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It’s been a week or two since we’ve had a Sales Report, and I’ve missed you guys! In case you didn’t notice, we took a pause for some other stuff **cough cough Nordstrom Anniversary Sale cough** but don’t you worry — we’re back to covering ALL the sales. 

For those of you who are still riding that #NSale high (or just getting started shopping!) everyone pulled together a small section of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks in addition to their regular roundups below. We hope you like it! This is a really good way to get you a small, well-stocked edit as opposed to those massive posts that take hours and hours of hard work.

By the way, let’s give it up for our team — contributors and staff — for all of their hard work & coverage so far!! I’m always blown away by this group, and this year’s sale has been so much fun to cover. 

All The Summer & Fall Outfit Fun + Nordstrom Sale Picks Still In Stock

Because everyone’s Sales Report edits are just SO so good today, I’m going to switch things up a bit and just shout out the pieces I love most. Click on a contributor’s name in this list below to be taken to allllll of their wonderful sales picks! 

  • Jess Jess, you went and read my mind. I was eyeing up this Abercrombie drapey trench earlier and had no idea it was on super-sale! (I’m was thinking Terracotta Red…)
  • Scotti – For those of you who tuned in for our first (maybe second?) Facebook live, we mentioned this Barefoot Dreams cardigan as one we were hoping to see in the #NSale. Welp. It’s here and — by some miracle — still stocked! I live in mine. 
  • Linzi – Ugh, Linz. Now I need this giraffe print tee!!! So. Good. 
  • Laura – …and should I get these zebra P448’s to go with it? KIDDING. Seriously though, everyone’s raving about these sneakers this year…and I’m easily swayed. 
  • Kat – Kat’s still gushing over the Vince Henderson Booties (#NSale shoppers — you know the ones). I’m obsessed and would definitely go with the green, ‘Militare’ color.
  • Shana – If I ever find myself needing to go out into the wilderness for any reason at all (read:hike) I’d like to wear THIS. Thanks.
  • Julieta – Julieta and I have pretty similar styles, and when she shared this perfect rag & bone v-neck sweater I had to have it. 
  • Em – Em, you read my mind too!! I was eyeing these teal shiny Sweaty Betty leggings and they are everything. Good find. 

Jess’ Sale Picks

It’s finally my turn to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I went on a buying spree yesterday. So until those glorious packages arrive, I’m offering up the first sneak peek of my most-coveted pieces below. In addition to my #NSale finds, Banana Republic is having a 40% off sale on regular-priced items, plus an extra 50% off all sale items, and J.Crew is having a 25% off sale on most regular-priced items using the code: EPIC. Hope you enjoy your weekend! I’ll be in my bedroom taking non-stop selfies in all my Nordstrom sale pieces for ya!

Non-Anniversary Sale Picks


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks


Scotti’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday, everyone! We escaped up to camp (see Shana’s crazy cool pics here) for the weekend to enjoy as many warm days left in summer as we can. Although I’ve got my wardrobe set for fall, my heart and mind are still firmly planted in summer. Up here, there’s never enough summer. So I’m going to keep this short and sweet–because the lake is calling me. Here are some of my favorite picks from around the web and a few of my favorites from the Nordstrom Sale–all still fully in stock at the time of publish, some of which are much-worn favorites of mine like these high-waisted Zella leggings, this cozy Barefoot cardigan and these incredibly soft and comfy pjs.  You’ll wear them over and over even if everything shuts down again (fingers crossed it won’t). Enjoy your weekend! 

Non-Anniversary Sale Picks



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks


Linzi’s Sale Picks

Although I’m PRETTY excited that four of my favorite pieces are still in stock in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (well….at least they’re in stock right now…things do seem to be disappearing, but then coming back in stock, every day), I feel like I have totally been neglecting some of the other great sales going on. Sorry, J.Crew and Madewell. My brain is definitely in several different places right now with shopping….the Anniversary Sale has some amazing pieces for fall and winter, Madewell has some fantastic pieces you could wear now that would transition well in to fall, J. Crew has some really cute tops that could be worn anytime (but especially perfect for Zoom), and then there are some SUPER-cute sundresses that I want to be wearing this hot second and have in my closet ready for next summer too.  All the things, guys…all the things.

I’ve had several questions about the masks I’ve been wearing in my Nordstrom Sale selfies. They’re GREAT! The most breathable masks I own and very comfortable. As for my favorite print mask, though, right now…it’s definitely Boden’s variety pack. They are SO super-cute….ALL of them…and comfy and flexible enough that my 12-year-old keeps stealing them. Keep searching if you don’t have a mask you LOVE…it’s worth it to find the one that fits you perfectly.

Non-Anniversary Sale Picks


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks (Still In Stock)


Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey, Friday. Woo! Whew. All the things right now, but highly caffeinated over here and ready to make it happen. Continuing to focus on work right now is saving me, so we’ll just keep doing that. I really need a way to incorporate my emoji spirit animal, the smiley face with the sweat droplet, into these posts. [Picture it here.] This week I’ve styled up a bunch of things for us, first the Nike Palazzo pants (and I think these FP pants would be a fab alternative!) and then the Topshop straight-leg dad jeans (still mostly in stock!) Both are awesome, and I will admit those are some of my favorite posts I’ve attempted in a while. 

I’ve got #NSale pieces still coming in, and there are some great finds, like the cozy fleece jacket below that’s only $42 and the rag & bone wide-leg jeans (I sized up.) Other sales around the internets are also good! DO NOT miss out on my favorite Athleta joggers that are well-stocked and on sale! Check out the post here where I styled them up. I wear a 4P in them so they run TTS. I also have the cool turns-itself-into-a-backpack Half-Zip pullover that looks SO rad on and is lightweight but wind-blocking. I cannot tell you what kind of magic they put in that fabric, but it’s heaven. It’s called You Can Run With It, but since I hate running I’ll just be You Can Wear It To the Grocery Store-ing in it. Have a good weekend, friends. xo

Non-Anniversary Sale Picks



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks



Kat’s Sale Picks

OMG, I feel like I’ve been running around like a madwoman this week! I am officially back to work and things are bonkers! I am now considered an essential worker as my main job is in education, and I can’t believe how much has changed. Mainly that our entire school is pivoting to outdoor curriculum, and the majority of our meetings and class time will be held outside. This means, my entire wardrobe is now changing, to things that are stretchable and easily washable! I am going to be buying more of my all-time favorite Vince Camuto leggings that are in the #NSale because I am certain I will be living in them all season. Weatherproof shoes are a must for me now too, and I am so glad I bought these weatherproof Vince Chelsea booties that are both comfortable, cute and weather-resistant! I found some great items on sale too over at J. Crew (up to 70 percent off of sale), and am brainstorming ways to be cute and comfortable while also staying at the ready for the ever-changing Colorado weather. Wish me luck! XX – Kat 

Non-Anniversary Sale Picks


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks 



Shana’s Sale Picks

Mike and I are planning a hiking trip to New Hampshire at the end of August…so that’s where my brain is, gearing up for that. I’ve grown out of most of my old hiking stuff — no. Lemme say it like this: I could use some fresh new gear, so I’ve been perusing Backcountry’s Semi-Annual sale section, as well as my other typical haunts. My sale picks this week are mayyyyybe the most random assortment of items I’ve ever claimed as an “edit” — my apologies.  But we’ve been going so hard on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that this week’s picks…well…they’re fully representative of the inside of my head. Good luck, happy weekend.


Julieta’s Sale Picks

On Wednesday, it was my birthday — amid the Nordstrom Sale, a pandemic, and the worst anxiety season I’ve had in my life. I had the Zoom birthday party I never knew I needed with my family in Colombia. My sister made a video compiled with birthday wishes from my best friends and closest relatives. To say I cried is an understatement. We ended the day with a date, thanks to my in-laws who stayed with our boys. It was one of the happiest days in months. You couldn’t get this one, anxiety.

Today, I jumped out of my chair when I saw this coat back in stock at Nordstrom. I was checking every day, hoping it would be back — just ordered it. Another retailer with fantastic deals is Revolve (up to 65% off) with great summer finds. My picks below…

Non-Anniversary Sale Picks


Anniversary Picks




Em’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday, friends! What a week. As you may have gathered, we all burn the midnight oil a bit around here during the NSale, but it’s also some of the most fun, rewarding content we publish all year. You guys are SO into it, and it’s so fun to share everything you never knew you needed to know about all things NSale. If you missed it, I covered my fave comfy denim here, my fave soft + stretchy pieces here, and I cracked the code on styling the coolest boots of the sale (maybe a bit biased…) — read the full post styling them up here. Wait…or maybe these, which have already been getting mega wear. Either way, I’m keeping both.
Funny enough, my fave sale picks of the week are from Nordstrom…but not in the NSale. This Rag & Bone cashmere hoodie. These ALLSAINTS boots in the prettiest greige (as my grandma would call it) or black. This 100% silk cami in a totally non-cheesy leopard print. Also VERY intrigued by these J.Crew stovepipe jeans — the reviews are great, they’re fully stocked and they’re $30 with code EPIC. And this playful daypack is the perfect accessory for our coming Adventure Year. Just the right size for Lana’s Chromebook and plenty of other stuff, too. Happy weekend, folks!

Non-Anniversary Sale Picks


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks




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