Weekly Sales Report 2.5


Happy Friday!

Let’s talk about boots, baby. Philly got hit with a bunch of snow earlier this week, and I quickly realized that I’m in desperate need of legit snow boots. (Thanks for trying, UGG Minis, but you guys didn’t quite rise up to the challenge…)

All The Good Sweaters & Booties Are On Sale

What I need ASAP are these Sorel Joan of Arctic Wedges. Believe it or not, I had them once upon a time and now I have NO idea where they are. (My childhood closet, perhaps??) But they were some of the best snow boots, ever…and they still made me feel stylish. I know Scotti swears by them.

Another pair that caught my eye are Kat’s beloved Vince Henderson Booties. Yup, they’re still on sale and I can attest, she has worn them SO many times since snagging them at this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They look so good with everything, and it seems like the cost-per-wear is a no-brainer!

And finally, Amy found this cable-knit sweater set that is TOO cute to pass up. I really have no idea how I could settle on a color, though — they’re all gorgeous.

Plenty more sales to peek through, below! Happy Weekend, everyone.

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Laura’s Sales Picks

Hey, Friday. How is everyone? As a February-born, I know this time of year can be a leetle heavy and like “when is it spring already?” …especially right now. But, as someone who usually goes big for birthdays (like the year I made all my friends dress up as their fav Wes Anderson movie characters) I say do something out of the norm for a pick-me-up! Out of the norm IS normal during Aquarius season, so embrace your weird/curious/eclectic side right now. I promise it’ll be fun! If you can’t think of anything else, might I recommend…a Wes Anderson film? (Rushmore and Grand Budapest Hotel are my favs, if I had to pick two.)

Sales. Are. Good. Friends. Not only are two of the pairs of lug sole loafers (the ivory pair and the black pair) from my latest try-on sesh on sale, but so are some of my favorite Madewell jeans (in plus sizes, too!) Someone recommended this rad, local (Portland) Black-owned business to me yesterday, and now I’m obsessed with both the floral blazer and the sheep bomber jacket. Omg. And the black and white jacket. Gosh. So good! Have a good weekend, take time for you, listen to some Dolly Parton, pay something forward, have a donut. Yes, I’m really just listing out some of my favorite things, but I think they’d give us all a little boost right now! xoxo

Linzi’s Sale Picks

You guys are SO fun!!! I am having the best time watching all of the Style Challenge Selfies pop up all day long. Seriously…you guys are KILLING it! Bringing a whole new bright spot to February that I didn’t know I needed. Speaking of fun…I can’t stop browsing for fun spring and summer bags. I keep coming back to gaze upon this beauty from Black-owned Business Shekudo. Wouldn’t it be so cute with jeans and a white tee or a basic black midi dress? It’s bigger than it looks (10×12). 

And now for the sales…Verishop once again has some amazing sales on high-end pieces like the gorgeous Joie sweater below, marked down from $278 to $56! And Everlane has their ReNew windbreaker made from recycled materials for $33! Gets great reviews—thinking perfect for spring. Maybe with that Shekudo bag and white sneaks?

Amy’s Sales Picks

It’s very early on Friday afternoon, but I’m already sipping wine because I was way too excited to wait when this “Black Girl Magic” wine trio from McBride Sisters showed up on my doorstep today! It’s a pretty perfect companion for sales shopping, I must admit. The only other thing that could make this afternoon better is if I were wearing one of the many lounge sets currently on sale at Anthropologie; they have such a good sale section right now! I’ve also been searching through all the winter coats that are going on sale to roundup for a future post — but this amazing red puffer from H&M probably won’t last long, so I had to show it to you all now!! Cheers, everybody!

Em’s Sales Picks

Ahhhhh Friday. We’re running a bit wild this weekend because next week we’re road tripping (safely — as in, yes, I have a potty packed into the car) to hole up in Palm Springs for a couple of days. We found a place with a pool and a hot tub and a whole lotta room for running around, and we plan to basically sequester ourselves in a new environment for a few days and just soak in the change of scenery. (Highly considering doing a post on our experience, though it’ll likely still be a bit voyeuristic since we don’t really plan to spend time outside of our temporary abode.) But still: a road trip!! I mixed up a batch of this snack mix for the drive, and it’s already clear it won’t even make it through the weekend. Oh, and when we stay in an airbnb, we typically leave behind a small gift for the host, and I just realized that Dabira Aroma (Black-owned biz) restocked my favorite Hella Good candle, which would be perfect for just such a thing. All of Dabira Aroma’s candles are so lovely — super concentrated fragrance with excellent throw. We have them around the house, and even unlit they smell amazing. (There’s one sitting next to me in a sunny windowsill as we speak, and I’m literally enveloped in the scent. Ahhhhhhhh.)

I must be craving a change of style scenery this week, too, because my sales picks are admittedly a little out of character for me. A few more pieces that lean ever-so-slightly toward polished. Maybe Valentine’s Day has me feeling a bit romantic, but this The Kooples blouse is beckoning to me big time. Unapologetically feminine, yet the moody colors would be easy to edge up a bit. And as much as I love my chunky black boots, these are just…pretty. Still chunkyish, and it feels like they’d be just as easy to wear with jeans/tees/sweaters/dresses while bringing a bit more effort. Stellar price, too. Happy weekend, friends!

Scotti’s Sales Picks

Happy weekend, everyone! I’m coming at you from Ann Arbor, Michigan. We’re down here for some doctor appointments so we can figure out the next steps with my tuma (I like to say tuma instead of tumor because it reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger saying “it’s not a tuma!” and makes it feel less serious). I met with the first doctor this morning and he was great. Friendly, reassuring and I left feeling totally confident that I’m in the best hands here. I have a ridiculous amount of tests scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, and then we’ll be able to venture on home again (fingers crossed there’s not another snow storm). The kids are loving the pool (we have to sign up for reserved times and they take our temperatures before we can go in…very reassuring) and their “vacation,” and Zack and I are trying to navigate a whole lotta feelings without taking away from their excitement.

And I don’t have to tell you guys that it’s its own special kind of hell to be able to see the mall from our hotel room and NOT be able to go shopping. I know you guys feel me. I guess I’ll just have to do some online retail therapy! And speaking of, that vacuum we love is still on crazy sale (it’s SO good you guys–Zack talked his parents into buying one because we love it so much) and this sweater that’s perfect to throw on over leggings or jeans (or anything really) is finally restocked in the green color I love so much and on sale for over 40% off. Highly recommend that one, you guys! Keep those awesome TME style challenge pictures coming and enjoy every day! 😘

Kat’s Sales Picks

It has seriously been a week, y’all. I survived my first week back to in-person learning, and let me tell you all, it kicked my ass. I am exhausted and feeling like I need to spend the entire weekend sleeping. I wish I had more to say, but ya girl is just tired and needs a nap ASAP! The one thing I need to mention though is that I found my favorite SLIP sleep eye mask on super sale for $18. I hope you all have a restful weekend, I sure know I need it!

Meredith’s Sale Picks

Phew, it has been a WEEK! I went from a TME Insider to a TME Contributor — I feel like Tai from “Clueless” and am excited to be rolling with “Shana and the Homies” (one hit wonder from the ’80s). I am LOVING all of your contributions to the TME Style Challenge and have been screaming with laughter over the “Channel Your Inner Moira” day. Entire families dressing up? A reenactment of her straight to streaming movie? That is COMMITMENT and I for one applaud you all.

But let’s get to the good stuff — the SALES! I have whiplash from scrolling back and forth from every new sale popping up (OK, not really, but you feel me). The Camila Blondo Waterproof Booties are ridiculously marked down and they are WORTH IT. Paired with jeans in the fall/winter, a midi skirt in the spring, these babies will get you through a couple of seasons. Also, do not sleep on these High Rise ’80s Mom Jeans from Abercrombie that are currently 40% off. I KNOW what you’re thinking, “For real Meredith? Pleats?” But they are seriously ahmaazingg (said in Moira voice) and you’ll love that journey…for yourself.

Shana’s Sale Picks

I just finished writing my weekend post and am all blah-blah-blahed out. But suffice it to say that there were a few sales picks that I wanted to throw out there. Hope you guys are having a good weekend….

’til next week!


Team TME


  1. Shana,
    Can you please do a ski sale article for the whole family. We have a new found love of skiing after this winter since it’s one of the only safe activities for the whole family right now. I need to update my whole look and would love to get it on sale at the end of this ski season. I also want to know about sales for skiis and boots etc. We rented for the season and can buy at the end for a discount but I know nothing about buying skiis and would love to learn more!!

    Ski fashion is so cool. In fact, me and my husband have an apres ski Valentine’s Day party to attend next weekend (but we will be wearing over the top looks). I want to find cool and functional pieces for our new activity that we will be doing every winter now!! Loving the look of FERA but I know nothing about the quality. Would love to hear from you on this topic!

    Thanks so much.

    Brooke Goldstein

  2. Hello – was just about to make the same suggestion/request here. Would love a ski article! We’re a family who’ve slowly gotten more and more into skiing the past few years and our love has grown even more during Covid times. I always find the tips on your blog so useful – I still often refer back to your previous posts about how to pack for ski trips, staying warm on the slope, etc. We’re also local (in Philly/center city) so would love to see a trip report for your current skiing (especially since no one has any other trips to really report due to the restrictions in place – I miss the travel stories you and your fellow writers would highlight). We like Blue Mountain a lot and would love to become more “regulars” there. You mentioned that you tend to ski 2-4 times a week – it would be great if you could do a post on the logistics as well. Do you drive back and forth? Find a nearby place and stay up there to cut down on the travel? Do you and your husband/kids just work remotely from there during ski season? How are you handling meals? I would love to make it there 2-4 times a week but struggling to sort out the details/logistics to make it happen – husband and I work from home full time and our son does virtual school. So in addition to the fashion would love some advice on how to squeeze it in during non holiday weeks plus packing/organizing tips. Also how have the conditions. been at Blue Mountain in terms of safety/social distancing? The reports online are mixed – sounds like it’s good some days and insanely crowded with no mask rules enforced other days (again based online reviews). What is it like midweek vs weekends? We are hoping to make it there for a few days of skiing ~2 weeks from now so fingers crossed. Also do your kids still do the ski program there? My son is 10 and thinking of trying the program next year. Thanks!!!

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