Weekly Sales Report 10.22


Happy Friday, everyone! October is comin’ to a close and the holiday anticipation is starting to settle in…Scotti and Linzi have and love this Rebecca Minkoff sweater (now $30 off!), and the puff-sleeve adds something special for a casual holiday outfit. It’s soft, cozy and seriously cute.

Chic Boots, Cozy Sweaters, Home Decor & More Editor Picks On Sale

On the hunt for all things cozy? This sweater dress looks luscious… or for a more casual vibe, this hoodie dress is calling my name.

Teddy-coat weather is coming in fast! This one has a similar vibe to Linzi’s fab A.L.C teddy coat at a lower price point.

One more: did Amy find the perfect pair of corduroy pants? I think so…the espresso + burgundy are well-stocked and gorgeous.

Happy shopping! Keep scrolling for more sale picks…

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Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey, Friday! We made it! That shoutout is actually to my hubs & I this week for our 11th anniversary. Haha. Whew. 😅 We are headed to the Oregon coast for a lovely weekend away and even managed to leave the dear 8-year-old behind (don’t feel bad for her, she gets to stay with her bestie ALL WEEKEND.) Whenever I plan things months in advance I’m always so happy with my past self when that thing arrives. Way to go, me. 

Sales this week are supes fun. My beloved FRAME jeans are on sale again for just over $100, and this bag in the most gorgeous color that I carry all the time is also 40% off! Here’s to a lovely weekend where you are, too. Xoxo

Linzi’s Sale Picks

I’m behind, guys! Halloween decorations are not up and costumes are not finished, but thankfully…oh yes, THANKFULLY… the fake mustaches have arrived along with a pink wig and two bottles of purple Rit dye specially formulated for polyester. We take Halloween costumes very seriously in this household.  

Speaking of serious…Nordstrom is having a seriously good sale on quite a few Vince pieces right now. Actually…Vince is on sale several places. This classic forever-closet Vince silk shell is under $100. I’m also eyeing this Banana Republic hooded sweater (similar to the one I wore last year, but in a gorgeous gray) and a few fun things (shown below) at Anthro. Happy Weekend and Happy Halloween Prep!

Amy’s Sale Picks

Well, I did it. I found my dream cords (+ if you use the code YOURS you’ll grab an extra 30% off)! It only took five different retailers, but now I’m so excited to wear these for the holiday season (here’s proof they look fab with the remaining fall colors, too)! Speaking of the holidays, I rounded up the best gifts for the Gilmore Girls fan in your life, and I’m probably gifting most of it to myself, so…it’s good

As for sales, I think I’m most excited by A&F’s big hoodie and fleece annual event happening right now! Not only are those some of my favorite things to wear, but A&F makes EXTRA cozy options. These would be perfect for yourself and to gift to your friends/family! 

Wishing you all the coziest, restful weekend. Xx

Em’s Sale Picks

Happy almost Halloween weekend, pals! We have friends coming in tonight to resume a year’s-long tradition of pumpkin carving and scary movie watching, and this morning’s rainstorm (finally!) is setting the mood juuuust right. True to my low-key approach to entertaining, we’re cooking up a couple of skillet pizzas (I use this cheesy pan pizza recipe but with store-bought dough, picking up at Step 6) and probably pulling out our favorite baked apples for dessert. (Bake them ahead of time just shy of the full time and then pop them in again just to re-warm before serving. Super easy.)

On to sales! If you’ve been eyeing up what’s become my official drop-off shacket, it’s 30% off with code YOURS (or nab it with GapCash) — and these two Abercrombie finds I’ve been salivating over lately (seriously, how do they make everything feel both casual AND sassy and  cozy AND sexy as hell??) are part of their weekend sale. Happy day! Have a great weekend, friends!

Scotti’s Sale Picks

I got my hair done yesterday, my typical cut and color. My stylist, Jenna, and I were chatting per usual when she stopped and said, “now don’t freak out…this isn’t a huge deal, but…” and then grabbed her phone to snap a pic of what is an apparent bald patch on the back of my head. Of course my first reaction was to freak out a bit, but she calmed me down and explained it was probably a reaction from stress. OK, so maybe a good reminder to slowwww down and take care of myself. So now I’m reminding you guys – remember to take care of yourselves first so you can take care of others. And speaking of slowing down, I’m pretty much obsessed with all of the super-soft sweatshirts and joggers on sale at Athleta right now. They’re the perfect loungewear to slowwww down in. (Love the monochromatic look in decadent chocolate.😍) Happy weekend, everyone!

Meredith’s Sale Picks

It’s been quite the week. My mom came to visit, the kids were on Fall Break and..I erm…kind of added 18 inches of hair to my head (check out the transformation here). So far so good, I can still use all my favorite hair products, including this flat iron that beats all the $$$ ones IMO. 

If you saw my Gift Guide for the Bookworm you know I am in total holiday shopping mode. The makeup wearers in my life are getting this gem in their stockings, and I couldn’t resist these mermaid earrings for my middle child (currently 50% off). Alrighty, on to the sales, which include the best shorts ever (I own them in two washes). 

Julieta’s Sale Picks

We’re going to LEGOLAND New York Resort next week for my LEGO-obsessed, 8-year-old’s birthday. My two younger sisters (tías), whom he adores, will be here, and I can’t wait. I cherish every minute I can spend with my siblings, but even more when my kids can do it. Sometimes it gets tough being the only one living abroad. 

Nordstrom rack has some P448 sneakers on sale, including this pair I own and love. And lastly, I want to give a big shoutout to Adrienne Keene for the release of her book “Notable Native People;” I’m ready to read it with my kids. 

Cam’s Sale Picks

My emails informed me that Anthro is having a 20% off sale (select home, gift, clothing items), so…I knew where to go for this weekend’s sale roundup. I love a good candle…one that’s not too overpowering and gives you a headache, but a nice, “aaaaaaaah, it smells so good in here! What is that?” kind of candle. 

I was recently in Anthropologie and scooped up two Autumnal candles while I was there (I wanted two additional ones, but had to cut myself off at some point). This Cashmere & Birch is amazing, if you like a sweet smell with a touch of deep-woodsy. 

This delightful mug by Rifle Paper Co. is the perfect tea cup. I use mine almost every night! I love how special it feels, with its dainty flowers and gold details. 

Lastly, I saw this Daisy Button-down while in the store and it is lovely. I’d wear now with my favorite jeans, a bootie, maybe a slouchy cardigan & leather backpack. Florals aren’t just for Spring, in my opinion. Have a fantastic weekend, friends! Xx. Cams

Kat’s Sale Picks

It’s Friday, Friday…gotta get down on Friday! I am in such a good mood this week, and it’s been a wild one to say the least. I’ve had lots of amazing projects I’ve been working on over on my IG, and have been blown away by the love and support from all the peeps who are a part of that community! My mom and dad are both here in CO with me, and it’s been so nice having them here to help me finish with my house… though I will admit it’s far from finished. I’ve got a contractor coming over this morning to get a bathroom reno started, and have got so much furniture to buy still. 

Anyway, on the sale front this week… I am most excited about Credo Beauty! Their entire site is 20% off, which is unheard of, and my holy grail face serum that is also S and Laura approved is in the sale! I also want this dress and am planning on wearing it for the holidays! Cheers to a great weekend y’all! 

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  1. Scotti! My hair stylist warned me that I could see some hair loss after surgery/anesthesia. It took several months to bulk back up (ok if I’m being honest about a year) postop. Hang in there and try to be patient!

  2. I’ve been thinking about the Janine sweatshirt since Laura posted about it – I love it (it looks great on you, Laura! I think I missed the post where Scotti wears it but no doubt it looks great on Scotti too). But even on sale the price point is a little more than I’d usually spend on a hoodie (and I really don’t NEED another hoodie), so if I’m going to make the plunge I want to make sure it’s perfect and I’m torn about size. I’m often between a small and a medium in tops — I’m 5’6″, ~145, C-cup, relatively long-torsoed, somewhat pear shaped. Anyone have advice? I wouldn’t want it to be oversized but I’m worried a small might be too small. TIA!

    • Hi Rebecca! I’d say since you’re a little longer torso and taller than I am the Medium seems to make sense! I don’t think it’ll look oversized but might give you a little more length. I hope that helps!

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