Weekly Sales Report 12.28

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Happy Weekend, everybody! This week, Laura, Scotti, Tiarra, Jess and I refreshed our post-holiday sale finds but for our entire epic list of Holiday Sales Picks by Retailer, click here. S has been working her little butt off on that one.

Even though we’re *technically* into winter now,  it poured all day in Philly and I realized I don’t even have a raincoat! What have I even been doing ’til now? Luckily, Laura found this one so I might have to snag it. (Leave it to the Pacific Northwesterner, right?)

Otherwise, enjoy this week’s little round-up!

Laura’s Picks

Hey, Friday. Is that what day it is? I’ve definitely lost track. Let’s peruse some sales to help us get back on track, shall we? I feel way out of it this week. There are still some gorgeous finds out there, you guys. I’m adoring that knit blazer, those weird yellow green pumps and definitely get those high tops. I’m wearing my white high tops with everything these days. They make any outfit sporty and cool and the ones here are much more reasonable for winter. Happy weekend and here’s hoping you can take a minute to chill between holiday craziness. xo

Gwen’s Picks

Looking for some new investment-worthy pieces? These are on major sale…


Scotti’s Picks

Like Laura I’ve totally lost track of what day it is.  I literally thought it was Thursday until just a few hours ago . . . hello, holidays!  Most of my sale picks this week come from the amazing sale happening at Nordstrom – I’m especially loving those pjs and that pink backpack.  Ooh and that utility jacket.  LOVE.

Tiarra’s Picks

Hey babes, it’s been a while! Let’s just say this work-work-life balance gets dicey during the holidays. I could’t pass up on scrolling these sales though. There are tons of goodies at Nordstrom, Loft, and J.Crew for lounging, casual outings, or parties…whatever your agenda has in store! I hope you find something you like, and I’ll be lookin for it in 2019. Cheers!

Jess’s Picks

I ended up deviated from the rest of the TME team this weekend because I wanted to focus on my new favorite brand of 2018: Need Supply Co, who is having an awesome site-wide 20% off sale right now. You’ve probably heard us mention Need Supply Co. before but I really think you’ll love them as much as I do for their SUPER stylish designs at SUPER AFFORDABLE prices…take a look for yourself and see what you think!

Happy Friday!
Team TME


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