Happy weekend! 

I did my usual thing this afternoon to prep the Sales Report and took a peek at everyone’s picks for the week. (Can you even imagine how much restraint I have to have not to buy all of this stuff day after day?) Anywho, I noticed Emily found this faux leather dress that’s SUPER similar to Shana’s Theory number from the NSale. The good news? They’re both on sale. Ooooh, yeah. You can’t go wrong with either, but we have seen Shana’s in person and it’s gooood. Em, you just might have to try the Calvin Klein one to compare or I am happy to get in on this important “research” for you guys, too. 

Keep scrolling for more finds and fun weekend plans and have a great one! 

Linzi’s Picks

We have such a busy weekend ahead of us——a play audition for my 6-year-old (adorable!!!), a parkour competition, a high school fair, family stuff, a Bat Mitzvah, babysitter for a dinner out, a salsa dance party, SO much laundry!!!!!and all I really want to do is curl up in my bed with some orange juice and sleep until Monday. I have a cold–and am obviously kind of enjoying feeling sorry for myself. Apparently I have enough energy, though, for online sale shopping, in case you were terribly worried about that. I want this dress that’s on super sale, for transitioning to fall, and don’t know how I missed this cute cardigan before, but glad I did because it’s now marked down from $98 to $36 and comes in 4 colors! I put my picks from the Anthro 20% off sale on Facebook. Some other good finds below. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Scotti’s Picks

Greenlea has had a loooong week.  It’s only the second week of school (she’s still getting used to the whole “every day” part) and she’s started rehearsals for Frozen Jr., the play she auditioned for last week. She is going to LOVE being in this one, but she’s definitely feeling the exhaustion right about now! We’re taking her to a harvest festival this weekend where she (we) will get to dress up and go trick-or-treating. Halloween is like her favorite holiday ever, so she’ll be super-excited that she can celebrate it alllll month(s) long. Lucky for her, her mama is kind of crazy about holidays too. I just dipped into Goodwill yesterday and found this Evie costume for her and this Poison Ivy costume for me (I’m mostly excited about the makeup options!) at a fraction of the cost. Yay for second-hand! Happy weekend, everyone and here are some sale picks for you!

Laura’s Picks

Hey, Friday. Whew. This week felt like super epic-ly long. Did it for anyone else? We have a fun weekend though filled with sleeping in tomorrow (and by sleeping in I mean like maybe 7:30), a studio visit of my friend Lisa Congdon‘s to snag her new book Find Your Artistic Voice (Sienna loves her so!), a consignment store crawl with a friend on Sunday, a friend in an improv play on Saturday, and at some point grabbing pizza from Gracie’s Apizza, a new spot in our neighborhood that my friend Chris raves about. Pizza and art and sleep. Sounds like me. There are some great pieces on sale today only at Anthro for members, as in everything is 20% off AND free shipping! SWEET. I snagged the insanely cute clog boots for under $150, my favorite slippers (your feet don’t get too hot!) and this tiger print shirt because OBVS. LOFT has some adorable finds all at 40% off too. Some items need code NEWNOW for the discount and some don’t. Hope you all have a fab weekend! My mom arrives on Sunday night, too, so we’re pretty stoked over here to see Nonna soon! TGIF, y’all. Off to barre3. xo


Emily’s Picks

Hey hey! Happy Friday, pals. Remember when I said I was back into the swing of things? I kinda spaced the fact that, in a mad dash to make our short summer feel longer, I scheduled our September with back-to-back road trips. Not complaining, but I just haven’t been around here as much as I’d like! This past week we went to Avila Beach, which is about as kid-friendly as it gets — bike trail to the beach, beachside playgrounds, wine tasting for mom + dad, hip little cafés for the whole fam. (Got a couple of snaps in my Stories as we speak.) And next up is Yosemite! The kiddo’s first time since she’s been of hiking age, and we couldn’t be more pumped. Phew. Anyhoo. On to sales! This weekend Macy’s is having their VIP sale, which means up to 30% off lotsa stuff, even brands that are usually excluded from these things. Heyyo! Use code VIP. And I went onto Zappos in search of a new pair of Superstars (spoiler: found em!) and kinda went down the rabbit hole in the sale section there, too. Can’t decide which of these bedazzled numbers — the heeled sandal or the pointed flat — I’d wear more, but I love the idea of either of them with a distressed hem. So fun. Happy weekend, friends! – Em

Team TME
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