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SO did anyone catch us break the internet last week after I used this photo of S to kick off the Weekly Sales Report? I should have known better than to tempt our eagle-eyed readers with such a fun, unique pair of jeans that, of course, everyone would instantly want details on as opposed to the “striped tee effect” I was aiming for. But they’re old. And that’s not something we like to tell you guys very often. (Because truthfully, I want the jeans too. UGH.)

So if you were one of those readers who was totally intrigued by those Veronica Beard Farrah’s, we’ll keep an eye out for anything that could possibly live up to their cool-ness (but these are close), and in the meantime, try eBay (I set up a little search for them here).

Birkenstock, Free People, Bloomies & More Editor Favs On Sale

But it’s a new week, and I told myself I wouldn’t tease you again with a mystical sales pick, so instead, I give you (drumroll please) this gorgeous blue shirt Julieta recently styled up. I love it as a super chic, feel-good, bright option for WFH that just shakes it up from the norm. We could all use a little more of that, right? And pretty purses. That too.

More sale picks below and happy weekend, everybody.

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Amy’s Sale Picks

Can you believe?! We are in the last weekend of February — HOORAY! We have been gaining so much extra light in the sky each day, and it’s amazing how my mood has lifted because of it. This is the best time of the year: all of that warm sunshine fun lays right before us. I can almost smell the melting snow now (and it re-falling, and melting, and falling, and melting — I LOVE SPRING)!

I am so tempted to put every one of these items in my shopping cart — like howwww did I find all these gems on sale? With spring on my mind, these athletic shorts with these sneakers look like something I will want to LIVE in, especially while taking walks with my babe in the stroller. Cheers to March being on the horizon! 

Meredith’s Sale Picks

I won’t talk about weather again, I won’t talk about weather again, I won’t…but seriously the WEATHER in Texas y’all! We went from snowmaggedon to late spring to torrential rain and hail all in the space of 10 days. “I am exhausted. My weave is exhausted. My pantyliner is exhausted.” (Name that show). In non-weather-related news, I have a new jumpsuit obsession, and it’s this one from Everlane. It meets all my criteria for a “keeper jumpsuit”; you can wear a normal bra with it, get in and out of it without assistance and IT HAS POCKETS. Pockets are a must. Also, a round of applause for BR Design Co. (Here’s the post I wrote about them), the Women-owned, Black-owned jewelry business who were just featured on The Today Show! So excited to see this small business shine! 

Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey hey, Friday. Whew. A slightly less eventful week than last week? I’ll take it. While signs of spring don’t arrive in Portland quite yet, my flower delivery did and this week it’s purply magenta anemones. OMG. If you are in Portland, please go see ma friend Coy & Co for a monthly, weekly or biweekly flower subscription. You WILL NOT be disappointed. The joy it brings me every other week is just…it helped me get through last spring, for sure. They are the loveliest person, too, and are the first sustainable florist in the area! Also, Portlanders, if you have a celebration coming up, might I recommend Black-owned DB Desserts. Their cupcakes are to die for.

Oh myyyyy the sales. Where to start. These just went in my cart for realz and these are like the sherpa Birks, but Vince and with a big buckle. Swoon (I realize I’m swooning over house slippers and I’m ok with that.) While we’re on slippers, these are the softest best fitting pjs. Happy Weekend y’all, and HBD to my youngest brother Elliot who rarely gets a shout out. He’s the sweetest guy and best dad! xoxo

Cam’s Sale Picks

I’ve been on a pause of sorts the past few weeks. One thing that I am learning about myself — sometimes I need quiet. Not an hour, not a day. A real period of stopping, breathing…just being. I used to shame myself for being unproductive and “lazy”. It would drive me crazy and the rest time I felt forced to take ended up being counterproductive…as far as my mental health was concerned. Well, I am making progress in that area! When I notice that I start to feel sporadic, overwhelmed, and negatively reactive to social media…I do my best to stop, take a breath, and decide what this means for me. Usually, it means I need to let work go, focus on my family + home, and just…regroup, so to speak. This past month I have journaled, met with my therapist once a week, listened to music, danced in the kitchen, wrote poems, tried new recipes, took time to notice what’s around me. Now that I’ve given myself that time to do those things (and have not seen it as a set-back this time), I am back…ready to give to others!

Here is my gift to you today — fantastic sale picks!! haha. I hope that you enjoy what I found, all stuff I genuinely would like to purchase for myself. I mean, goodness. That blue Minkoff bag is giving me the feels. FYI: it’s 30% off with code save30.

Linzi’s Sale Picks

Happenings in my life…hmmmm…not much happening these days. Interesting week? Nope. Fun weekend plans? Nope. I’m good with that, though. As many of you know, I’m immune to FOMO, and I’m mentally preparing for “Social Shana” coming back to town and wanting to plan ALL the physically distanced fun and interesting happenings! I joke…you know I miss you, friend. In terms of shopping… this week was pretty much dedicated to trying really hard to make a pair of mom jeans work, without success. So I ordered a bunch of other brands, and I’m going to give them a try too…I’ll report back soon.

Until then…some good MOTHER denim on sale below in styles that are much easier to wear (for me) than mom jeans. Other sales…Boden has 20% off, so I popped a couple of their swimsuits in my cart. They’re my favorite brand for swimwear that’s cute, but on the conservative side with coverage. And I’m having fun searching for some higher-end pretty spring pieces on sale…Joie, Baum & Pferdgarten, and Rebecca Taylor finds below. Finally, the larger version of my SOKO earrings (Black-owned business) are on sale on SOKO’s site for $24. I may need those to wear with jeans and a tee now and maxis this summer. Happy weekend everyone, whether it be a fun and interesting one or not. 

Scotti’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday, guys! I wanted to thank you guys again for all the love and support you’ve been sending my way…I can feel the Care Bear Stare from here! This week has been kind of busy, so this weekend I’m going to try to chill–not always my strong suit. We might watch a couple of movies as a family, and I have to throw out a suggestion for The Peanut Butter Falcon if you haven’t seen it yet…it’s a really good one. (It was probably too inappropriate for Greenlea, but she watched it with us and loved it anyway.)

As far all the sales, I’m loving all of the winter stuff that’s on sale because here in Michigan it’ll last for awhile. I’ve got this suit coming in the mail, but this is really the one I’m lusting after (no way I could swing that if it wasn’t on sale). And right about now is when the term “suit” turns into swimwear, not ski suits, so I’ve been (slowly) working on a post of those too. Fake tanner helps (and that one’s on sale). Happy Weekend! XO

Kat’s Sale Picks

Wow, I can’t believe the week has already flown by. We have had so much snow that it’s thrown my days completely off! I am loving all the snow days though, and have to say that I am impressed with my Vince Chelsea boots in the snow! The traction is amazing, even on ice, and they keep my toes warm, which is a win-win for me. They are my most-worn shoe right now, and are on super sale too!

In other news, my not-so-baby brother turned 18 this weekend! And these were on his birthday wish list. It’s hard to believe how fast time has flown by, and I love and adore him so much. This weekend I am taking a virtual salsa making class with one of my besties and am going to be perusing the designer sales at Bloomies. I am looking forward to a low-key weekend indoors. Hope you all have a great weekend! XX

Em’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday, friends! This week whizzed by. On Tuesday, we impulse-ordered a trampoline after almost a year of Lana pointing out how un-kid-friendly we made our newly landscaped yard (she’s not wrong), and now we have this behemoth of a thing right in the spot we had initially reserved for our “focal point fire pit.” Quarantine wins again, even 11 months later. The good news? It’s genuinely fun for the whole fam. The bad news? I’m just casually peeing myself with every session. Aaaand I’ll be kegel-ing all weekend.

So, things I’m excited about it the retail world: I’m newly obsessed with Black-owned business DAYDREAMembroideries by Caitlin Terry (Sactown-based — yay!). She makes the most vibrant paintings with 3D embroidery details, and they’re playful and interesting and just so cool. I am realllly lusting after one for Lana’s school area. On the sale front, apparently Gap makes crossover leggings (a la Amy’s recent post) but with a flare leg?? They look so flattering and are available in reg, tall and petite sizing. Definitely using my GapCash to snag a pair. And my checkered Vans are due for a replacement (I seem to recall thinking it was a good idea to wear them while mulching the yard? hmmm…) and they’re on sale at Nordstrom right now. Not a huge discount, but since they’re almost never on sale, it’s sign enough for me. Cheers, pals.

Julieta’s Sale Picks

I just tucked my Levi’s Ribcage straight leg jeans into high-knee socks to wear them with my Lugsole knee-high boots, and let me tell you, I love the cool, edgy vibe of it — and don’t care what other moms will say at school pick-up later. I like it, and that’s enough for me. On another note, gang! I finally get to visit my family in Colombia!! (Safely & according to guidelines.) It’s been over a year, and while packing has me anxious, I can’t wait to be back in my home country (Mi Tierra!).

Check my favorite sales this weekend below…I forgot I had therapy in two minutes. Besos, Julieta

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