Happy Weekend! Is it weird that I’m already kiiiind-of wishing for Monday because temps in Philly are going to warm up? I’ll take a Monday at TME over a weekend Polar Vortex any day.

Until then, let’s just stay inside and look at some sales, shall we? They’re actually amazing right now – even better than usual. Keep scrolling for Shana, Laura, Jess & Scotti’s picks.

Shana’s Sale Picks

I tend to use the end-of-January sales to buy myself a birthday present (or five).  And true to form, the sales right now are insanely good.  Anthro’s sale section is an additional 40% off the already marked-down price plus they’re offering select tops for under $50, Shopbop just updated their sale section with pieces I’ve been stalking all season, aaaaand I found a few wins in the sale section at Nordstrom.  Lastly, if you didn’t catch my LOFT try-on session, a bunch of those pieces are also on sale, too.


Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey again, Friday. Glad you’re here. Apparently I’m into giant soft cozy ponchos this week. #imcold Both of these would be so cool styled over a jean jacket or knit blazer though for travel I have coming up. Wearable blankets are always a good idea when traveling. Those beach pants are so calling my name, too…only a few more weeks until we hit some Florida sunshine. Until then, I’ll just still be over here in my Amazon coat.


Jess’s Sale Picks

Ya’ll, it’s been a tough week here for me in Grand Rapids as I barely made it through the Polar Vortex with my sanity still intact (see my IG stories for proof). So it should come as no surprise that I included not one but THREE (amazing) puffer jackets in my sales boutique this week and a few of my long-time favorites that happen to be on sale as well.  Stay warm and shop hot my friends!

Scotti’s Sale Picks

Welllllll this week has been rough.  It’s freezing, snow days the whole week and we’ve all had the flu.  Every.  Single.  One of us.  I was really hoping to escape the sickness, because throwing up is like one of my biggest fears. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but I hate it hate it hate it.  It’s like a phobia of mine.  At least I managed not to puke all over the couch like Greenlea.  Small wins.  Sooooo, we’re in the market for a new couch.  Has anyone tried Lovesac??  I’m intrigued, so let me know what you think!


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Team TME


  1. Oh Scotti – so sorry to hear. I’m right there with you on that fear. I hope you are all on the mend and have a relaxing and uneventful weekend!

  2. Scotti, check out the brand Home Reserve. I have a huge sectional and a sofa. They are not the most comfortable in the world but for this time in my life (messy kids and I’m not sitting on my butt much anyway) they are fantastic. Every. Single. Piece. is washable or replaceable. Yes, you can have a white couch and small children AND, most importantly, not be the kind of mom who is too worried about ruining the furniture!

  3. Scotti, DEFINITELY check out Love Sac! We have a “Sactional” sofa, and it is the best thing ever. The covers come off so you can wash them, and you can take the couch apart and reconfigure it any way, any time. We transported the whole thing home from the store in my husbands 2 door Honda Civic (two trips), and if we clean the carpets, we just take it apart and carry the pieces to the basement. We’ve build epic pillow pits and caves for the kids to play in, and we reconfigure into a double bed when relatives come to visit. When we moved houses, all we had to do was put it back together in a different way to work with our new space. Best piece of furniture we own!

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