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Happy Friday!!

I wish I could say we were going out dancing for Shana’s birthday tonight (because under normal circumstances, that would totally be her request). But instead, she’s with her guys and that makes me happy, too. Check out this cute little birthday post we put together for her over on IG — it’s so fun going down the rabbit hole of old photos and team conferences in Philly.

Let us know if you’re up for a reader conference down the road…(you know, when things get better). We’d really love to meet you guys.

Speaking of you guys…we have a little surprise coming for you Monday morning involving one particular longtime reader. Make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter to see it first. We also have a little survey going on to improve your newsletter experience overall, so if you’d like the chance to win a $200 gift card, it only takes a minute or two.

Jeans, Jackets & Sweaters: A Few Of Our Favorite Things On Sale

Now for things I would buy with that $200 if I could win it. I think this sweater could give our beloved Halogen Cashmere (still on sale, BTW) a serious run for its money. Scotti also found a literal VAT of L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil on sale (I use it too…I’m obsessed) and let’s just say I recently paid A LOT for a teeny tiny little bottle. This is a seriously good deal.

More sale finds below. Happy Weekend, everyone!

Quick Jump Links To Contributor Sale Picks

Laura | Linzi | Kat | Amy | Em | Scotti

Laura’s Sales Picks

Hey, hey, Friday! Whew. We’ve almost made it to the 2nd month of 2021…it feels like an accomplishment these days. Time is weird…painfully slow and strangely fast somehow. Still on that reading train over here. Thanks for your book recommendations in the comments on my MOTHER Tomcat jeans post, keep ’em coming! Just downloaded Anxious People to start this weekend. Ooh and just found this under $100 pair of slouchy sweats (did you see that latest styling post, too?) that look slimmer than mine but still rad! I’d chop them off for a raw hem look, as well.

Sales-wise: OK, first off…this ALLSAINTS leather moto jacket is only $135?!! Down from $450. I mean, damn. It won’t let me add it to the roundup below for some reason, but hop on that! They make my favorite leather jackets hands-down…they’re SO soft and break-in beautifully. I wear a US 6 in their motos. My other top pick is this ah-mazing sweater I have, that’s on sale for $34! The cuffs are cozy and gorg. Comes in quite a few shades. Have a great weekend, y’all. xo

Linzi’s Sales Picks

It’s a half day here for school, and we’re going skiing this afternoon. Never EVER thought I would be saying that (I’ve been anti-ski for years), but we’re pretty desperate to get the kids out of the house. So…I’ll admit I’m pretty pleased we did season passes this year. I should really be loading up the car right now and packing snacks, but I’m instead happily searching the sales. Best procrastination tool ever.

My top pick for sales this week (no surprises here) is MOTHER denim. These MOTHER The Hustlers still have good sizing left and the Dazzlers below do as well. Verishop has a RIDICULOUS sale on high-end pieces…I’m talking a Joie top for $50 and gorgeous ATM jackets more than 50% off (just be aware that many pieces are final sale). Finally, not on sale, but Nordstrom is carrying Studio 189 **Black-owned business** and has the fabulous matching face masks that Cory Booker and Rosario Dawson wore for the inauguration. So good! 

Kat’s Sales Picks

Happy Friday people! I am still riding the happy wave this week, looking forward to the weekend and honestly, don’t have anything planned. My plan is to do a little online shopping. I absolutely need a new pair of slippers and these might be it for me! Ohh oh oh, and I have to mention this packable puffer from Madewell. It’s only $65 and transforms into a travel pillow. Since I am keeping it low-key, I need to find a new TV show to binge-watch and would love your recommendations! Hope you all have a great weekend! XX

Amy’s Sales Picks

I’m finally sitting down after a whirlwind of a morning, in which the crescendo was a lot of baby pee all over the changing table, him, and me (and also poop, but I was originally going to save you of that imagery…ha, oh well). It was eventful, silly, and a bit dizzying. I think I have it all cleaned up… and it’s making this quiet moment as I type with my (cold) coffee seem very rewarding. Motherhood is a lot of things, but I’m finding these dizzying moments actually very FUN! My life was half as eventful before this.

My sales picks may also be a little dizzying because multiple things were catching my eye. These sneakers are totally not for everyone, but they are TOTALLY my style. They’re chunky, in a muted neutral that goes with anything, and remind me a lot of Yeezy’s but at a fraction of the cost. I’ve been wearing them with my sweats around the house because they are insanely comfortable. If a good chunky shoe is your thing, too, GRAB ’em quick!!

Em’s Sales Picks

Well hiiiiii, weekend! This week has felt both lightning fast and excruuuuuciatinglyyyyy slow. We’re on Day 16 of a 21-Day Cleanse, and I’m feeling stellar (skin has literally never looked better, but that could also be due to my updated skincare routine — the Dark Spot Serum is no joke) — but I really miss the concept of snacking. Would do just about anything for a handful of salty cashews right now (that’s how desperate I am, friends). Or one of these vegan matcha marshmallow cookies I’m still dreaming about (Black-owned business). I literally cannot think of a more appealing treat at this moment.

Oh wait — here’s a treat, albeit in a different genre: remember my gorgeous ALLSAINTS trench from two Nordstrom Sales back? It’s restocked in that gorgeous blush color, and it’s now 70% off — $149, usually $500. If you’ve got a hole in your wardrobe that warrants a trench, I can’t recommend it more. Chic, cool and exceptionally well-made. And while we’re on the topic of classics? These 501s are just $39. They’re the closest I’ve ever found to the pair I’ve had for more than 10 years — with a true 501 Classic Fit, a cropped hem and unapologetic distressing in a timeless blue wash. I ordered them (for research, obvs) and they should be arriving today, so I’ll try to pop onto Stories with a full report. Happy Friday, pals!

Scotti’s Sales Picks

Today I’m in a glass box of emotion…three years ago today we lost our dad, next week this time I’ll have had my first appointment about The Brain Tumor (I need to come up with a nickname for it or something) and today is Shana’s birthday — my one and only sister who I LOVE and MISS so much. (Happy Birthday, Shana!!! You make 45 look good.) I’m feeling all the things today. Hug your loved ones close for me!

I am ALL about the accessories this week…probably because ABLE, Victoria Emerson AND Warby Parker (who literally never has sales) all have great sales this weekend. My top pick is Warby Parker—get 15% off with the purchase of two glasses. My favorite frames are the Louise and my favorite sunglasses OF ALL TIME are the Raiders—SO good (and you can pick different color lenses!). I’ll have to order some before the sale ends on Jan 31st!

…and that’s it for this week!


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