Weekly Sales Report 9.13


Happy Friday! Let’s just totally ignore the fact that it’s Friday the 13th and talk about fun leopard prints instead. 

I know everyone’s pretty partial to snake right now (and don’t get me wrong, I love that) but let’s not let our  good ol’ leopard and cheetah fall to the wayside. You guys recently went bananas over this skirt of Scotti’s and though that has since sold out, she magic’d up something similar (and on sale). 

Keep scrolling to see Laura NOT ignore Friday the 13th, and for everyone’s awesome finds of the week. 

Scotti’s Picks

So the novelty of Kindergarten has worn off. Greenlea loved the first day but was a bit, um, less than enthused when she realized that she had to go all day. Every day. Five days a week. The transition from 4 afternoons a week to 5 full days has been tough. On all of us. There were tears during morning drop off and it just breaks my heart. I know she’s fine once I leave and when I pick her up she’s always happy and had a great day.  Anyone have any advice for us? I know consistency and routine are key, but if there’s anything you’ve found that helps with the transition I’d love to hear it!  Anyway, on to the sales.  GAP has an awesome sale of up to 40% off almost everything PLUS an additional 30% with code YOURS. (I’m loving this sweatsuit . . . loungewear is apparently alllll I want to wear right now.) Banana has up to 40% off select styles here, LOFT has 30% off tops and an extra 40% off sale styles, and Macy’s has a VIP sale of an extra 30% off brands that rarely go on sale and 15% off a beauty purchase.  Here are my top picks this week: 


Laura’s Picks

Hey, Friday the 13th how ya doin’? I have many family and friends whose lucky number is 13, so don’t fall into the trap of superstition today…unless, like me, it gets you geared up for Halloween, my favorite holiday! This year we’re all going as our favorite vampires. Can you guess mine? Two hints: blonde and male. Sienna will be Vampirina, of course. She’s still in the Disney zone when it comes to scary. Anyhoo, there are some cute finds out here for your non-costume days. I’m adoring that RM bag at the bottom. I just got it recently and it’s so so cute! A perfect size, not too big and SO rad with the chain (which is much more comfortable to wear than I thought!) Anthro is having 30% off all their jumpsuits this weekend so you know I was stoked about that. The other pick of mine would be that faux leather Topshop jacket that’s under $50. Hope y’all have a fab weekend. I’m trying to keep the rain away for a fun tie-dye and indigo dyeing party on Sunday. #portlandfallprobs


Linzi’s Picks

It’s September and I’ve got shoes shoes shoes on the mind.  I will tell you, though, I am actually most excited about my new Nylon Rebecca Minkoff Backpack that I just got on super sale. Big enough to hold SO MUCH STUFF,  straps thick enough to be comfortable, but doesn’t have the total padded strap school backpack look. Plus it has cool interesting details like circle zipper pulls and hanging tassels and isn’t too rigid of a shape. I love it!  I also love that the Eco Edition of my Fav Cali-Demi boot jeans are on sale. And finally, I love that my aunt gets here tomorrow for a Philly hang out week. I now have the super important job of making a list of ALL the restaurants I want her to try. Here’s to a week of delicious eating (while wearing cute comfortable shoes of course!)

Jess’ Picks

It’s another home improvement weekend at our house – which means we won’t get HALF of what we’ve planned to do done before Sunday night comes around and Jon is REALLY into Fantasy Football right now (he’s got 10 teams already) so we’ll see how much we actually get done. I found some really great Fall Forward Pieces on sale this week: Macy’s is having their VIP sale with an extra 30% off a lot of their new inventory, including MANGO, which they just started stocking, YAY! Also, a bunch of new stuff added too to Nordstrom’s sale section. Happy weekend everybody!


Tori’s Picks


Ok, so aside from my usual suspects here (like Aerie’s 30% off all sweaters and 40% off bras sale that I clearly could not resist) I found some other really great steals this week! Anthropologie is taking 40% off all jumpsuits and I found some of my favorite products on sale on Nordstrom, like my go-to Sperry Rain Boots (on sale for under $80), these Jessica Simpson over-the-knee boots for 40% off, and this amazing Cole Haan Jacket 33% off! Happy shopping, y’all! 



Team TME 

p.s. Did you hear that Syd (our beloved Media Coordinator) came up with the idea for a TME Weekly playlist? Yeah, it’s kind of amazing. Head on over to our IG Stories to listen. They go out every Friday, baby.  


  1. Scotti, sending hugs your way! It’s not easy, tho of course you’ll all get through it.

    Our preschool used this book which I thought was a great strategy and the sweetest story: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Kissing_Hand. And we had a routine with our kids where we do “all the things” which was “kiss, hug, uppy nuggle, and a rock” in our family. Lastly, when our kids would go into the classroom it helped to have one same, specific activity that they could go and do every day when they first got there. For us it was looking at a book in the reading corner by themselves. We have quiet introverts so that was a good way for them to transition and have some alone time vs engaging right away in the craziness of the blocks or art stations which were more collaborative as well.

    It will get better but that doesn’t make it any easier right now. Good luck and enjoy your family time this weekend!

  2. So many good sales right now! I was able to get the red Louise et Cie ankle booties for $60!!! I am abnormally excited about them. Linzi, what a perfect week for family to visit! It’s restaurant week! Have fun!

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