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Happy Friday!!

I just tried my hand at our Weekly Sales Report Live over on IG, and let me say: it takes some serious finesse! Shoutout to all of my teammates who have been doing it so seamlessly week after week. If nothing else, Laura’s electric toothbrush find is not one to be missed (though I glazed over the important fact that it comes with a UV cleaner) and I quickly realized that at least three people on our team have these Blondo booties (so they must be GOOD).

Chic Lounge Pieces, Cute Jackets & Cool Booties On Sale

In other news, Backcountry has a pretty great “Winter Yard Sale” happening now including Shana’s fleece hoodie above that she’s worn season after season (I’m obsessed with that maroon color) and Linzi found this cream-colored backpack by The North Face and it just looks…fresh. And if you’re looking for Shana’s exact duffle from above, it’s here — use code THEMOMEDIT for 15% off!

Oh! And Em’s reversible Zella jacket went on sale, too. That hardly ever happens.

I hope you have some sweet, safe plans for this Valentine’s Weekend. (It’s one of my favorites!) More sales, below…

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Amy’s Sale Picks

Happy Weekend! It’s been a bitter cold week here at the top of Michigan, and though I’ve been craving jeans, my little babe and I have been living in sweatsuits to stay warm. February is always the toughest month for me mentally because it’s typically the coldest + dreariest part of winter to get through — but according to social media, Lake Superior just officially froze over along the shore, and half the town was out last night playing hockey, ice skating and other magical things. It was beautiful!

If you missed it, I rounded up some seriously good coats on sale this week over on this blog post. One of my recent fav retailers, Mango, has a Valentine’s sale running — extra 15% off sitewide when you use code VALENT14! I’m eyeing up this oversized check shacket in both ecru and medium blue that would be nearly $20 bucks off with the code. Macy’s is also having a Valentine’s sale this weekend — SO many good Free People pieces are included in it with prices I’ve never seen anywhere else! Xx

Meredith’s Sale Picks

Texas has fallen off the wagon this week. The weather has been all over the place and we are currently supposed to hit the TEENS this weekend. I know my tough TME bloggers up North will mock this dip in degrees relentlessly, but trust me, Texans are not coping well. No one can find their winter coat and the skin is a crackling. That’s why you’re seeing more cozy fabrics and cold weather finds on my sale items this week. My heart wants spring, but my brain says, “Girl, you’re currently shivering indoors wearing a sweater atm.”

My skin is sending an SOS for some hydration and I have my eye on a Black-owned Business I recently discovered called Bomb’d Aesthetics. Currently scoping out their Blood Orange Energy Shea Soap, as well as the Fragrance Free Whipped Shea Butter (currently on sale). Also, they have dedicated Yoni Soap and I AM HERE. FOR. IT. Fun fact, I once played a lead character called “Yoni” in a community musical theatre production of “The Brain From Planet X.” My big number was “I Need An Earthman.” (Yes there is video.) I only discovered what Yoni meant after the show ended. My mother was very proud. Anyway, that’s a story for another time. Happy shopping!

Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey-o, Friday. Had a fun birthday week over here, complete with all the delicious food and treats. Now it’s almost Valentine’s Day…and more treats. Heh. Welcome to my Feb birthday life of just living it up all month with deliciousness. I’m not mad about it. Any fellow knitters out there? My friend Emily launched her GORGEOUS hand-dyed yarns this month. You gotta check them out. It’s snowing here today and since we usually only get one per winter, we’re all excited. I know February is a tough month, but with all these planets in Aquarius this month and birthdays and snow, this February child is just buzzing. Or maybe it’s all that sugar…

Sales are phenomenal, friends. But first, these taller lug sole boots that I adore are ONLY in stock at this site. Arg. I love them so and wish they weren’t close to selling out, but such is our life here. TTS and taller but not too tall! Seriously, snap them up. So comfy. So rad. My top two sales picks are this sun & moon graphic tee at Madewell and um, a toothbrush. Yeah I know. Haha. But this one is the one I already have and adore but it comes with both a travel case AND a UV cleaner. Yay! I’m upgrading. Happy Palentine’s, Galentine’s, & Valentine’s Days, friends! xoxo

Scotti’s Sale Picks

It has been quite a WEEK. Last week this time I was down in Ann Arbor, awaiting a ton of doctor appointments. I’ll update you guys soon but…let’s just say I now know exactly what’s happening in this picture and this picture, and I was lucky enough to have to repeat this picture again too. (Nothing like being shoved into a small tube with a tight helmet around your head and having to lie still for 45 min to really test your recently-acquired meditation skills!) I Zoomed with Shana and Mom after some of these crazy tests and we were dying laughing…because humor is especially important right about now, and I couldn’t dream up these tests if I tried. We just got back home last night, and needless to say I think I’ll be spending the weekend in bed. I’m exhausted. But I did come home to these ridiculous shoes that I’m in LOVE with…and even though I paid full price, they’re now on sale, so I was able to get a refund for the difference. Yay, Nordstrom! Happy Weekend, everyone!

Em’s Sale Picks

Hey hey, pals — Gung Hay Fat Choy! This will be the first year I’m not celebrating the Lunar New Year with my extended family in some fashion, and it’s genuinely one of the biggest bummers of the pandemic yet. It’s easily one of my favorite holidays — and as Lana gets bigger, it’s been so sweet to see her become familiar with some of the New Year traditions (and foods!). Instead, today we’re driving back home from Palm Springs, and I’m getting my CNY fix in the form of @nom_life reels (I’m shamelessly obsessed) — and, hopefully, a celebratory DIY Year of the Ox feast at home later this weekend.

On the shopping front, hold onto yer butts: both the sweater and the jacket from this post are on super sale right now. The jacket is such a fun and easy piece to style — reversible, so two looks in one — and right now it’s under $60. And I’ve reached for the sweater more times than I can count. Swingy, modern and SO SOFT. And Sak’s OFF 5th has an additional 25% off all clearance right now, and there are some crazy deals to be found (like rag & bone sunnies for $30 – yes please!). Happy weekend, friends.

Oh! p.s. if you need a last-min Valentine’s Day project, I finally published our favorite craft hack here. It’s a good one!

Linzi’s Sale Picks

I’m feeling especially outdoorsy this week. Maybe it’s the fact that we’re planning a summer hiking trip… or that we’ve been taking any opportunity we can to use our ski passes. Yep…this SUPER rigid-about-attendance-and-tardiness-mom has been allowing her kids to do school from the car in order to get to the ski hill for some much needed fun outdoor time. I don’t know WHAT has gotten into me!  

The Sweaty Betty adorable ski jacket I’ve been coveting is still on sale AND just got restocked in all sizes. Another new ski jacket from Sweaty Betty on sale below as well. HUGE sale at Backcountry with tons of sales on our favorite outdoor brands (lots of Patagonia on sale), and I just came across this Black-owned business Queen Malkia that has some really fun sports bras and leggings (not on sale, but so cool). Thinking about this strappy sports bra for some outdoor workout motivation. And for some non-outdoorsy finds…Anthro’s sale is RIDICULOUS! My favs below. Happy weekend, everyone! 

Jess’ Picks

I hope everyone had a great week! For me, February is always my toughest month of the year, the novelty of winter has worn off, the holidays are over and it’s the coldest, snowiest month in Michigan. So to help with my raging case of cabin fever, I try to keep myself busy with lots of art/DIY projects, like my latest obsession painting with pearlized pigment powders from Jacquard and I just went through my second Tulip Tie-dying Kit. Next up, I’m dying fabric with tissue paper (from an article I read on Honestly WTF).

This week my sale picks are all about soft, quality fabrics like these Cashmere joggers from AllSaints on sale at Bloomingdale’s. Also, I was sooo happy that these Marc Fisher Idarana Hiking Boots finally went on sale after I’ve been eyeing them for months. The biggest decision was deciding what color to get. I ended up getting them in light cognac suede because I don’t have any hiking boots in that color, although I also loved them in white! Happy hunting, and I hope everyone has a happy valentine’s weekend!

Kat’s Picks

Well, things are looking up this week, y’all! Last weekend I had a turmoil of emotions as my wild puppy child was so incredibly sick. I ended up taking her to the ER and was told by the vet there that he thought she had terminal cancer. Thankfully my vet called me the next day to tell me he disagreed with the ER’s assessment, and when I took her in on Tuesday we learned that she has pancreatitis, not great, but also not the end of the world! She is eating more normally now, and is on the mend! Needless to say, I was a total hot mess of emotions, but am so thankful for the flood of support from everyone on IG. In other news, I finally got my first dose of the COVID vaccine and I am beyond excited to feel like there may be light at what has been a very very dark tunnel. Things are looking up, and I can’t wait to get onwards to a new normal! Okay, onto the sales…

This week Anthropologie is a top hit again with an extra 50% off of their sale prices, and this cute lounge set is now only $35! And the tank I was wearing in my most recent Athleta post is now on sale for only $15! Oh, and that Sherpa jacket we all love is on sale again too and now only $49! I almost forgot to mention, I finally decided to buy the Purple mattress I had mentioned wanting months ago, and it’s on sale for Presidents Day! I hope you all have a happy weekend filled with a little extra love and a few good deals!

Julieta’s Sale Picks

Sometimes I finish therapy in tears. Others I end with a smile. Both are good. Both are necessary. At an early age, trauma made my brain create barriers, hide emotions, and do everything it could to protect me. Today I’m thanking my brain for doing that when I couldn’t protect myself, but I’m also telling it I’m safe now, and I don’t need to be in alert mode anymore. Today I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked deep into my crystalized eyes and told my inner child: “You are safe now”. My reflection said, “Thank you” with a big smile.

I can’t stop thinking about this unique, mesmerizing jacket (30% off). I’ve never owned something like it before, but I can’t get it out of my head (also in this colorway). Now, are you looking for new jeans? Levi’s has 30% off sitewide, and I just snagged this Ribcage bootcut pair.

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