Weekly Sales Report: Labor Day Edition!


Hey, Labor Day. Can’t say I’m thrilled to see you, mainly because I’m holding on to every last ounce of summer I can get. But lucky for us, this bittersweet end-of-summer holiday also kicks off some of our very favorite fall sales.

If you haven’t seen it yet, we have a Labor Day HQ already going strong. Our team went through retailer after retailer and determined the very best sales worth covering. Go take a peek and see what your favorite brands have to offer.

To top off all that goodness, we wanted to deliver our personal picks – what we all love across the board. So keep scrolling and see what some of our contributors are snagging this Labor Day. Thank you ALL for a crazy successful, fun summer. Here’s to another great new season!

Shana’s Labor Day Sale Picks

What I’m Actually Buying….

Things I Already Own (and Love) That Are Also On Sale This Weekend

It’s Friday, I’m wiped out, and there’s a biiiiiig glass of wine with my name on it.  Consider that the only explanation I have for that ridiculously long and obvious title.  Thankfully, you are all busy people, and probably not even reading these words anyway, you just scrolled down to the good stuff.  If you are actually still with me, GOLD STAR on your Back-to-school Star Chart!  (I know you have one.)


Tiarra’s Picks

Hey lovelies, it’s my birthday on Sunday, so that means I get EVERYTHING I want from the sales report, right? OK, OK, maybe just a few things. There’s plenty of leopard, color, and texture. You know, all my favs! Check out the goodies I’m eyeing from all the fab sales this week. Oh, and I’m taking over the TME IG Sunday, so follow along for all the shenanigans!


Laura’s Picks

Hey hey y’all. Well, we made it through the first partial week of Kindergarten and everyone is still mostly alive. Win! Sale shopping is just an added bonus and I don’t remember Labor Day sales from last year, but there are some amazing finds this year!! My top pick is that gold bag. I mean. Next up the AG Farrah jeans that are Shana’s favorite and are becoming mine. Hope you have a fabulous holiday weekend and hug those kiddos…it goes by too fast! I am all sappy this week, don’t mind me!


Gwen’s Picks

Gwen again! Is it just me or did this Labor Day take some digging? Once I took a hard look around, I found some pretty great (and recently new) pieces offered for less. Right now, my mind is totally out of summer mode, hence the coat below. If you’re in the market for a great WARM camel coat, snag this one while it’s on sale. You can see it on me right here (I have an XS).


Cam’s Picks

Transitioning into Fall? Sorta….not really. ha. It’s still hot here, so its hard to go there…BUT regardless, I have started looking around for my new go-to, cooler weather pieces. The stuff below is all things I either have already or want to buy. The leggings! I cannot believe I found them. Also, a white Minkoff backpack is never a bad idea.

..more contributor picks to come!

Team TME


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