Weekly Sales Report 5.16


Hey there! It’s a pretty beautiful Friday in Philly and I’m hoping you can say the same from where you are. We had an exciting week here at TME, we introduced Emily to all of you and we couldn’t be more excited. If you haven’t given her any love yet, get on over there and say ‘hi’ – her FAQ makes for a really good read, too.

In other news, the retailers are slowly (but surely) starting to give us those Memorial Day Sales. Scotti’s sexy little midi dress (she’s wearing it above) is 20% off making it just 45 bucks. She’s now eyeing up the pink and I’m personally eyeing up the orange. Head on over to our Instagram for a full shot of the dress on Scotti..it’s such a good one.

For even more fun finds, keep scrolling.

Scotti’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday, readers!  So Zack and I went on a date last night.  Like a real date, just the two of us. We haven’t done that in . . . who knows how long, really.  My friend recently gave me a tip to schedule a sitter EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO PLANS.  This might be obvious to some of you, but to me it was like BOOM – mind-blowing.  So we scheduled a sitter, and didn’t make any plans.  We just went and did what we felt like doing.  We had some champagne, ate some food (and may or may not have brought home an ice cream cone for Greenlea due to some serious parent guilt of leaving her home in the first place) and had a really good time together.  It’s just nice to reconnect sometimes.  (So get the sitter.)

Linzi’s Sale Picks

Only 2 weeks left for us before my kids’ summer break, and I’m starting to enter full panic mode! I am NOT ready. I know it’s summer “vacation”, but vacation takes WORK when you’re a mom, right? I have packing lists and supply lists for all their various “stuff” in my head, but realizing that I haven’t flushed anything out yet. Just placed a big order from J.Crew for a bunch of their kid stuff that’s on sale (since my boys can’t fit in to ANY of their clothes from last summer) and starting to rummage through closets to find all of our summer gear. J.Crew’s current sale is definitely helping fill in the gaps (for them AND me). Just ordered a new summer hat and thinking about a new cover up too. Trying to take advantage of the sales right now.  Happy Weekend and Happy Summer Prepping!

Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey, Friday! This is a big birthday weekend for little S. I mentioned this in my post the other day but HOW IS SHE SIX?! The sassiness is a little out of control these days, but I tell myself I’m glad she’s gonna be a strong woman someday. We need all the strong women we can get these days. Celebrating my little gal this weekend is one of the few things getting me through the sad state of our world right now. It feels less than important to talk about clothing at this juncture, but we do need breaks, mamas. We do need breaks. Love y’all. xo


Gwen’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday! I’m ready to do some major relaxing this weekend and maybe meet my parents at King of Prussia Mall for a little in-person shopping (what? who does that?). Have you ever been? It’s the kind of mall that’s SO big, you need to take breaks and pace yourself. I love it. My favorite sale find this week that is totally worth scooping up online? These Frame jeans. They’ve got such a cool London-y rocker vibe to them. And truth be told, they’re about as “rocker” as I get (Laura and S will get a kick out of that one).


Happy Weekend!


Team TME


  1. We love that you all love Cam! We do too. She’s totally fine and taking some time to pursue her own endeavors. Be sure to go follow along with her on Instagram for the latest!

  2. I have a couple of the Love Stitch maxi’s. They are awesome. How can I count the ways…with a tank or bralette underneath, as a coverup, tied up, with a jean jacket or blazer, With flats, wedges, or tennis shoes, or just plain with flip flops!

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