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Happy Friday!

Have you heard the news? The 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview is LIVE. Get all the deets (and our top 5 outfits so far), here.

If you’re not quite there yet — that’s okay! We’ll still be covering our regular sales goodness weekly. And this week, we’re talking jeans.

Jeans, J.Crew & Jackets: Editor Picks On Sale

Jeans on sale…to be exact.

For those of you who’ve followed us forever, you’ll know that’s little Greenlea in the background of our photo above and she just turned six! (Sob!) Alllll these years later, her mama Scotti is still loving those J.Crew toothpick jeans. You can get them for 20% off this weekend in this cute new wash! They’re pretty classic like that.

I’m also loving this little cami Em found — so chic (and easy) to wear now and would look great paired with sweaters in the fall. (Yes, I’m still talking about sweaters…whatcha gonna do about it?)

For even more finds, keep on scrolling!

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Scotti’s Sale Picks

We’re heading up to camp today to spend the last weekend that Shana and fam are up here with them. It’s so nice when they’re here but the visits just go by SO quickly. I’m looking forward to floating happy hours on the lake (we tie a bunch of paddleboards, floaties and tubes together) and lots of family time before they head back… and, of course, lots of discussion of the upcoming NORDSTROM SALE with Shana. (Preview here–we’re all really excited over here!)

Speaking of really good sales, J. Crew’s sale is NUTS right now. That beach sweater I’ve been sharing incessantly?? On sale for just over $30. That blazer that I love? On sale for UNDER $50. And although I don’t have this particular (tie-dye!) sweatshirt, it looks amazing and is on sale for $25. Sooooo good, you guys. (Check out more of my favorite J. Crew picks below–because this sale is really good.)

On another note, I just realized that Amazon was running a limited-time deal on their Fire Tablet Kids Edition…and after ours had been dropped countless times over the years, we thought it best to probably replace it. It comes with a 2-year warranty (break it, they’ll replace it for free) and one year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited (access to games, books, videos, etc.). Totally worth the price, especially at $50 off!

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Linzi’s Sale Picks

It is VERY VERY hard for me to look away from the Nordstrom Anniversary Preview page today. Oh, man…the selection is GOOD with some super-exciting pieces! Please look out for my preview post this coming week…I’m scouring every single piece in the sale, selecting the best deals, choosing the pieces I would ACTUALLY wear, creating some mix-and-match options, as well as breaking everything down into my top four favorites from each category (you know I’m a little obsessed with categorization). So if your personal style and comfort requirements vibe with mine, you can bookmark my upcoming post for when you get ready to shop. There are SO many good pieces, so we’re hoping our curated picks save you some time and provide a bit of fun shopping distraction.

My brain is spinning with all things Nordstrom, but I am also trying to mentally pack for our upcoming shore trip:morning coffee on the screened-in porch, lots of sand castle play, and grilling and playing cornhole in the backyard. Ahhhhhh….life outside the city!  

Top Sales Picks of the Week: My Cordani Wedges (that I LOVE), my MOTHER perfect-shade-of-washed-black jeans, and these linen pants that I ordered for the shore. J.Crew has 25% off full-priced items, so lots of J.Crew finds this week!

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Em’s Sale Picks

Hi, friends! Big day around here: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale preview was just released (S covered a bit of it already here), so we’ve all carved out the weekend to wade through it and deliver our top picks. And as much as I was anticipating this time of year pre-COVID, with school starting at the same time the sale goes live — from the “comfort” of our home, no less — I’m just having a hard time wrapping my head around things. I dodged the homeschooling bullet by having a preschooler this past spring (we counted baking and pasta-making as our curriculum,) and now I think I’m just kind of mourning the traditional kindergarten year Lana will never get to experience.

So, maybe I’m not fully ready to jump into the Sale, but this week both Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack have some deals that feel a lot like NSale finds: this BLANKNYC Faux Leather Moto Jacket for $45, this ivory satin cami for $25, and this mini Rebecca Minkoff Tote in a gorgeous neutral hue for $56 — a STEAL! Oooh, or this version with a bit more hardware and a generous size — the perfect blend of funk and function, for $87 (usually $338!). Verishop has 25% off apparel and accessories with code HIGHSUMMER, too, and I’m eyeing this timeless (ha!) Timex — perfect for layering with my everyday bracelets — and this gorgeous dress with just the right balance of fit and fluffy flounce. And if you missed it, I rounded up my best Amazon buys the past 6 months here. Lots of deals there, too. Hang in there, folks — still a little bit of summer left!

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Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey, Friday. We’re all obviously in Nordstrom Preview land over here getting stoked for what’s to come! So far, I’ve added these P448 high tops, this rad pair of waterproof boots, and this cozy matching lounge set from UGG to my wishlist. I think everyone is excited to see what’s part of the Anniversary Sale this year. It’s so good! And even though it’s just now summer here, I’m already wishing for fall, haha. It’s just what happens…and why I’m a PNW girl. Show me some great plaid, and some boots and jeans, and I’m even more ready for cooler temps again.

We’ll be able to delve into that Nordstrom sale soon enough, but other great stuff is on sale that you can actually order right now. Like this gorgeous sweater I just got from my fav rad brand Zadig & Voltaire that I geek out on (see it on me here on my IG), these great J.Crew buttonfly jean shorts (use code SHOPNOW to save), these Levi’s in the perfect stretch and wash for $30, and this adorable two-piece for under $35 total. There’s just a lot of things right now, y’all. A lot of things going on. I keep reminding myself to take breaks and deep breaths and that we will get through it…Looking at fun stuff online and dreaming up great outfits to put together still seems to provide a little bit of that distraction. It’s real heavy. Hoping we can continue to help provide moments that aren’t. xo

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Jess’ Sale Picks

Hey, all! So the Nordstrom Sale has begun — how exciting is that? I can’t believe it’s almost August already! My weekend plans will revolve around the Nordstrom preview, and we just got a HUGE order from IKEA that’s literally blocking our front door so we’ll have to tackle that at some point, too. Basically, Jon and I are going to spend the next few days getting frustrated and arguing over directions while putting together a bunch of furniture…yay.

This week, Banana Republic is having a huge sale (up to 75% off). This amazing Tencel romper, originally $129 is only $35 right now! Also, my all-time favorite pair of PAIGE jeans are on major sale at Shopbop and marked down by 50%. Now get in there, and get shoppin’!

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Kat’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday, y’all! I am back in CO and am so thankful I made it here in one piece. The drive back went super smoothly…until I actually got to CO. As soon as I crossed the state line, so many things went south — including a terrifying storm. Driving further into the state felt like a scene from the movie Twister; ominous and dark as night. Once the storm hit, my dog Mia and I, along with all the other cars, pulled over to the side of the road. I have never been more terrified of a storm in my life — 60+ mile per hour winds, hail that was the size of a baseball, and a torrential downpour. The storm lasted about 35 minutes and by the time everything was said and done, one of my windshield wipers had flown off, the windshield itself had cracked, and thousands of dollars of damage had been done to the body of my car. Once the storm ended I was able to safely get back home, but my level of anxiety was at an all-time high. Needless to say, we made it back in one piece, and I have now been car shopping all week.

In the midst of shopping for a new car, I did manage to get a few amazing pieces that are on super sale. First off, these Prada wrap espadrilles are 60% off and worth every penny! I am in love with the style so so much and will wear them for many seasons. The rainbow Athleta leggings I mentioned on Facebook came in and I absolutely love them! I ordered a 1x and their compression is great. If you follow me on Insta, you’ll find me trying the leggings in my stories! I’m also obsessed with this white jean jacket from J. Crew that’s an additional 60% off its sale price, so it comes to just $28! I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend. XX – Kat 

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