Weekly Sales Report 6.4


Happy Friday!

After a LOT of recent shopping for white dresses (I’m a bride-to-be), I’ve been craving fun prints and color. Julieta originally got me hooked on all things Farm Rio, and I’ve been eyeing up well…everything…for quite a while. Now that summer’s here, I think it’s time I snag one of their gorgeous pieces and this top could be it. Julieta actually owns it herself and she loves it…so that’s all the convincing I’m gonna need. (Ps. she recommends sizing down).

Comfy Shoes, Loungewear & Fun Summer Outfit Pieces

Something else from our roundup that caught my eye? Toms. Remember Toms? Linzi spotted a pair on sale at Backcountry and I kiiind of love them. I’d pack them for the shore.

One last thing: our awesome Drexel interns (hey, Aliya & Lunchie!) make a cameo below with their Gen-Z’er sale picks. Spoiler…they’re GOOD.

Happy weekend, everyone.

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Meredith’s Sale Picks

We’ve been in Colorado about a week and I can almost breathe normally climbing stairs (yay!). Also, not sure if it’s the altitude or stress or both, but I am OUT by 9:30pm. It also helps that I’m using my Shakti Mat (travels really well) to relieve tension. Best purchase of 2021. I’m loving the cooler temps., but definitely didn’t pack in the short term with four seasons in one day in mind. Thankfully, I grabbed my Free People Rumors Denim Jacket in a fresh wash that I have been living in each morning. Now, onto the sales, which are GOOD.

Kat’s Sale Picks

Hey hey, Friday! This weekend I am so excited to spend time with some of my favorite people. The sun is shining and that sweet smell of summer is in the air. I am looking forward to getting outside, and am stoked because my all-time fav hiking pants are on sale right now! I wore them hiking some of the most challenging trails in Moab, and they have the perfect amount of stretch and are also breathable. Anyways, gotta run! Cheers to a great weekend ahead! XX

Scotti’s Sale Picks

Hello from the road…we’re slowly making our way to Carolina Beach, NC, and I do mean slowly. We had car issues yesterday and only made it about two hours…and then there was a bomb threat at the Walmart in the town where we were staying, so…good times. #funfamilyroadtrips Hopefully we’ll get there soon.

BUT…some of you may have seen that I was actually able to go IN to a Nordstrom the other day and OMG was it fun! These were my favorite buy, and this was Greenlea’s favorite (didn’t check the price tag before I took it to the counter–won’t make that mistake again!). Happy weekend, everyone!

Linzi’s Sale Picks

My giant summer comfort shoe roundup is ALMOST done, so thought I would give you guys a sneak peek on a few pairs that are on sale and a few that aren’t technically comfort shoes, but look comfy enough! So many more to come, though…look for the post early next week! With my comfort shoes on my feet, I live in dresses and jumpsuits in the summer, and this one looks perfect for errands, the beach or date night….maybe with this bag that I found that’s now under $35?? 

Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey hey, Friday! Wow, thank you all so much for the kind words in response to my Athleta joggers post featuring my mom. We had a blast doing it, and it’s great to know that it’s helpful! I don’t know if I can get a full-time, very-happy-with-her-job-as-grandmother to commit to working for us a bunch, but I’ll try to pull her in for some cute outfit inspo whenever I can! Love ya, madre! 

This week I realized I just want beachy wear…all the time. If I had to choose, my top picks would be this and this, for all-summer beachy vibes! Happy Weekend! xo

Amy’s Sale Picks

When I was pregnant last year, we swept through our house and did a full clean-out, KonMari style. But then…everything sat in the basement (#BecauseCovid). So tomorrow we’re having a good ol’ fashioned yard sale to get rid of the growing piles! Something I won’t ever be selling though? My Lululemon Aligns — and you bet I’m keeping my eye on their sale section for you, like usual. You can grab the Align bike shorts in this gorgeous color right now! BUT ALSO, I almost purchased this sweatshirt when it first hit stores, full priced, and then hesitated, so glad I did because now it’s 40% off! SCORE! Xx

Julieta’s Sale Picks

I just placed a massive order from Nordstrom’s new line Open Edit. It seems like a line to get versatile-yet-trend-forward pieces at a great price. Their sizes also go up to 3X, and well, I’m hoping I like it as much in person as I liked it online. Stay tuned.

 This Farm Rio statement printed top (40% off) is all I’ve been wearing lately. And one of the things I’m getting this weekend is this boxer briefs 3-pack for my husband. He loves those.

Em’s Sale Picks

Greetings from magnificent Tahoe! We’re celebrating my birthday this weekend with few days away — my best friend even flew in for the occasion (flew! imagine that). Lotsa hiking, stargazing and hot-tubbing on the agenda (I packed this exact outfit for our mountainside adventuring). And fooding pretty hard. We stopped at Sac to pick up homemade birthday pies from my momma, and we hit up my fave sushi spot in Truckee on the way in last night. My belly and heart are full!

Sales picks this week are colorful and fun and just…easy. (Shocker.) You know I love a not-cheesy boho pillow situation — on sale, for a steal, I might add. Especially for the quality. And would someone please buy these perfectly hued, vintage-ish platforms already? I’ve had them in my cart for a month. Oh wait, it’s my birthday. Maybe that person should finally be…me? Happy weekend, folks!

Aliya’s Gen Z Sale Picks

Hi everyone! Newish intern Aliya here. You might have seen me popping up on the blog or social media lately so it’s nice to “meet” you all! I’m at home in Ohio now and flying back to Philly tomorrow, and it got me thinking about how I want to improve my travel outfits. Oversized sweats and my grandpa’s sweatshirt isn’t really my best outfit to leave the house in…but I still do it anyway. So, I found items that are cute AND airplane-approved. I have a pair just like these joggers and they are my go-to — a great pop of color but still neutral. Also, this cardigan. I am cardigan OBSESSED. Especially for flying if the plane is chilly. Happy happy weekend! 

Lunchie’s Gen Z Sale Picks

Hi! I’m Lunchie, one of TME’s newest interns. I’m currently studying Management Informations Systems (I’m learning exactly what that is as I go, haha) at Drexel University with a minor in Software Engineering, and Retail and Merchandising (that was a whole mouthful, I know!). I love everything business and fashion-related! I’d say I have two styles: bougie tomboy and glam chic. I love trends here and there but I mostly enjoy simple and chic silhouettes and styles. During the summer, I have two go-to outfits: small tops with baggy jeans, or midi dresses. Lately, I’ve been LOVING all things in this sort of chocolaty-rust color, plus muted oranges and mauves. I just think they go well with my darker complexion and are on-trend, too. I can’t wait for you guys to see me pop up more on the blog and TME socials. Shop my summer uniform below and have a happy weekend!

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  1. Hi interns, Aliya and Lunchie (I would love to know the origin of your name Lunchie!)

    I love seeing this platform support a new generation of women…bravo TME.

    AND Lunchie, I am obsessed with all the pieces you linked to! Question though, I am 38 years old, do these pieces work for me? I vote YES, but I’d love to see a try-on session.

    Thank you!!!!!!

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