Weekly Sales Report 9.11


And just like that, it’s Friday again.

I’d usually call it a happy one, but that’s just not the case today as we remember and grieve 9/11. It’s impossible to think of that day without a heavy heart and tears in my eyes. If you ever have the opportunity to visit The 9/11 Memorial & Museum in New York, go — it’s an incredible, important tribute to the lives taken much too soon. 

These days, a momentary distraction goes a long way: something a little lighter to think about while we all carry the weight of the world. And today, that momentary distraction for me = sales. 

Face Masks, Shoes, EILEEN FISHER & More Cute Basics On Sale 

But before I lead us completely off to la la land, Em snuck a non-sale piece into her picks (she’s busted) BUT I’m letting it slide because it’s actually something I’m loving, too. This set of 3 Lele Sadoughi masks. As she says below, they’ve got adjustable strap toggles to get the right fit and — as far as face masks go — are very comfortable. I have one and it’s easily my favorite. I happen to know that if you use the promo code ‘CANDY’ at checkout you’ll get 10% off. So hey, it’s like they were on sale anyway.

Keep scrolling for the very best sale finds of the weekend. 

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Scotti’s Sale Picks

I turned on the news this morning, and I couldn’t believe it when I heard the 9/11 attacks were 19 years ago. 19 years. So many memories of that day and the days that followed came flooding back . . . and along with remembering the shock and sadness I felt at the time, it weirdly gave me a feeling of hope. I mean, I remember the fear and uncertainty and how we as a country slowly pulled ourselves out of it. We’re no strangers to fear and uncertainty right now (for very different reasons), but I’m looking forward to one day looking back at this time knowing we got through it. That’s my hope at least.

This week has been tough–Greenlea started online school on Tuesday, and it’s all ups and downs, highs and lows. It’s AWESOME one minute and AWFUL the next. I’m hoping we can get into a groove in the coming days and weeks and find our rhythm. Hope . . . the theme of the week, I guess. So here’s hoping you like my sales picks! (ha ha . . . ha.  That’s all I got, folks.) 



Linzi’s Sale Picks

EILEEN FISHER on sale everywhere this week, you guys! Nordstrom has a TON on sale—you do have to search for sizing a bit. Eileen Fisher’s site has an extra 30% off sale pieces…so prices are GOOD GOOD GOOD! And Bloomies is having a HUGE sale as well. Woohoo! I’m looking at this shirt-dress that I could wear as a house dress (but also throw on over jeans this fall) and this flax-tencel top in ivory (**sustainable & plus-sizing available**).

And now for life…second week of school-from-home here in Philly, and we’re still plugging along. Everything I thought would be perfect for school is NOT perfect, and we’re making constant adjustments…will let you all know when we get our routine and schedule down, and I have something worthy of sharing. For now…these magnets are helping my little guy…he LOVES moving them over on his magnetic schedule when he completes something (we’ve been using them for over a year now). And filling this baby up every morning is helping me. I showed up to a parking lot “playdate” with Shana the other day, and she thought it was filled with wine. NO SHANA! Ice water, Shana….ice water!!! Happy weekend everyone!



Laura’s Sale Picks

Friends. The sky is yellow and the air quality is the worst it’s been in years here in Portland right now. Please do what you can to send all the rain to the West Coast. My heart is hurting, our beautiful forests are burning. Like Scotti though, I’m hopeful to get to the day where we look back on this time and know we got through it together. Thank you to the brave firefighters out doing all they can. Let’s VOTE. Let’s make small changes in our daily habits to help our planet, and let’s take a minute to ask questions and realize we’re all human beings before immediately condemning each other. It feels silly to talk about sales right now, but that’s what we do here, and that’s what helps give us some sane moments of normal. There are some great finds this weekend, y’all. Stay safe out there, West coast friends. Sending all the hugs. xo



Kat’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday, y’all! Our strange days of September snow have finally ended here in CO, and today the sun is shining and it’s going to be a high of 65! Never did I imagine having two snow days in a row at the beginning of September! All of these cold September vibes had me in a total loungewear-and-basics mood this week, and I finally decided to order this lounge set from CalPak. I can’t wait to let you know what I think. I also ordered these PJs from J.Crew that are on sale with their “ADDTOBAG” discount code. Madewell is also having a super sale right now with an additional 40% off of sale items, and one of my favorite winter jacket brands, Bernardo, has an amazing jacket on sale over at Nordstrom!

Ps. I wore my Bernardo jacket every. single. day. This week! It’s no secret that 2020 keeps on gracing us with all the unexpected turns. I hope you all have a warm and safe weekend. XX – Kat 



Em’s Sale Picks

This week, friends. I was texting with Laura the other day, and we decided (ok, I decided) that the West Coast must be trying to not-so-gracefully recede from the union, because how else could you explain the storm of events taking place at this moment? End of days stuff. And while I am feeling even more keyed up and ready for change than usual, I’m also just…burned out? (No pun.) The school-from-home thing isn’t terrible, to be honest, but it’s ever-present. And I’m tired.

Which probably explains my sales picks this week. A couple of tried-and-true pieces for fall (this jacket is worth grabbing now at 40% off so you can actually wear it all season, and Chris loves these flannels — the colors this season are so good, slightly retro and not at all “holiday”) — but also more playful pieces that still feel summery and carefree. (If you saw my post earlier this week, I am all about a fun statement dress — especially with sneakers.) Revolve’s current sale is bananas — so many fun, end-of-season things. I’m eyeing these Birk-esque Soludos, this Tularosa dress — and how do we feel about the buckles on these shorts? I think I love them. They’re not on sale, but these face masks (3/$40) look just about perfect, too. I’ve decided that adjustable toggles on straps are the way to go. Happy weekend, friends. Stay safe out there.



ps. I’ll have to ask S where she got her gingham face mask above, but I’m thinking it could be this one (just in case someone’s interested). 

’til next week! 

– Team TME


  1. I’m with you, Laura and Emily — we love our CA and Oregon. Hang in there, and let’s do a rain dance and hope the air gets a little clearer… ’cause it’s been terrible for too long already.

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