Our Post-Holiday Sales Report


Let the post-holiday sales BEGIN.

In lieu of our usual Friday Sales Report, we published The Best of Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly Sales (and let me tell you, it is GOOD). But now that the post-holiday sales are rolling, we wanted to share our favorites across the board — and things we’ll personally be wearing all winter long.

Think: cashmere everything (like that Halogen turtleneck we all love), sweater pants (remember these gems from Banana?) MOTHER denim for the days you dare to put on jeans, and Ooo! These Vince slippers.

The Best Year-End & After-Christmas Sales For Fashion

We’ll be updating our picks all weekend long so be sure to check back! And enjoy the rest of your holiday!

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Scotti | Laura | Amy | Kat | Em | Linzi | Shana

Scotti’s Post-Holiday Sales Picks

I hope you guys had a wonderfully relaxing Christmas–but tbh I’m usually always exhausted afterwards! Life of a mom, am I right? Thankfully I can now relax with a glass of wine and do allllll the shopping of really good post-holiday sales (and FYI, those Uggs that I featured multiple times this fall are on sale for the first time that I’ve seen–35% off!).

Laura’s Post-Holiday Sales Picks

I hope everyone had a cozy holiday. I keep buying all the sweaters…and I still want more. Top picks besides my always-fav moto? Blouse, sweater pants & pewter Frye oxfords. xoxo

Amy’s Post-Holiday Sales Picks

After the holidays, I try to hunt down allll the winter gear and stock up on everything cozy for winter lounging (like these perfect nike sweats and hoodie) before the stores switch seasons!

Kat’s Post-Holiday Sales Picks

Basic pieces, loungewear and a few pair of joggers that are just too good to resist. Oh and these Veja sneakers are an insanely good price!

Em’s Post-Holiday Sales Picks

If nothing else, this skirt (for NYE, maybe? But also just for dinner dates at home). And could this be the perfect non-sweatshirt top for The Stupid Pants? I think so… Have a great weekend, friends!

Linzi’s Post-Holiday Sales Picks

Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share a few sale picks….there are some exciting ones. Don’t miss Everlane’s big sale! My cobalt blue booties are marked down from $115 to $57!!!! And my pretty lantern sleeve cashmere sweater is under $100 now. Lots of other fun finds below too.

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Shana’s Post-Holiday Sales Picks

Not to be horrifyingly boring…but my most-worn sneakers of all time, Adidas Superstars, are on sale. If you also have big plans to de-clutter your closet, these will survive alllll of the closet clean-outs. My top picks for post-holiday sales in general? Net-a-Porter. Good grief – I want EVERYTHING.


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