Weekly Sales Report 8.13


Happy Friday!

Let’s get right to the good stuff. This week is alllll about denim. Scotti found her Good American Bombshell shorts on sale!! Here are the ones pictured above and a longer, fringe-hem version here. She likes to pair them with her favorite J.Crew one-piece for the easiest (cutest) summer uniform ever. I may have to snag a pair for next summer because those look so freaking good on her.

If you’re looking for jeans on sale (aren’t we all?) Laura found her very favorite pair on sale at Zappos! Yay! Levi’s are already a great price point, so it’s extra exciting to find them on sale. One more: Abercrombie is doing a promo for up to 30% off jeans + free shipping on orders over $75 so that’s worth a peek too.

Happy denim hunting! And as always, keep scrolling for a TON of great finds…

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Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey, Friday. Anyone else just a little blah yesterday? Definitely hoping that will pass bc…Friday! I’m thinking it may take more coffee than I’ve had so far though…I took most of the day ‘off’ yesterday to just chill and watch shows and wow I NEVER do that. Trying my best to not feel guilty for all the stuff I didn’t get done. It’s my on-going practice for the past year and we’re working it out…working it out…I thrive on doing, so like Amy mentions, I’m working on just being sometimes. Not that binging Blacklist is like the perfect practice in being, but um it’s a process haha. (Detective dramas foreverrrrr) 

Sale-wise, I’m fully into the soft pastels (like my fav bralette in mint!) and shoes this week apparently…and sweatshirts still, no surprise there. Oh and if you missed it, my back-to-school wishlist for myself posted the other day and you might need some of my wishlist items…like the cozy slippers, for yourself. 

Scotti’s Sale Picks

Well we were all excited for school to start here–new clothes, new shoes, new backpacks and everything…aaand then the Delta variant picked up.  And then we found out masks won’t be required at our school district.  “Recommended,” but not required.  And with two littles who can’t yet get vaccinated I’m left completely confused about how to move forward.  I mean, the risk of them getting seriously ill is low, but…it’s not nothing. And as their mom, it’s my job to reduce that risk as much as possible. So it’s looking like keeping them home might be happening for the third school year in a row.   It’s frustrating.  I mean, we all want this over, but…we can’t wish it away or just pretend it’s not happening. (Anyone know of any great online schools for K-5?)

On a much much lighter note, there are a couple of sales that are really, really good right now.  Like Dermstore’s Anniversary event…25% off great brands like Revitalash, Oribe, Living Proof and R+Co (I always use these sales to stock up–especially on the larger sizes that last forever!).  Good American is also having a great sale and my favorite high-waisted-but-not-super-tight shorts are on sale…their “Bombshell” fit is perfect for curves! I have them in the ripped version and the longer fringe hem version (that’s how good they are) and love that they’re slightly longer in the back for more coverage. Here are more of my favorite picks!

Linzi’s Sale Picks

Before I talk about anything else, 25% off all my favorite Supergoop at Anthro.  Go now if you’re a fan like me and stock up! Second, these MOTHERS look VERY similar to my most worn MOTHER jeans, but on sale–woohoo!  A few different sizes here. The Insiders in general don’t look NEAR as wide at the bottom on me as they do on the model.  And finally,  I’m intrigued by these pants (on sale) and if they would make all combinations look a bit more “updated.”  

We’re at the shore enjoying our last few weeks of summer with family and way way WAY too much ice cream. If you missed it, check out my plan for getting back to MAJOR routines at the end of August. We desperately need it! I’ll admit I’m in a bit of denial, though, that we will likely be making adjustments to our dream September 2021 (with the increase of Delta), but I’ll deal with that at the end of August as well. For now…more ice cream. 

Amy’s Sale Picks

I had the lovely thought yesterday that summer this year has felt beautifully long… which is a rare feeling living in northern Michigan. It hasn’t been slow, but I think it’s been my “live in the moment” mindset that’s helped it feel full and well lived. I plan to take this mindset into the next season…and maybe my favorite bike shorts, too, because the color “spice” just hit the sale section and would be perfect with an oversized sweater and sneakers until the weather gets really cold. All my other fav sale picks are below! (PS: for all those inquiring about the gum I wrote about on this posthere you go!) Xx

Meredith’s Sale Picks

School starts for my kids next week, so naturally, I decided this would be a great week for my geriatric dog to have dental surgery. (She is very mad at me and is definitely plotting to destroy my favorite new throw blanket.) In other news, Target is killing the back-to-school game and I just purchased my 6-year-old this adorable rainbow lunch box (my 8-year-old has this Pineapple one that’s stood the test of time). I can’t wait for all the lunches I will lovingly put together only to have half the remnants return home at the end of the day. Motherhood! 

To the sales! This incredible Black Halo Dress with a to die for neckline from my Back to Work Wardrobe post is on sale with the code ENJOY2SF. Also on sale is this delicious Veronica Beard sweater in a lilac (such a fun color for winter).

Julieta’s Sale Picks

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday, and I celebrated it in my country with my loved ones. It was one for the books. Since I left my country 11 years ago, this is the second one I have spent here. The past year was challenging, painful, eye-opening, and so healing. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m still climbing out of a big hole, but I feel strong. I’m putting a stop to generations of trauma, abuse, poverty, shoving down emotions, and more, which fuels me to keep going. I now know I have a lifetime ahead of me to keep changing the turn of the generations that come after me. I highly recommend watching this video my therapist shared with me. 

Now some of my favorite sales are below. Happy weekend.

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  1. Julia, thank you so much for sharing that video on trauma. I’m a therapist and I work with a lot of clients who have experienced varying degrees of trauma, and this concept was fascinating to me. I will definitely do my own investigating to find out more information on this topic!

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