Weekly Sales Report 12.18


Happy Friday!

Let’s jump right into the sales! Remember this Free People sweater Laura shared this fall? Yup, it’s on sale in a bunch of colors and I think Garnet Grotto is calling my name…

Sweaters, Jackets & Jewel Tones: Editor Favs On Sale

I also have to do a little shoutout to Julieta who pulled together the prettiest selection of sale picks! I mean, it’s basically a masterpiece full of ruby reds, orange, and yet another Farm Rio wrap dress that’s just stunning. She’s so good with color.

And after a snowy week here in Philly, I’m about to upgrade my snow boots game. Scotti’s black Sorel Joan of Arctic wedges from her latest post have gone on sale!! Ooo! Or you could go for the side-zip wedge style Em found. Decisions, decisions.

ps. if you want to see what Kat’s considering rocking on her 30th, click this. On sale and SO. GOOD.

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Amy’s Picks

I’ve been in a blissful newborn-baby-sleepy daze these past few weeks, so it’s absolutely wild to me that Christmas is just days away! Thanks to the ability to order online half asleep, I was able to finish shopping for gifts in time, but like that Drake meme going around the internet — whether or not they are delivered in time is totally in God’s hands now (HA). Does delayed shipping mean I’ve stopped online shopping? UH, NO. Especially when all my favorite retailers just keep putting everything on sale.

I am currently drooling over the entire Coats section of the Loft website — they have such unique options on AMAZING SALE! My favorite puffer jacket is currently on sale for $45 (originally $200!!!) when you use the code HOLIDAY at checkout. I’m also sooo close to pushing the buy button on this velvet puffer jacket! Here’s to stacking my winter closet this year with the most gorgeous selection of coats – cheers!

Linzi’s Picks

Our family game tournament started on Thanksgiving day, and it’s still going strong. My little guy just beat us in Crazy Bridge, which was a very exciting moment (well…not THAT exciting for his big brother, but he handled it sort of okay). AND…reader Shannon introduced me this week to a local family-owned game store (also POC) that looks AH-MAZING! Their shoppable website has an incredible selection of our fav board games, an even bigger selection of board games I’ve never heard of, great card games, role-playing games, puzzles and….wait for it…they DELIVER in Philly (so cool!). Can’t wait to check them out in person at some point in the future, but until then…heck, yeah I’m going to take advantage of board game delivery!

And now for the sales…SO excited about these sweater pants (50% off!). Mine (that I live in) sold out fast, but these look VERY similar. And the cozy furry fuzzy pullover from my Comfy Cozy Post is 40% off…you won’t want to take it off. 

Laura’s Picks

Hey, Friday. I currently have Daveed Diggs “Puppy for Hanukkah” stuck in my head, and I’m not mad about it. I hope you had a Happy Hanukkah, friends! Anyone else also getting excited for Solstice Monday?? And the Christmas Star?! Fingers and toes crossed for a clear night over here in rainy Portland. Can’t wait to light all the candles and put our hopes for next year out into the universe. It’s my favorite night of the year. I’m going to make this gingerbread cake this year in my new snowflake cake pan. And yeah, gauging by my latest obsession, something with homemade pasta in it, too. Haha.

The sales are fun. So many things I love are on sale, but this and this are my two favs! Happy Weekend! xoxo

Scotti’s Picks

I just wanted to thank you guys for your supportive comments and emails after my whole face paralysis thing last week! It’s most likely Bells Palsy (stress-related), and I’m working on relaxing as much as possible! I’ve started napping daily–even if it’s only 20 min–and my Gravity Blanket has been a godsend. (They’re on sale for 25% off right now, too, if you could use some stress-relief in your life!)

I’m looking forward to TME’s holiday party tonight (on Zoom, of course) and an excuse to dress up and get fancy. (Although I never really need an excuse, let’s be honest.) I can’t decide between these sequin joggers or these sequin leggings but either way, I’ll be sparkly and comfy, so it’s a win-win for me. Cheers to the week before Christmas!!

Julieta’s Picks

I had my last therapy session in 2020 today. I bawled. I remember starting this year knowing I’d have to start therapy but felt clueless about where to start. My first experience was five years after leaving my home country, and it didn’t last more than a handful of sessions before something happened with my insurance, and I stopped. I wasn’t too happy either, especially with the language. I prefer therapy in Spanish with someone who understands my cultural background. Well I found the perfect trauma therapist for me. I bawled today because I couldn’t believe how lucky/blessed I was to find her and how much progress I’d made in these past 6 months. As I said in my last post, “Still in the hole, but it doesn’t seem as deep anymore.” Thank you for your love and encouragement in the comments.

As per sales…I think I found my NYE dress. Yes, I’ll be home, but I really need to say goodbye to this year feeling stunning. I just ordered it; let’s see if it fits. Now, my husband is OBSESSED with his winter coat. It’s super warm, so I highly recommend it.

Em’s Picks

Yesterday was Chris’ birthday, and we went all out with takeout from two of our favorite local spots: Wise Sons Deli for lunch and Sushi Sam’s for dinner, during which Lana re-affirmed her love of ikura and discovered a new love of fatty tuna. Yay for adventurous eating, but dang kid — expensive taste! (Fortunately she’s not come around on uni yet…) On that note, support your fave restaurants any way you can, friends. This year has been tremendously challenging for them, and this latest shut-down in California is going to push a lot of them to the brink of their existence. Basically, if you want them around when COVID is under control, give them as much support as you can afford right now. (Plus…yum.)

This weekend we’re putting together new bunk beds for Lana. All SEVEN BOXES worth. (If you’re curious, I researched for months and landed on this one, with the trundle kit.) I’m actually kinda excited for it — I remember how giddy I was anytime I got to rearrange my room as a kid. Sales this weekend are — no shocker here — still going strong. I’ve done most of my holiday shopping already (did you peep my gift guide for The Guy Who Has Already Bought Himself Everything He Wants?) — but I’m truly tempted to pick this up for myself. The color and coziness — swoon. And this little set? The perfect combo of cozy, cute and juuuust a wee bit sexy. Both are part of Anthro’s sitewide 30% off sale! Happy weekend friends!

Kat’s Picks

I don’t know about you all, but I am dreaming about 2021. So this week’s list is a lot of vacation vibes of what I want to wear, and a few of the things that I am currently wearing. ps. I just ordered this and am hoping that it’s going to my birthday outfit for my dirty 30! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Jess’ Sales Picks

We’ve spent the past month in strict quarantine so that we can spend Christmas with my family at home in Chicago — I am SO  looking forward to some desperately needed quality time with my family and Jon this year — it’s been an especially rough month over here in our tiny corner of the world. Jon has been dealing w/ the worst case of vertigo I’ve ever seen. Poor guy couldn’t turn his had without throwing up; luckily several intensive virtual physical therapy sessions finally did the trick for him. So right now nothing sounds better to me than watching Lord Of The Rings with my dad, eating Thai take-out on Christmas day (our family tradition) and cuddling my nieces till they’re sick of me.

Now, onto what it’s really all about right now: THE SALES! Everything is 30% off at Anthropologie, and I want everything, also, take 60% off at J.Crew, including my favorite J.Crew buy ever: The Juliette Collarless Coat, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

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  1. Unrelated, but potentially important comment — be careful with his vertigo, Jess. That was the major symptom my healthy husband had in the days before he had a major stroke at 40. I wish him well.

  2. As a retail employee, I greatly enjoyed the Drake meme. I hope people lean into it, and understand that while disappointing, it is not the end of the world iff a gift doesn’t get there in time. If someone can’t understand the rise in online shopping plus the post office slowdown means a gift might get there after Christmas… that’s a person with too much time on their hands. Print out a picture of the item and gift wrap it.

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