing something, you know it’s good. (I snuck a Chris-approved guys’ gift guide into that post, too.) Happy weekend, pals!

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Shana’s Stuff (Talked About on IG Live)

Ok gang – as I mentioned on our IG live, here are the sale pieces I’ve been eyeing up.

Cami NYC’s Black Lame cami – this is the cami that works with bralettes, and layers well over tees. Furthermore, CAMI NYC is having a killer sample sale that is really fun to browse.

Anthro has a whopping 40% off clothing all weekend.

Mented Cosmetics (a black-owned business we love) has 25% off sitewide.

Molekule Air Filters is having a special: buy 1 Air, and get a mini at 50% off. (My allergies are TERRIBLE and these SAVED me – we now have one on each floor.)

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  1. Oh, Scotti–what an absolutely terrifying thing to have happen to you. I started tearing up as I was reading, thinking of how stressful and scary that must have been. Huge hugs your way, as well as alllll the good vibes and wishes for peaceful and calm days ahead. Hang in there!

  2. How frightening, Scotti! Glad you are recovering and continue to do so. Stress is awful. I wish I knew how not to be stressed. It’s almost like I’m fueled by it. Here’s to a restful and relaxing holiday season to you.

  3. Dear Scotti, such episodes indeed are terrifying. I’m hoping you feel much better soon. Your lovely posts here are very much appreciated. Wishing you well.

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