Weekly Sales Report 9.6


Hey there! Though I’m sad to see Summer go, I will admit that these Fall clothes have me pretty excited for the new season. Have I ever told you I’m a biiit of a coat and jacket hoarder? Hands down one of my favorite pieces to buy. 

So, until it’s time to wear THIS, I think I’ll stick to my trusty denim jacket while the weather does its weird in-between thing here in Philly. Laura just found this one by Levi’s and most of us have something similar we love.

p.s. Not sure I’ll ever be able to splurge on that stunning wrap coat but a girl can dream, right? 

p.p.s. Everything from our #VoloshinxTME collection is 35% off right now!! This is your last chance to snag it all before things go on final sale. Shop everything here

Linzi’s Picks

Happy First-Friday-Of-School for all you Philly folks and others who started this week. I love getting back to routine, but DANG! transition from summer is no joke! We are taking this weekend for some “recovery” time to help with the shock to our systems. With the kids back in school, I am now in FULL fall shoe round-up mode. I’m super excited that as I’m digging through all the retailers for upcoming posts, I’m finding some really good fall shoes on SALE too!  If you’re a Madewell Insider, you can get 15% off my favorite (so far) fall shoes…these Madewell Clogs. They come in a gorgeous olive too. Also! Nordstrom has a lot of the really good shoes that were a part of the Anni Sale BACK on sale! Here’s to feet being happy in comfortable, stylish, got-them-on sale beauties!

Emily’s Picks

Ah, one week of school down, guys! Ok ok, so our first week was only one day, but I’m in the groove! Lana adores her new school, my first-ever packed lunch was completely mediocre, lol — and this weekend I have a bachelorette party in Napa. Can’t complain! On the sale front, I’m still trying to hunt down a couple more pairs of investment-worthy jeans (but at a non-investment price?), so these FRAME jeans are pretty tempting. (PS – additional 20-50% off EVERYTHING at Neiman Marcus Last Call!) And we’ve got a wedding in Santa Barbara in October, so I’m slowly gathering dresses for a major try-on sesh. (Should I make it a post?) Really also into hints of metallic right now, so this backpack (subtly R2D2 themed, which is, like, so cool) and the two pairs of pumps are really calling to me. Extra 20% off sale at Anthro is the perfect excuse to stock up on some sweet home goods for gifting, too. Oh, and *cashmere sweater dress* — enough said. Have a great weekend!

Laura’s Picks

Hey hey Friday! I just got back from at one of my VERY favorite Portland spots (for the second time this week! LOL) called Proud Mary. It’s like a coffee shop on Australian crack and it’s phenomenal. Speaking of crack, they have a Passionfruit Pavlova on the menu right now and I die. Ok so it’s actually just an Australian cafe with killer coffee and amazingly delicious fusion dishes that are actually pretty healthy besides the pavlova. I highly recommend. It’s not brand new, but it’s continually a fav over the last couple of years. My round up today is a little all over the place but also includes some killer finds. I’m off to pick up little S right now so gotta run, but check out our playlist on Spotify to see who I saw on Tuesday night! Or head to my highlights on my Instagram. Happy Weekend. xo 



Jess’ Picks

This weekend we’re determined to get stuff done around this house, we have to clean out our entire backyard, which is like a forest, tile the bathroom floor and rip-up the carpet in the basement, and finish painting the kitchen- all in hopes of one day soon putting our place on the market! Whew. A lil’ sweat equity never hurt anyone right? If only I had like a really cute pair of work overalls, then I might be more excited!  A little bit of everything in my sales picks this week: some Macy’s, LOFT, Anthro, Shopbop, and Nordstrom! This weekend, picking through all the Summer stuff that’s going on sale to find some good quality Fall/Winter Finds. Hope everyone has a great one! 

Scotti’s Picks 

Greenlea started Kindergarten this week!  It was . . . ugh.  A week full of mixed emotions.  I was so proud of her but there’s still that part of me that wants to call her in sick every day so we can stay home and snuggle and watch movies together.  But I can’t because—real life.    So instead we surprised her at the end of the week and whisked her away to a last-minute trip to Green Bay for the weekend.  We’re at a hotel with a crazy cool pool area for the kids and tomorrow we’ll take her to Bay Beach Amusement Park.  It’s just nice to get to reconnect with the family once in awhile, you know?  Especially when I feel like they’re growing up super fast.  (Which is all the times.)  So . . . I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and here are some things that caught my eye!



Team TME


  1. I love these weekend sales emails! Thank you!

    As a petite mama (barely 5 ft!) I’d love to see a round up of knee high boots that will actually be knee high and not accidentally over the knee! Please and thank you for!

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