Weekly Sales Report 8.16


Hey hey! Happy Friday. As summer winds down, our team already has Fall on the brain. Don’t worry – we’re always going to give you great, timely content like Scotti’s adorable trapeze dress above (it’s literally $25 bucks right now!!) But there’s nothing wrong with doing a little window shopping for the season ahead, right? 

Keep scrolling for a totally on-trend plaid blazer find from Laura and price-matching on a TON of Eileen Fisher pieces (which rarely happens) from Linz. That and plenty more – just keep on scrollin’ and have an awesome weekend. 

Laura’s Picks

Hey party peeps. The weekend is here! I’m headed out to the Oregon coast with some girlfriends and super stoked about it. The coast here is always gorgeous, always renewing, always cold. I’m down for it after trying on combat boots all week and looking ahead to fall. We’ve been over this. Summer and I are just acquaintances. This is why I live where I do! Ha. Sale pickings are a bit slim IMO because all the fall goodness is about to hit! Top picks are the jeans below that I’d pair with combat boots, the snake print top and that plaid blazer. YES! Happy Weekend, y’all. xo 


Linzi’s Sale Picks

I tried really hard, you guys, to get in to fall shopping mode today, but the sun is shining, I’m headed to the beach, and the summer sales are just too good to pass up!  #1—Anthro is offering an extra 30%  off their sale items, and there are some REALLY good tops at REALLY good prices.  #2—I have several beach items in my Boden cart that I really wish I had right now. I wear my Boden summer stuff year after year, though, so buying late in the season for next year isn’t such a bad thing.  #3—Nordstrom is offering price matching on a ton of Eileen Fisher pieces—-some beautiful dresses and several sandals too. If you’re an Eileen Fisher fan, check them out…many of you know Eileen Fisher pieces look A TON better in person.  Happy weekending!


Scotti’s Sale Picks

I went to a couple stores today . . . just to look, not to get anything (riiiiiight) and was inundated by fall stuff.  From pumpkin spice candles to Halloween decor and everything in between, it was FALL everywhere I looked.  And I wasn’t ready.  I mean, if I’m honest, I’m usually not ready for fall even though it IS my second-favorite season.  But for now I’ll be trying to get the last bit of summer every minute it’s still here.  Those of you in 90+ heat, I’m jealous.  Enjoy!



Team TME

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